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Can you delete a contact from HubSpot?

Can you delete a contact from HubSpot?

Hi there, I’ve got a spreadsheet (Excel) which contains all our client's email addresses. There are over 200 entries! I don't want these people on my main contact list but also can't find any way to remove them.

It seems they've been added by mistake or perhaps because their emails were already in use when we purchased HubSpot and started using it for managing clients' tasks etc. I'm not sure how long this has been going on...

The problem is, if I try removing one entry at a time via Contacts " Contact List " Edit, each address doesn't show up as being deleted until after the next refresh. It just says 'User Removed'. So I end up having 3x200+ extra rows taking up space - which means more storage used than necessary. Is there no quick way of doing this? Thanks so much for your help!

You will need to export the data into CSV file (or whatever format suits your needs). Then import back again. You may want to consider creating another set of users/contacts for those who have left the company. This could be done manually or through some kind of automated process.

As far as I know, there isn't a simple tool available to do what you're looking for. The best option might be to create new lists for old contacts. However, depending on your business requirements, it might make sense to keep those accounts open anyway. If you'd rather get rid of them completely, then you'll probably need to go down the route of contacting HR directly.

Sorry about that, I thought there was a link where you could download excel files without needing to pay anything, however it appears there is now a charge associated with downloading the file. As I said above, you'll really need to contact hr.

Thanks for getting back to me. What I actually meant was, can I share my contact list somehow with hubspot support team so they can see if there are any duplicates or something similar? Or should I send the csv elsewhere?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide access to anyone outside of HubSpot Support unless you work for us. All contact information within HubSpot belongs solely to the customer. We only have access to update existing customers, and even then, only to edit account settings such as passwords, billing details, etc., but never the actual contact information itself.

If you still wish to proceed with sharing your contact list, please follow the below steps carefully.

1.) Go to

2.) Click Export Data & choose Create New File Type.

3.) Choose Comma Separated Values (.CSV) Format.

4.) Select Custom Fields.

5.) Check Add custom field(s), then add whichever fields you require. For example, Customer ID. Once completed click Submit.

6.) Now go to Replace “customerdata" with the name of the.CSV file you downloaded earlier.

7.) Upload the file.

8.) Enter the appropriate User Name and Password.

9.) Confirm your password.

10.) Download the file once complete.

11.) Open the file in Excel.

12.) Delete any unwanted columns.

13.) Save the file under Personal Information.

14.) Rename the file to match its original name.

15.) Right-click on the file.

16.) Select Send To " Other Applications.

17.) Browse to Outlook.exe.

18.) Drag the file onto the icon.

19.) Hit OK.

20.) Close Office.

21.) Restart your computer.

22.) Start Outlook.exe. Your file should appear automatically. Do NOT close the program before completion.

23.) View the contents of the file. You should see a table containing all your contact info.

24.) Highlight the row you wish to delete.

25.) Press Ctrl + C to copy the selected cell.

26.) Paste the selection by pressing Ctrl + V. Alternatively, press F2 and select the desired text using CTRL+. Followed by hitting enter to execute the action.

27.) Remove the highlighted cells by selecting the column header and right clicking, choosing Move / Copy Cell Contents.

28.) Delete the entire row by highlighting the topmost border between the header and first row and hit DEL key.

29.) Repeat step 26. to delete multiple lines at once.

30.) Finally, highlight the last row of data and repeat step 27. to delete the entire data set.

31.) Right-click the remaining empty area beneath the table header.

32.) Select Cut Row / Columns.

33.) Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Paste Rows / Columns.

34.) Make sure to check Show Entire Table.

35.) Select Done.

36.) Finish off by saving the document.

37.) Restart your browser.

38.) Try opening your updated file. Hopefully, everything should look good.

39.) Lastly, you can delete the temporary file located at C:\Users\[PCName]\AppData\LocalTemp\HubSpotContactExporttemp_[Date].tmp.

Once you've removed a particular contact from your HubSpot system, you won't see them anymore. They will simply disappear from your own personal contact information.

You can always use the Find People function to search for specific individuals. Just type the person's full name.

When trying to filter out certain contacts, you can either start typing part of the eMail adress, or drag across the whole range.

