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Can you add a second email address to PayPal?

Can you add a second email address to PayPal?

My fiance has an old credit card that he uses for online purchases. The only problem is it's not very secure because anyone who knows his password could go into his bank account and make bogus charges. We want to move away from this but we don't know how without getting rid of our debit/credit cards altogether.

So...we were thinking about using PayPal as our method of payment instead. Problem being, I've been doing some research and there seems to be no way to link two different e-mail accounts together with one PayPal account. Am I missing something here or is that just the case? If they're linked (and I'm sure they are) then does that mean I cannot set up two separate e-mails in such a manner that allows me to process money through each e-mail individually? Or am I going about this all wrong? Please help! Thank you!! :)

Thanks again everyone! Great suggestions - unfortunately none seem to work so far. As much as I appreciate your input, I will keep looking around at other options if necessary. But first, I will check out what others say in regards to adding more than one email address to PayPal.

Also, I should mention that I already tried setting up another 'virtual' email address which would forward messages via Gmail to both primary and secondary inboxes. Unfortunately, when trying to log into the new account, I received an error message saying "this page isn't available". It appears that someone else may've had similar issues before me by searching Google for answers to this question. So apparently, even though I was able to create a new account, it wasn't actually working properly. :( Hopefully I'll find something better once I get further along in my search. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. They helped immensely!

To answer your questions directly: Yes, you can send emails from any number of email addresses associated with your PayPal account. This includes personal and business accounts. You can also receive emails from these various mailing lists. However, you must still login to enter transactions manually. And yes, you can have multiple email addresses forwarded to your main email account. That said, if you try to access this forwarding service while logged into your PayPal account, you'll see that it doesn't allow this action due to security reasons.

Yes, you can. Just follow the instructions below.

1.) Click on "Account" in the top right corner of your screen.

2.) Select "View Your Account Info."

3.) On the next screen click the small box under "Email Preferences," and select "Edit Email Preferences."

4.) Enter the name you wish to appear when sending emails from your account, and the default greeting. In your example it might read something like: Hi There!

5.) Scroll down until you come across the section titled "Send Emails From:" and hit edit. Then type in whatever email address(s) you wish to use to send future orders. Keep in mind that PayPal sends order confirmations to the email address specified in step 4 above. Therefore, if you plan on having several people handle different aspects of your eBay sales, it's best to keep this list short since most users tend to ignore long lists of email addresses.

6.) Once done click Save Changes.

7.) Now look back over at the previous screens where you edited your Email preferences. Under the heading "Personal Details" scroll down until you reach the area labeled "Signature & About Me." Here paste the text you entered earlier. Make certain to include your full legal name in place of Firstname Lastname. Also note that the last line reads "Click here for a quick guide to PayPal." Delete this line and replace it with the following statement, "Please visit for details regarding fees, policies, and services offered. A link to our privacy policy follows after []." Finally, change the hyperlink to "" rather than the original " When finished, copy everything within the quotes and paste it into the space provided on the signature field. Hit save changes, close window, then click Done.

8.) Next repeat steps 6 & 7 for every additional email address you wish to associate with your PayPal account. Simply substitute the URL links with your own respective domain names.

If you ever need to deactivate or delete an individual email address please open your "Account Management" tab and remove them from your contact list. Afterward return to this article and locate the appropriate procedure listed therein.

Thank you for writing in about this issue. What worked for me was simply changing my browser settings to always direct Not sure why but PayPal wanted to redirect those messages to itself regardless of whether they came from one of its subdomains or not. Hope this helps!

You can do this easily enough. Go to www.PayPal.Me and sign in with your normal PayPal credentials. At the bottom of the page, you'll see "Change My Address?" Choose either Add Another Email Address or Change Primary Email Address. For simplicity sake, let's assume you chose Add Another Email Address.

On the resulting screen, choose More Settings. On the subsequent screen, choose Edit Profile. Fill in all required fields including Bank Account Information. Be careful to fill in the correct information.

Once completed, click Submit. You now have successfully added a 2nd email address to your PayPal profile. Repeat the process for as many email addresses as you desire.

Hi, I found your comments helpful. Although, I did manage to figure things out myself by reading through replies posted by others. So thank you for taking time to post your comments.

For clarification purposes, my fiancee has an older credit card that she uses specifically for online purchases. She wants us to transfer her funds onto a secured PayPal account in order to avoid fraudsters. Our concern relates to accepting payments from customers who currently use her existing credit card for their transaction. Is this option unavailable? Are we unable to link our two accounts? Can we link our accounts later on after receiving authorization from our banker? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for considering our dilemma. :)

It sounds like you want to link your banking institution to your PayPal account. To accomplish this task, you will probably need to speak with your financial advisor.

