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Can a HubSpot contact have multiple emails?

Can a HubSpot contact have multiple emails?

HubSpot recently added the ability to import your existing address book into their CRM platform so it's easier than ever before to migrate from an old system to a new one—but did they allow us to enter more than one e-mail address per Contact record?

I'm not entirely sure but here are some tips if you need them!

If anyone has any insight on whether or not you could use multiple email addresses in your Contacts list please let me know below. If you've had similar problems then post your solution too (or just ask!). And remember to share our article on social media using the handy buttons at the bottom of every page.

Can you add multiple email addresses for one contact?

Sadly'll see why below. But that doesn't mean there isn't hope.

The problem is that adding duplicate records means two different people would get mixed up. So Hubspot probably decided against allowing users to add more than one email address per Contact record because it may cause confusion later on down the line.

However, if you're going through the process anyway then there might be some options open to you. Here are three ways you might find useful:

1) You can manually create separate contacts within HubSpot depending upon which role each individual plays within your organisation. For example, maybe you've got one person who handles both marketing & sales roles. In which case, split out those two contacts. This will help keep all your information tidy.

2) Create a subgroup within your current group by splitting off certain fields. For instance, if you wanted to isolate Accounts Receivable activities you could split off Account Name, Bank Account Number and Billing Address 1 etc., creating a subgroup called 'Accounts receivable'. That way you only pull in relevant data without having to worry about mixing anything up.

3) Use Excel to sort your contacts alphabetically or according to other criteria. Then simply cut and paste these names into HubSpot. It should now pick up everything correctly based on the rules you set.

For example, say you needed to move everyone in Sales over to Marketing. Just select a column heading in Excel and drag diagonally across. Cut everything above the diagonal and pasted directly into HubSpot. No duplication issues, right?

It works well and keeps your lists clean. However you lose the original details like phone numbers and personal notes though. If you really must maintain those, you might consider copying/pasting them back into the main hub once everything else is sorted.

Or perhaps even better, make HubSpot aware of where specific contacts live in your company structure via Microsoft Sharepoint. When you update your contact database in SharePoint, HubSpot will automatically map these contacts to the correct department. Thereby removing the need to enter duplicate information again.

How do I add multiple email addresses to my Outlook contacts?

Unfortunately, we can't offer much advice here. We didn't encounter this issue ourselves however others claim they tried to add more than one e-mail entry per contact. They said that although the extra entries were saved successfully, the first email address was always shown whenever a client sent a message. The second email address wasn't picked up until they clicked "Reply" next time.

This suggests to me that there is something wrong with how HubSpot imports the.csv file. Perhaps someone needs to check their settings. Try contacting support at HubSpot regarding this.

As mentioned earlier, you might also consider exporting your contacts from Outlook and reimporting them into HubSpot via SharePoint. As long as you haven't changed anything during the transfer then HubSpot should detect all the additional email addresses fine.

Here's another tip: You can also try opening the contacts file (.csv) in Notepad++ and search for lines starting with a hash symbol (#). These indicate comment characters used in various programming languages. Simply remove all instances of # and save the file. Now run the csv file through Excel and take note of what happens. Hopefully, HubSpot won't strip comments away.

You can also try turning OFF Word headers during export. Otherwise, HubSpot will interpret things like Subject field as part of the header rather than text content. To turn this feature Off go to File -& Options -& Mailings -& Customize Columns and ensure Headers are unchecked under Main headings.

Once done click OK and save changes. Next, navigate to File -& Export mail messages.... Select CSV format.. Save the results somewhere safe. Keep this file nearby while testing your final result.

Next, download the latest version of Office 365 and install it onto your PC. Open Word. Navigate to Ribbon -& Home -& Import / Transfer Data. Click Browse and browse to the location of your exported CSV files. Choose All items except header rows and uncheck Apply filter to columns containing blank cells. Finally, press OK to continue. Your imported contacts should appear in the left hand panel.

Now repeat this procedure for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Also worth noting is that if you plan on migrating large amounts of data between systems, it's best to avoid sending attachments. Instead, send links to documents instead. HubSpot offers excellent integration with Google Drive making sharing easy.

So, moving forward, if you decide to stick with HubSpot, double-check your incoming e-mails after importing to make sure all your email addresses show up properly. Also, look out for duplicate entries. If necessary, edit your contacts accordingly or delete the offending records.

HubSpot does provide a Duplicate Remover tool to identify potential dupes. However, this only searches for exact matches and ignores partial ones. If you already found yourself struggling to manage duplicate contacts, it's unlikely you'd benefit from its usage.

How do I copy email addresses to my contacts?