To view your current filtered results, hover over Filtered Results and a small window will pop up displaying matches.

There are two ways to deal with duplicate records:

First method:

Duplicate record detection works by comparing every single unique identifier. By default, this includes Firstname, Lastname, Email, Phone number, Mobile phone numbers, Workphone, Notes, Birthdate, Gender, Address 1, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Website URL, Job title and Company. In other words, if you have 2 different instances of the same Person inside your database, Duplicate Detection will tell you immediately.

Second Method:

This second approach does not compare every possible unique identifier. Instead, it checks to see if there are duplicate values anywhere else on the form, including street number, city, state, zip code, country, website url, job title, work telephone, mobile phone numbers and notes. Basically, if there is a difference somewhere else besides these identifiers, it will not alert you to a potential duplication.

For instance, let's say that you have 5 different Users listed on the Contact Us screen. Let's further assume that the following three Users have identical Firstnames, but distinct Lastnames. Also, suppose that User A has a different Email address than Users B and C. Under normal circumstances, Duplicate Detection would identify both User A and User B as duplicated since they have the exact same Firstname, Lastname and Email. But since User C differs from User A and User B only in her Lastname, she wouldn't be flagged as a duplicate.

In order to avoid false positives, you must take advantage of the Second Method. Because the Duplicate Detector compares Identifiers, it would flag the previous example as a true positive. Therefore, you must perform manual validation prior to running reports and exporting data.

Here's a short video explaining both methods in detail:

Hello, you can easily delete your contacts using the built-in features provided by Hubspot.

Click on My Account " Manage Accounts " Contact Details > Edit Contact Details. Here you can modify your profile and change or delete your contacts.

Please note that if you delete a contact from here, they will continue showing up in the app interface, but they will be hidden behind the More menu item.

Also, you can reset your password from this section and logout.

If you want to delete them permanently, you can reach out to the tech department of your company.

They can advise you what options are available regarding your situation.

Hope that helps :)

Thank you very much for the reply! Unfortunately, that didn't solve my issue. I tried changing the security setting for that group and adding everyone again but nothing happens. When I went to export the list, it told me it couldn't connect to the server and asked me to check whether internet connection was active. I checked and yes, it was.

I tried uploading the exported file to Google Drive instead of sending it to hubspot support. That worked fine, except when I opened the file later on, I realized that none of the entries had been changed. Apparently, hubspot uses a different naming convention. Not ideal!

I did manage to sort out the problem with the contact list by exporting it to CSV file and importing it again.

I am currently using the free version of HubSpot's Business Contact Manager for its ability to manage several different lists of clients and prospects.  HubSpot has been very helpful as it allows me to keep track of which leads are interested in what products or services via their various forms (i.e., website inquiries). The only problem is how can I filter out certain people who don't need to be part of this process?

For example, some people just want information about our latest product offerings while others may want more general info. So, how do I go about deleting unwanted emails from these contacts without having them get annoyed by those emails because they were not directly related to them? Is there any way to "blacklist" specific names so they won't show up again when browsing through other people's profiles? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

If your question isn't listed here then please feel free to ask us below.

In order to answer your questions we'll first assume Hubspot has already created accounts for all of your users. If it hasn't created accounts yet then you should follow the instructions provided within this article. Once you've got everyone set-up correctly then come back here and let us know if you still have problems. You might also consider creating additional user roles and assigning each role access to specific areas such as Marketing Automation and Sales Force Automations. This could make things easier down the road if you wanted to give one person access to everything but didn't want to assign multiple passwords.

Once you're set up properly then use the following steps to add new Contacts into either the Web Forms tab or the Leads & Accounts tab depending upon where you'd like to create/edit them.

To find the tabs open your profile page at http://YOUR_HUBSPOT_DOMAIN/app/#dashboard. To the left hand side of the screen click on the gear icon and select Manage Tabs. From the dropdown menu choose Lead Management System - web form editor. Now choose Add New Tab and fill in the appropriate details. For instance, under Create New Group choose Customers and Prospects and enter whatever name you wish to call it. Then once you hit save it should now appear right under Web Form Editor. Repeat this step until you reach the end of your desired number of groups.

