The new standard to find new customers and automate your outbound sales prospecting.

Anyleads enables us to achieve higher ROI with its incredible lead generation infrastructure. – Sales Manager Total S.A.

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Meet Anyleads – the first lead generation infrastructure for small & larger companies.

Everything starts with an email..

Find business emails & personal emails for sales, PR and recruiting.

  • Find leads
  • Employees emails
  • Domain search
  • Company miner
  • Verify emails
    Use our search engine to get emails in bulk
    Use our company database and convert employees to emails
    Get all emails related to a domain in bulk
    Find email from first name, last name & company domain
    Verify a list of emails in bulk
  • Find new customers emails.
  • Find bloggers emails for PR.
  • Find profiles emails for recruiting.
How it works?
Anyleads provides you the feature to find any email on the internet as quick as possible, in huge quantities.
All emails are tested & validated by an API. No guess. Up to 80% Match.

Simply automate & build journeys as drawing on a whiteboard
Precision targeting, engage at just the right time with personalized email.

A/B Testing, triggers, segments, conditions and trackings, everything is possible.

  • Emails sequences
  • Follow up
  • Tracking
  • A/B Testing
  • Time Trigger
    Emails sequences
    Follow up
    A/B Testing
    Time Trigger

Connect more than + 10 email providers

Send mass emails or prospecting emails thanks to the Anyleads™ connector.

Find your ideal buyer & grow your pipeline!

Search for prospects with advanced search criteria to generate fresh leads at scale.

  • Contacts
  • Unlimited Import
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited Import
    Unlimited users

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