In order to quickly populate your new HubSpot account, you'll need to import your Outlook contacts' email addresses (as described above). Once complete, follow these steps:

Click Add Members button located in top menu bar and choose Find Existing Users. A pop-up window will display asking you to specify the user type. Ensure Personal is selected.

You'll now receive a confirmation screen stating that you'll soon receive an e-mail inviting you to access your new account. Wait patiently.

After the invite arrives, log into your new HubSpot account and begin exploring. From start, click Contacts. On the navigation pane on the left side, hover over People and click Invite members. Choose Email addresses from the dropdown box. Enter the e-mail addresses of your colleagues in the space provided. Hit Continue.

A popup window will confirm that the invitations have been sent. Close the window and wait for recipients to accept. After accepting, your contacts will instantly become available for viewing and editing.

Does HubSpot catch duplicates?

Yes, it certainly does! One thing to bear in mind is that HubSpot uses your own addressbook file (.csv) to match together unique individuals. Therefore, if you happen to have two completely dissimilar people with identical names, HubSpot will assume they belong to the same household. Unfortunately, there isn't currently an option to override this setting.

That being said, you can easily resolve most duplications by checking your data carefully before you commence migration. Any typos or incorrect spellings will lead to errors further along the line.

Duplicates often occur due to misspellings or poor handwriting. So, check names twice and cross reference regularly throughout your spreadsheet. Don't forget to include middle initials and suffixes. Some organisations require full names including maiden name, whilst others only require surname. Make sure you aren't inadvertently filtering out important data.

Another common source of duplicates occurs when people change jobs. Sometimes staff will leave behind a previous employer's email address in place of their present one. Or vice versa. Again, double-check thoroughly and pay particular attention to the job titles listed under each employee.

One last tip: Remember to enable privacy controls for your contacts. By default, HubSpot allows everyone to view your entire directory. This includes clients, prospects, vendors, suppliers, partners and friends. Unless you specifically want to share your directory with a limited number of people, this might prove problematic.

To disable this functionality, go to Settings -& Privacy Controls -& Default Access Level. Toggle the Show Directory to Friends Only switch ON.

Hopefully, none of these tips proved helpful. If you still experience difficulties then feel free to reach out to HubSpot Support. They should be able to assist you.

We wish you luck with your HubSpot migration journey. Please let us know if you managed to overcome any hurdles along the way.

HubSpot's awesome CRM platform comes with an easy-to-use import tool that makes it simple for any user to add their existing customer data from other solutions into the program. The problem is there are times where your customers will be using more than one eMail address—work, personal, etc.—and we're going to show you how to easily handle those situations without losing them!  Let's take a look at some of these options...

Note: If you need help setting up or integrating HubSpot CRM with your current solution, check out our guide here. Also note that while we'll focus primarily on Microsoft Outlook 2010 in this article, if you use another mail client (like Apple Mail), much of what follows also applies.

How many emails can I send with free HubSpot?

The best way to test whether having multiple emails works is by actually adding two different accounts to HubSpot. To set up additional users within HubSpot, head over to File " Settings & Users. Once inside the User Management tab, scroll down until you see Email Addresses. Click Create New Address under "Add new email" to create a second account. You should now receive both primary and secondary inboxes simultaneously within HubSpot.

Once you've added each account, go back to the previous screen and click Edit Existing Contact Group(s). Select Primary Account Owner and Secondary Account Owner respectively. Now whenever someone sends you an email, you'll get notifications for either mailbox. This means you won't miss important messages sent only to a single email address.

While we were able to successfully add two separate email addresses to HubSpot, after sending an email to one person from each address, we received the following error message:

Your request could not be processed because the recipient has already been added to your distribution list. Please remove them before resending. [400] Bad Request

This may indicate that the original sender hasn't yet configured his/her own email settings properly. So next steps would include double checking the email configuration page for that particular user. In general though, if you still wish to proceed with adding a second email account to HubSpot, just continue with the rest of the instructions below.

Can you add multiple emails to Gmail?

If you currently use Google Apps for Business (formerly known as GSuite) instead of regular addresses, then you probably know about Google Contacts vs. Gmail Contacts. With Contacts, you can view all your contacts' information and manage them through a web interface, but they cannot directly access your email. Instead, you must forward incoming messages to a dedicated alias. It sounds like a pain, but fortunately there exists an excellent workaround called Multiple Aliases For Your Emails.

Multiple Aliases allows you to create several aliases for your Gmail account so that people who reach out via email can choose which specific address they'd prefer to respond to. Each alias is associated with a different phone number and website URL. When you write a message to someone, you can select between one of those three possible choices. And even better, you can configure every choice separately. If you're looking for something similar but require custom domains, try

To set everything up, follow these steps:

1.) Go to My Accounts -& Setup -& Manage Email Aliases. From here, enter your desired name and description for each alias. Make sure to type in your country code for Phone Numbers and Website URLs.