Now to start adding contacts into your system simply open up your profile and navigate to the section containing the group(s) you added earlier. Click on Edit List of Users and you'll see a grid view pop up which contains every single account/lead assigned to that particular group. Each row represents one individual account. In the top navigation bar, next to My Lists you'll notice a button called Assignments. Clicking on that link brings up another grid view similar to the previous one except instead of showing account numbers it shows individuals. Below is an image of both views.

Underneath each individual's picture is the option to drag and drop him/her onto whichever group he/she belongs to. After dragging and dropping you can change their group assignment by clicking on the pencil icon located next to their name. Alternatively you can type in the name of the group they belong to and press Enter. When typing in the group name you must remember to include the word Groups after it.

Within each group you can sort out your contacts alphabetically by clicking on the small arrow next to their name. Within each group you can also expand the menu underneath their name and click on More Actions. Here you can see all their available options including whether their status is active or inactive, whether they are saved or deleted etc...

You can now move on to editing your own custom list of names you wish to eliminate. Just scroll down through the rows till you find someone whose name annoys you (weird spelling perhaps?) and highlight them. Next to their highlighted box you'll notice two icons - 1x1 square and 2x2 squares. Hover over the icon corresponding to the size of the box you found the annoyance in and a window should pop up asking you if you wish to Delete All Links to Them. Choose Yes if you do wish to delete them. Otherwise choose No if you wish to leave them alone.

Next you'll see a message saying The links you selected contain data relating to customers and prospects. Do you agree to continue? If yes, click OK followed by Yes. If no, click Cancel. Again, hover over the icon corresponding to the size of the box you chose earlier and repeat the above procedure. This time however, choose Delete Selected Links rather than Keep Linked Data. As before, choose Yes if you do wish to delete them otherwise choose No if you wish to Leave them Alone.

Finally, you'll see the warning mentioned previously. Confirm the action by choosing Continue. Upon doing so you'll see the confirmation pop up once again. Finally, confirm that you really DO wish to delete the chosen links by selecting Yes. Your choice will bring you back to the main screen. Scroll down to Customer Relationships and look beneath the header named Customers. Under the section labeled People you'll see your newly edited list of contacts. Simply click on Edit List and update your list according to your liking. Please note that changing a contact's group does NOT automatically delete them. It merely moves them to a separate area where they cannot bother you anymore. However, you can always manually delete them yourself if you desire. You can even export your entire list if you decide to pull a full hubspot cleanse. That said, HubSpot offers many useful features that allow you to automate much of your interactions with your client base. We recommend exploring these tools further in order to streamline your processes, increase productivity, and ultimately improve profitability of your business.

Thank you for reading this far. If you aren't able to resolve your issue using the methods described above, or perhaps you require assistance with something else, please visit the Help Center for answers. Happy HubSpotting! :)

As long as you haven't removed anyone from your list then HubSpot should display them fine since you haven't hidden them. What you probably meant was filtering your contacts based on their job title i.e. sales vs. support. Unfortunately, unless you specifically design your workflow around this functionality, HubSpot doesn't offer anything along those lines. A lot of companies actually run lead nurturing campaigns throughout the year in hopes of attracting fresh potential buyers and customers. Because of this reason, they often send automated e-mails back and forth between themselves and their prospective partners. Some people hate getting spammy messages sent to them, especially if they weren't expecting it. Luckily, HubSpot gives you the option to block e-mail notifications from specific people.

Here are the directions to take in order to achieve that goal. First off, log into your current hubspot dashboard and head to Settings > Email Notification Preferences. On the right hand side panel, you'll see three sections labelled Emails Notifications, Receive E-Mail Alerts and Block Specific Senders. Select Blocking Sender Names. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the opportunity to checkmark boxes next to specific sender names. These choices will prevent those people from sending you any future communications. Don't forget to Save Changes.

Alternatively, if you prefer you can disable ALL e-mails from those people altogether. Head to Settings > General Settings. Beneath the heading Labels, uncheck Show Me Messages. Hit the Apply Button and you'll never receive communication from that sender ever again.