As for your inquiry, you must understand that PayPal provides a limited amount of control over user actions. Because of this fact, PayPal strictly prohibits linking of accounts unless authorized by officials from PayPal International Inc.. Consequently, you will need to obtain approval from your bank prior to opening a PayPal account.

In addition to obtaining permission from your bank, you will also need to provide official documentation relating to your identity. Specifically, you will need copies of your passport, driver license, social insurance card, etc. These documents will serve as proof for your identification purposes when making a purchase.

Lastly, you will need to verify your real world address. To complete this process, you will have to pay a fee ranging anywhere between $20-$30 dollars depending upon the country wherein you reside. Fees vary slightly based on location and currency exchange rates.

Unfortunately, this particular fee is nonrefundable. Furthermore, fees apply to individuals living outside North America. Lastly, you will need to wait approximately 24 hours to begin processing withdrawals after completing verification procedures.

While fees associated with establishing a PayPal account may sound steep, you must remember that PayPal offers greater protection against fraudulent activities compared to traditional methods used today. In essence, PayPal enables buyers to feel safe purchasing items from sellers located worldwide.

Hope this clarifies matters somewhat. Again, thanks for writing in. Comments like yours prove useful whenever readers take advantage of the opportunity to contribute towards improving discussion threads.


There are several ways of adding extra email addresses to your PayPal account. One way is to request an invitation code from PayPal UK. You can find the code on their website. Here's the link:

Another way is to request an invite code from PayPal Canada. You can find the code on their website. Here's the link:

Or you can setup multiple e-mail addresses on the same account. See my previous response.

The easiest way is to register with Payza. You can give yourself three free trial months. During this period, you can set up three e-mail addresses. You can switch off the ones you don't require. Each e-mail address gets a unique ID. Use these IDs to activate your e-mail accounts. You can then forward your e-mails to the e-mail addresses you wish to use. Don't forget to update your PayPal account with your mobile phone numbers too.


Anoop Kumar

This is a good idea. Try to install Twilio SMS software for your web application. With Twilio, you can integrate SMS functionality with your web app. Check out this video tutorial for beginners.

There are many reasons why someone might want to use PayPal. One of the most common is that it's quick and easy to set up an account with no credit card details required.

It also makes paying for things online much easier than using cheques or cash - just click 'PayPal' then enter the amount and send payment instructions via e-mail.

But what if there was more money in your PayPal balance from one source but not from another? It would be great if you could keep both accounts open at once, wouldn't it...?

Well it turns out that yes, you can indeed do this without giving away any personal information about yourself (such as your bank statements). We're going to explain exactly how to do this below.

In order to achieve this we'll need to make some changes to your existing PayPal settings first though…

Can two people have same PayPal account?

If they share the same password, sure! As long as each user has their own login details you won't be sharing them with anyone else. You will still be able to log into each other's accounts by entering the correct username/password combinations when prompted.

You should see a message saying "Logged In" appear next to your new sign-in button after successfully logging in. If you don't get this message try refreshing the page.

What happens if you forget your password? Click here to reset it.

We've got our users logged in now, let's move onto adding a new member to our team…

Can I add another person to my PayPal account?

To create additional memberships under your existing PayPal account follow these steps:

Select New User Account and fill in all the necessary fields including name and date of birth. Make sure you choose different passwords for everyone who will access your PayPal account. Yours mustn't be shared either. Once complete click Next Step.

Enter the email addresses associated with your new user(s) and hit Create Users. To confirm successful creation of the account go back to My Profile & Update Info and select Edit Profile. Here you may change the Email Address field under Additional Information to match those supplied during registration.

Now, finally, we're ready to test our new setup. Let's put something in our shopping baskets which doesn't come from us directly…

Can you add a person to your PayPal?

We'll be using Amazon again. This time instead of buying anything ourselves, we'll be letting our friends buy items through us. They'll pay for the item with their PayPal balances and leave the rest to us.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to and browse around until you find a product you wish to purchase. There's lots available, so take your pick. Don't worry too much about price since we're only interested in whether or not the basket contains a certain specific item - feel free to adjust the quantity slider however small you think you require. When you're happy press Add Item. A box will pop up asking you to Choose Quantity. Enter 1 for single item purchases or multiple numbers for multiples of the same thing. Hit Submit Order Now.

2. The order form will display with your selected products. At the bottom right hand corner you'll notice a link called Invoice Me. Select it and wait patiently while your invoice gets prepared. Note down its unique reference number so you know where to look later.