2.) Enter the names of your preferred numbers and websites for each option. Remember, you can always change these later if needed.

3.) Choose your language preferences.

4.) Finally, hit Save Changes once again to complete setup.

That's it! Now anyone who reaches out via email can pick whichever alias suits them best. As long as you keep your aliases separated by commas, everything should work fine.

Can you have multiple emails on one number?

Yes, that's totally possible too. If you ever had a cell phone with a combination dialer prefix followed by 3 digits, you might remember how annoying it was trying to figure out who to call. Thankfully, with today's technology, you can finally make things easier for yourself by creating multiple lines on your mobile carrier bill. All you need is a smartphone running Android 2.0+ or iOS 4.0+. Here's how it works:

Head over to your Mobile Provider's website and search for a plan offering unlimited calls placed within the US and Canada. Most providers offer this service for $30-$40 per month.

Download their app.

Open Menu > Settings > Access Codes. Enable Show More Options.

Enter your SIM card details. These vary depending on provider. Some ask for your IMEI Number, others will provide yours automatically upon opening the menu above.

Set Up A New Line. Name it whatever you'd like and tap Next. Then assign a four digit PIN Code. Set this Pin to something memorable.

Confirm That Data Is Enabled On Both Lines. Tap Done.

Verify Everything Works Correctly. Head over to Type in 11000# and tap Verify. Confirmed? Great! Head back to your mobile device's Menu>Settings>Access codes and tap Continue. Wait for activation. Enjoy!

Now, whenever you place a voice or text call, you won't have to worry about choosing the right line anymore. Just press # and you'll hear a brief sound indicating which number you're calling. Easy peasy.

However, if the above method doesn't work for you, you can always purchase a Verizon Wireless International Prepaid Kit ($49) or Ting prepaid plans ($10 + 10c per minute). Those allow you to connect to the U.S.'s largest cellular network. Unfortunately, international rates apply.

How do I add multiple email addresses to a contact group in Outlook?

In order to organize contacts further, you may want to consider grouping together all email addresses used by certain individuals. There are two ways to achieve this: manually or using rules. We recommend doing it manually first since rules often result in duplicate entries.

Here's how:

Select the contact whose email addresses you want to modify. Right-click anywhere blank within its row. Hit Properties. Under Rules, tick Always evaluate rule conditions. Leave Evaluation criteria empty, then fill in fields labeled Recipients and Actions accordingly. Put anything except the ones mentioned below.

Recipients: EmailAddress

Actions: Mark as done, Send Message, Delete

Next, repeat step 5 for all relevant recipients. Don't forget to switch evaluation criteria to Not Evaluated. Otherwise, duplicates will appear.

For example, let's say you want to mark all emails received from as read. First, open View " Rules " Apply Rule. Change Criteria to Any Occurrence. In the resulting window, expand Other actions and select Mark as done. Fill in field values appropriately.

Then, open View " Rules " Apply Rule again. But this time, change Evaluation criterion to Does NOT occur. Afterward, hit OK. Repeat for everyone else.

And there you have it! You should end up with a clean overview of all email addresses linked to Bob Smith. Now you can simply filter all conversations containing multiple email addresses by selecting Customize Views " Filters " Filter By Sender. You can also sort and prioritize individual groups based on importance by clicking Sort Groups... underneath Filters.

Have questions or suggestions regarding this post? Feel free to comment below!

I’ve recently started using HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for my business and so far it seems pretty solid but there are some things that could use improvement — one of those being the ability to add more than one e-mail address per customer account.

In LinkedIn, Google Contacts, etc., adding another email is easy. But if you already have many people on your list who have different email addresses or just aren’t set up in their accounts yet, then you might run into problems. In these cases, you need something like HubSpot's "duplicate" feature which allows you to create additional copies of existing entries without deleting them from your database first.

HubSpot has a lot of other cool features too, including automatic follow ups after any call, setting reminders for events, creating forms, managing leads/customers, etc. It also integrates well with most marketing tools out there. However, I wanted to know how to duplicate an entry in HubSpot itself. Is there a way to get around having all your customers only see one primary email address? Can they be sent separate emails by sending software? Or does HubSpot not support this function? Couldn't find anything online either...