Good luck! : )

Hi there, I have a list of email addresses of contacts that I would like to remove from my contacts. Can I upload an Excel with that list and import those records into HubSpot? How do I delete a contact in Dynamics CRM? Will this work? Or does the contact need to be physically removed from the database itself? How do I delete a non annoying CRM contact? How do I completely delete a contact? Thanks!

We suggest you try removing them from the HubSpot application first. If it works well, then you can proceed with importing them to Dynamics CRM.

The best thing to do is search your HubSpot platform for the customer IDs of those contacts. Make sure to search your whole database. Once you locate them, you can delete them from your HubSpot platform. Note that some of them may remain in Dynamics CRM since they are linked to specific cases. But you shouldn't worry too much about that.

What you really need to focus on is trying to avoid irritating your existing clients as much as possible. Let them know that you intend to stop contacting them but at least provide them 30 days' notice beforehand. Also, tell them why. Maybe you want to cut costs in terms of marketing budgets or maybe you just dislike working with a specific company. Whatever the case, they understand. And chances are most of them will respect your decision regardless.

Also, check out this HubSpot video tutorial about how to delete contacts from HubSpot.

It explains pretty nicely how to perform a bulk deletion task. Hope this helps!

Hello, there are several ways to delete a record from the HubSpot Platform. One quick method is to navigate to the record and then click on the cross sign on the upper right corner of the screen.

I'm on the hunt for some help here.  This is probably something simple but I cannot find it anywhere!

We use HubSpot CRM software to manage our business' customer relationships. We've been using this system since 2012. Now we're moving into 2017 and we want to upgrade our security features (i.e., block lists). So now I need to know how do you delete a person out of your company's database/list in HubSpot?

Also, can someone please explain to me what "Block Lists" are? Are they different than blocked users? How does one go about deleting people who aren't currently on any Block List whatsoever? Do I just click the pencil icon next to each name individually or is there another way of doing so? Thank you very much!!! This has been driving us nuts!!

Thanks again!

HubSpot Answers answers all questions relating to HubSpot products and services. All Q&A posted by members make use of hyperlinks within their responses which allow readers to easily navigate back to specific pages where the original question was asked. If you ever wish to cancel an answer, simply follow the instructions under the Ask tab. Questions will remain unanswered if not interacted with after 48 hours. To submit your own Question, visit Submit Your Answer.

How do I delete a contact from my list in HubSpot?

You need to open up your Contacts page and then select the Edit button underneath each individual contact. Then, once you see those options pop up, you'll be able to choose whether or not you'd like to Delete them altogether. Once you hit Delete Contact, they should disappear off your main screen without a trace.

If you don't see these options when opening your Contacts page, chances are you didn't import anything yet because only new accounts get access to create contacts until later stages of setup. When you eventually add more information to your account via importing, you'll be given the option to either keep the current contact or replace it with a brand-new entry.

It sounds easy enough, right? But apparently there's a bug somewhere!

After adding several hundred contacts, I noticed that none were showing up as deleted on the left side navigation bar at the top of my homepage. The contacts themselves did show up on my dashboard, however. It took quite awhile before I found a fix to this problem...which is really annoying.

So I went looking around for other ways to delete contacts, but unfortunately nothing worked. Every time I tried to delete anyone, I kept getting the message saying, “There’s no record of [the contact] in the HubSpot data base".

That led me to believe the issue wasn’t necessarily related to my computer or browser settings, etc. Rather, I thought maybe it had to do with how many contacts I actually added during setup. Maybe there weren’t enough records available to compare against. Or perhaps something else entirely…

Eventually, I decided to try exporting the entire list of contacts first. That seemed logical, right? Afterward, I uploaded the.CSV file onto Dropbox and opened it up in Google Docs. From there, I selected all of the rows containing names, phone numbers and emails, removed the duplicates, and created a new column called “Delete”. Finally, I sorted alphabetically and scanned through the list. Thankfully, I could finally identify certain contacts I wanted to permanently delete. However, there were still others I wanted to get rid of too.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Each row contained text such as “No Data Available”. There appeared to be no actual cell space between adjacent entries on the same line. And even though I used Ctrl + A to highlight everything above, I couldn’t cut down the unnecessary characters. As far as I could tell, there was no way to copy & paste them elsewhere.