3. Find PayPal within your browser window and sign in. You'll immediately see the following screen. Press Continue.

4. On the resulting page, select Payment Options. From the list, choose Credit Card Processing Agreement and continue with the process. Follow the prompts until you reach the end where you can view your final invoices. Accept everything and close the dialogue box.

5. Return to your PayPal homepage and locate your newly created customer. Under Customers you should now see your new entry listed. Change the View column header to Sales Details. Scroll down to the section labelled Transaction History. Look for entries starting with YOUR_REFERENCE_NUMBER. These represent your orders placed through Amazon. Highlight the relevant row and copy it somewhere safe.

6. Open a separate tab and head over to Repeat step 2 above selecting the corresponding Products and clicking Buy. Paste your highlighted transaction history into the appropriate rows of the order summary page. Save the document and return to eBay.

7. Head straight back to your original sales page. Use the Billing And Shipping options dropdown menu at the top to select Receipt Of Items. Then scroll down to the very last option titled After Sale Service Charge. Within this text input the total value of your sale plus your shipping costs. Copy everything between the quotation marks and paste it into Notepad.

8. Close the popup window and reopen PayPal. Switch the view column header to Bills And Payments. Locate your new Customer record and expand Sales Detail. Delete every line except for your Amazon order. Replace the contents of the remaining lines with your copied receipt text.

9. Finally, switch the view back to Transactions. Find the original order made by our friend and delete it. Then repeat steps 7&8 again replacing the contents of the previous order with your amended bill text.

10. Sign off eBay completely. Otherwise you'll be unable to cancel your PayPal account to avoid getting double charged for whatever service you tried to sell.

11. Confirm that everything looks good. Check out the links at the footer of the page to ensure nothing went wrong. Contact Paypal Support if needed.

12. Congratulations! You just added another person to your PayPal account without having to give them any kind of identifying information. All they had to provide was their usual password.

This method isn't foolproof and relies heavily upon the user being careful enough not to accidentally duplicate transactions. But if done correctly it provides plenty of peace of mind knowing that you aren't liable for fraud charges due to accepting unauthorised payments.

For extra security you may consider setting up a new PayPal account specifically for selling goods rather than keeping funds solely within your main account. Read this article explaining how to start selling digital downloads with PayPal.

Have fun!

PayPal is the world's largest online payment service. It allows people and businesses to send money via e-mail or by phone (in certain countries) as well as through its website and iPhone app. The company was founded in 1998 and has since grown into an international behemoth that now serves hundreds of millions of users around the globe. So it seems unlikely that users would want to use more than one account at once. But if there are any PayPal power users out there who have done this already, we'd love some tips! Here's what we know...

We've seen many questions about adding another user to your main PayPal account, but none specifically asking whether you can add a secondary email address to your existing PayPal account -- which might seem like something worth trying. We're not sure why no one thought of doing this before, but luckily for us, our readers had plenty of ideas. Many commenters noted that they wanted to set up accounts for their children so they could shop from home without having access to credit cards themselves. Others suggested setting up separate accounts for friends and/or roommates so they wouldn't have to input passwords every time they made purchases together. And still others said they just didn't trust giving all their login information over to Google Checkout or Amazon Payments. In other words, lots of different reasons were given for wanting multiple accounts.

Some posters also mentioned wanting to keep things simple by only using one primary account instead of several. After all, when you first open a new PayPal account, you typically see prompts suggesting you link additional bank accounts or personal finance apps such as If you don't need these services right away, then maybe you should stick with one PayPal account until you decide otherwise.

So even though we couldn't find specific answers to our question, many helpful comments did provide enough insight to help answer it. Read on to learn exactly how to make two different PayPal accounts work together.

Can I add my husband card to my PayPal?

First off, let's start with the basics. You probably won't be able to add a spouse's debit or credit card directly to your own PayPal account. Instead, you'll need to go to PayPal's merchant pages, select "Merchant Services" and click on "Add Card." From here, you will enter basic info about the card, including name, expiration date and CVV code. Then choose either Debit or Credit depending on the type of card you're adding. Finally, click Submit Your Request to process your order.

If you haven't heard yet, the last four digits of your Social Security number determine your unique Merchant ID. This lets merchants identify your transaction and ensures accuracy. Since everyone gets assigned a different MID by PayPal, you shouldn't run into trouble getting added to a particular person's account. However, if you ever get hacked, or suspect that your password may have been compromised, change your password immediately. To reset your Password, visit Enter your username and master password, then follow the instructions for changing your PIN and security settings.