So here's what happened. When I imported my new list of clients from LinkedIn, I noticed right away that some had two e-mails while others had none. Some were labeled as both personal AND work, others didn't show up at all. A couple weren't even listed under 'Accounts' because HubSpot thought they were spam. I was able to manually add each client with 2+ e-mails to Account Profiles, however, but now I'm worried about losing data! If I delete someone off my main Customer List, will they still receive future automated communications via HubSpot? Will they lose access to certain webinars or sales calls? Are they going to miss out on important updates? What happens if we accidentally delete someone from our database? All of this information would be lost forever! And since HubSpot doesn't offer a duplicate option, I'm guessing I'll be stuck with this problem until they upgrade. :(

We're currently working on improving the import process and hope to release an update soon, but in the meantime, let me try to answer your questions below.

First, yes, HubSpot supports duplicate entries. The issue may seem confusing because sometimes users see double listings, especially early adopters who haven't updated the system fully. This is due to the fact that before updating, users often look through their lists to make sure everything looks good -- and during this time, you'll see duplicate records. Don't worry though, these won't cause any issues for you down the road. They've been added automatically and should disappear within 24 hours. You shouldn't need to touch them again unless you decide to go back and edit them yourself.

Duplicates can happen across several categories, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, notes, photos, documents, websites, social media profiles, etc. So depending upon where they appear, you may need to remove them manually. We recommend checking your entire profile, making sure every piece of content works properly. Then head over to Accounts & Settings & People & Duplicates and click on View next to each item. From there, you'll see a dropdown menu pop up called Remove Duplicate Items. Clicking Delete Selected will remove them permanently.

If you'd rather keep them, simply select Merge instead of Delete selected. Both options allow you to view duplicate items and choose whether you wish to merge them together, move them elsewhere, or leave them alone. Again, you'll see a warning window pop up asking if you really want to continue. After reviewing the results, click OK.

As mentioned above, please note that any duplicates found prior to updating your system should disappear shortly. Also, remember that removing duplicates isn't always necessary. For example, you may want to leave duplicated phone numbers intact, as long as they're linked correctly.

Unfortunately, HubSpot cannot prevent users from getting unwanted messages. As stated above, we suggest running tests beforehand on a small sample of your upcoming prospects to ensure nothing goes wrong later on. Users can opt out anytime if they wish. Letting us know ahead of time helps us better prepare for launch.

Yes, unfortunately there is no built-in method within HubSpot to schedule individual e-mails based on specific rules. There are third party services available that integrate with HubSpot, allowing scheduled messages to be created easily. One popular solution is ActiveCampaign, which offers great reporting capabilities to help you analyze your campaigns. To learn more, check out our guide to scheduling emails in HubSpot.

You can certainly send out multiple emails at once from within HubSpot. Just open up your desired message template, hit Send Message(s), and enter your recipients. You can include a maximum number of recipients allowed in the free version, but you can never exceed 100.

That said, HubSpot also includes auto responders. With auto responders, you can customize prewritten responses that contain links to products or promotions, remind subscribers of upcoming events, provide FAQs related to your industry, etc. These are great solutions for automating common tasks that require little input from you. Plus, auto responders come standard with HubSpot Pro plans.

To take advantage of auto responder functionality, log in to your dashboard and navigate to My Auto Responders. On the left side bar, click Create New Automated Response. Fill out the details you desire, save your response, and voila! Now you can start building out your own customized autoresponder series. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on creating your very own personalized auto responder to give you ideas on how to best utilize this tool.

Forums: Yes, HubSpot forums are powered by Since HubSpot uses this platform, you'll notice that similar forum threads are grouped together.

Theoretically, you could post your question on the general discussion board, but chances are that the majority of readers wouldn't understand exactly what you're looking for. Instead, search for relevant subcategories in order to narrow the field. You can perform a quick keyword search by typing keywords into the box located directly underneath the Search button. Alternatively, scroll further down and type in words associated with your particular situation. Once you locate a suitable category, review its contents carefully to determine if the answers to your question are included.

There are thousands of active communities on Hubspot's network of sites, covering topics ranging from real estate agents to dentists. Each community provides a central place for members to share tips, ask questions, and collaborate.

When searching for answers, consider leaving comments in discussions. Other members may reply with helpful advice or resources. Be aware, however, that you must maintain proper etiquette and refrain from posting offensive remarks. Keep your language clean and avoid profanity and derogatory terms.

Also, remember that HubSpot uses cookies to improve user experience. By visiting, you agree to accept cookies used to enhance site performance, enable sharing features, and serve targeted ads. Learn more and manage preferences here.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of end users. While we appreciate your feedback regarding the topic, it has gone beyond our scope of influence. Our apologies.

It sounds like you're trying to solve a complicated technical issue with a complex workflow. HubSpot has made significant improvements to simplify processes, streamline tasks, increase productivity, and boost efficiency. However, we don't think anyone expects HubSpot to handle every single detail. That's why we encourage everyone to test drive the product extensively before committing to a paid plan.

Thanks for taking the time to write in. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.



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