The solution ended up being manually selecting every single row containing the necessary info for deletion, highlighting every instance of the word “deleted”, copying everything over to a separate document, pasting it into the appropriate spots, and sorting alphabetically afterwards.

And that’s why I hate computers sometimes.

How do you delete imported contacts?

When setting up your initial user profile, you're provided with a few choices on what kind of data you want to enter. You may opt to start with a basic free plan that includes 10 contacts per month, or a premium paid plan that allows you to add unlimited contacts per month. Either way, whenever you begin importing contacts, you'll receive an alert telling you exactly how many you've entered.

Once you reach 100 contacts, you'll also automatically gain access to additional tools such as blocking lists. These allow you to filter out unwanted callers, send texts to multiple recipients, and set custom greetings depending upon your preferences.

Importing contacts works differently based on whether you already have existing ones stored in your HubSpot database or not. For example, let say you've previously sent an SMS message to Bob Smith. His number isn't saved in HubSpot's database, so his information won't appear when you import. Conversely, if he never received said message, you'll end up creating a duplicate of him that shows up twice on your home menu. In order to avoid that happening, you must ensure both parties are registered on HubSpot prior to sending messages.

Otherwise, you can skip ahead to step #5 below.

For those interested, HubSpot offers two types of blocks - standard and priority. Standard is good for blocking spam calls and texts while Priority lets you block urgent communications. With Priority, you can decide whether or not to let incoming calls ring regardless of whether or not voicemail exists. This feature is useful if you work for yourself and don't always pick up your cellphone.

Finally, if your goal is to completely wipe out a particular group of contacts, you can utilize HubSpot's built-in blocklists. They come in handy when you're trying to deal with high volume callers. Simply input the caller ID and corresponding name into the search box located near the bottom of the Homepage. Click Block List and you'll instantly see a list of everyone matching your criteria. Select whichever entries you'd prefer to eliminate and confirm your choice.

Then, scroll down to the final section titled Blocked Users and select Bulk Actions. Here, you can view a complete history of all blocked individuals. On the resulting window, simply check the boxes beside the contacts you wish to remove. Hit Remove Selected and watch as each of them gets unblocked.

Note: Keep in mind that you can only perform actions on active users. Therefore, it's important to review the status of each contact before proceeding further. If they're inactive, you can proceed directly to removing them from your list. Otherwise, you might end up accidentally marking them as active.

How do I bulk delete imports in HubSpot?

To completely erase a bunch of contacts from your main screen, you'll need to export the whole lot first. Head over to Settings > Import Contacts to grab a fresh copy. Next, head over to My Dashboard and look for the small arrow on the upper right portion of your Accounts header. Click it and select Export Entire List.

Next, download the file to your desktop by clicking File > Download. Afterwards, open it up in Microsoft Word and click Save Selection. Make sure to save it as.CVS. This format makes it easier to edit your exported contacts.

Now, locate your downloaded file and open it up in Notepad. Scroll down until you spot the following code:

Replace all instances of ‘[NameOfContact]' with whatever the unique identifier for the desired contact happens to be. Save your modified file and rename it to “Contacts_BULKDELETE.cvs”.

Head back over to Step 3 and repeat steps 1-3 again. Instead of downloading a fresh copy of your contacts, this time, choose Upload Existing Database. Navigate to your newly renamed file and upload it.

Open up your Account Overview and look for the small arrow on the upper right portion of your Accounts header. Click it and select Reconfigure Dashboards. Look towards the lower right corner of your screen and you'll see a dropdown menu labeled Choose Previous Version. Change its selection to Yes.

From here, you can either take advantage of the most recent version of your contacts, or continue working on the older versions that came along with your previous exports.

Do this until you've completed uploading all of your contacts. Then, in addition to changing the aforementioned files, you'll additionally need to modify the source field for each contact. Go to Manage Fields > Customize Fields and change SourceID to Main Screen.

Your final step involves going to Settings > Security and Blocking Rules. Find the rule named “Blocked User” and double-click on it. Locate the last field listed there and change it from Blank to No Record Found. Confirm your changes and restart your application.



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