Now that you understand how to create a new account, let's talk about linking them together. There are three ways to connect your PayPal account to your wife's account: manually, automatically or both accounts sharing the same billing address. First, try connecting them manually. Visit, log into the eBay site, and sign in to your regular eBay account. Once logged in, look under Account Management near the bottom of the page and scroll down past the links related to Billing & Shipping Address, etc., to Banking Information. Click on Link Bank Accounts and fill out the form. Be sure to include everything required, including routing numbers, account numbers and names. When you finish filling out the form, hit Send.

Next, let's assume you have automatic bill pay enabled for each individual account. If so, you can simply check the box next to your wife's email address during checkout and designate her PayPal account as your default. This means whenever she checks out from anywhere, the funds will come straight from her PayPal account unless she changes it back to your account. Or you could opt to switch those options back after checking out. Either way works fine, but keeping track of where the money came from is easier with the latter method. Also, if you forget to turn the feature back on, you'll end up paying extra fees because PayPal wants to charge higher rates based upon risk factors.

Finally, you can allow for both accounts to share the same shipping addresses. Just head to Settings & Preferences, click on Shopping Cart Preferences, then select Payment Options. Choose Auto Pay and mark the box beside Include Same ShipTo Address As Default Shipment Method. All of these methods require you to authorize transactions via PayPal WebMoney Manager.

Keep in mind that if you live overseas, you cannot currently link your foreign currency account to PayPal. You must wait until July 2012 for that functionality to become available.

How do I add a family member to my PayPal account?

You can give permission for anyone to shop in your name on eBay and PayPal by signing him or her up for an official eBay User ID. For example, if you registered your child's eBay account, he or she can continue shopping on eBay while being billed to his or her own PayPal account. However, if you want to avoid sending charges to your child's account, you can assign a parent's permissions to the account. Go to My eBay > User Info " Edit Permissions " Change Parental Control. A pop-up window will appear showing a list of eligible parents. Select the person whose credentials you want to edit and complete the following fields: Approved Items Only, View Item History and Add Funds Via PayPal. Hit Save Changes. Now, when your child makes a purchase, the item will show up on the correct buyer's list, but it will say 'Paid with PayPal.'

Alternatively, you can grant yourself administrative rights to your kids' accounts. That way you can control spending limits and review final listings. Go to My eBay > User Info " Manage Account " Switch to Admin Rights. Log into your child's eBay account, then select My eBay " Profile " Manage Users " Set Up New User. On the resulting screen, enter your full name, birthday and address, plus verify your identity. Next, select Create User, then confirm the details again. Once completed, return to My eBay, select your profile picture at the top left corner of the homepage, then select Tools & Report Abuse. Under Current Issues, click Contact Seller and request that the seller sends you a copy of the receipt. Scroll down to Find Support and ask eBay to disable your child's account.

In addition to making a case against fraudulent activity, you can report abuse for nonpayment of items sold on eBay. Keep in mind that if you contact sellers directly, you aren't protected by eBay policies. Therefore, you should file a dispute through the appropriate reporting system within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

As far as transferring ownership of a shared PayPal account goes, you can only transfer to another owner of record. Meaning, if you originally opened a joint account, you can't transfer it to your partner's name unless you close yours first. Once closed, however, you can reopen your account in your partners' name.

Can I add someone to my PayPal account?

Sure, although the rules vary slightly between domestic and international accounts. Let's take a closer look at each scenario below.

Can you share a PayPal account with someone?

By law, you can share a single PayPal account with a friend or relative provided you hold 100 percent of the shares. This includes opening a business partnership, but doesn't apply to eBay Partner Programs. If you belong to a program, read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you qualify.

For example, if you participate in eBay Workshops and sell products exclusively through the platform, you may fall under limited liability. Limited liability protects you from losses caused by faulty goods, defective merchandise, stolen items or fraud. So, basically, you won't be liable for anything except for breaking the contract. On the other hand, if you participate in the PowerSellers Program, your sales will earn you commissions. These commissions are paid monthly and are subject to earnings caps and restrictions.

Otherwise, if you're interested in joining a group of individuals, you can create a team. Teams allow members to communicate, view orders placed, and collaborate on selling efforts. They also offer special promotions, discounts and perks. Like solo customers, teams receive free membership kits. Plus, you can invite guests to join as buyers, too. Head to to start building your team today.

But what happens if you lose your username and password combination? Well, that's easy. Simply call 1-800-273-2894 Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm Central Time or write to Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 97040, San Jose, CA 95196. Make sure you mention your account number, mailing address and reason for requesting assistance. Unfortunately, PayPal does not have a dedicated customer support line for general inquiries.



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