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Can you send cold emails from HubSpot?

Can you send cold emails from HubSpot?

When you're building a list of leads on your website with HubSpot's lead generation software, there are many ways that you can generate interest among potential customers. You could promote an event, offer special discounts, or even just give away something valuable.

But when it comes time to actually start engaging with those people who have been interested enough to follow through and sign up for more information, then things get trickier. How do you find out if they want what you've got without being creepy? And how do you make sure they don't feel like you're spamming them all day long?

HubSpot has some pretty strict rules around the types of emails you can send using their platform. These include:

You may only send one message per person in every 14 days.

You must be able to receive incoming emails at least once each month (and no less than three times).

Your messages must contain a clear call to action.

The content within your emails may never be "junk."

If these conditions apply to you, then maybe sending emails is off limits -- but does this mean you should stop trying to engage with your prospects? Not necessarily! We'll show you how to adapt your approach so you can still reach out to qualified leads while staying compliant with HubSpot's policies.

Can I send emails for free from HubSpot?

Yes. HubSpot offers several different plans depending on which features you need most. If you're looking for a simple solution where you can manage multiple campaigns across various channels, then HubSpot Basic might work best for you. This plan includes unlimited follow ups, autoresponders, A/B testing, and reporting.

While basic accounts aren't very expensive, they won't allow you to use any advanced tools such as automated drip campaigns or segmentation. If you'd rather pay for extra bells and whistles instead of having to figure everything out yourself, then check out the other options available here.

Can you send mass emails from HubSpot?

No. While HubSpot offers a few bulk mailing services to help you grow your business, you cannot create and distribute emails on behalf of others. The company also forbids you from doing anything that would violate its Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, you cannot send promotional messages to anyone outside of your own account unless the recipient opts into receiving them first by clicking a link in your message.

This means you can't simply open up another campaign in HubSpot and blast the same email to everyone on your list. Instead, you'll need to build a separate database by hand and then manually copy over the new names and addresses. There are plenty of third party solutions that will let you import lists directly into your account, though, so this isn't much of a hassle.

Can HubSpot do transactional emails?

As far as we know, HubSpot doesn't currently support transactional emails. However, if you're willing to pay for the Enterprise version of the product, then you can set up your own SMTP server and send mail via whatever provider you choose. This gives you full control over the delivery process and allows you to customize the look and feel of your emails however you see fit. It also removes any restrictions imposed by HubSpot about the kind of emails you can send.

Of course, you shouldn't expect to save money by setting up your own service. Transactional emails require a lot of customization, especially if you want to integrate tracking codes, social sharing buttons, and personalized subject lines. As a result, they tend to cost quite a bit more than standard newsletters and promotions. But if you really, really want to go the DIY route, then HubSpot's pricing page makes it easy to estimate the price tag.

Can I send emails to non marketing contacts in HubSpot?

Since HubSpot is primarily used for marketing purposes, most of the documentation and tutorials focus heavily on the needs of marketers. That said, you can certainly contact non-marketing personnel inside the system. For example, you can create a welcome email that greets visitors upon landing on your site and lets them pick between signing up for a trial or purchasing your product. Keep in mind, though, that since HubSpot requires users to provide personally identifiable data before allowing you access to their profile, you can't simply ask permission to send emails to someone else's address.

Instead, you'll need to request the user's name and email address separately after they click through to your page. Once you have both pieces of information, you can add the individual to your customer list in HubSpot and begin following up with them. Just keep in mind that you can only send a maximum of two emails to the same user per week.

In short, you'll likely end up creating a custom script to automate this whole process. Fortunately, HubSpot provides detailed instructions on how to write scripts within its Help Center. You can download the code samples to get started right now by visiting our article explaining how to write HubSpot emails.

Whether you decide to stick with HubSpot or switch to a tool that supports transactional emails, remember to always adhere to the letter of the law. Otherwise, you risk getting hit with a cease and desist order from HubSpot. Don't take us seriously until we say it again: Do NOT abuse HubSpot's systems.

Are you ready to learn more about how to craft effective emails in HubSpot? Then read on!

Why is this a problem?

If you've ever tried to create a list of leads in HubSpot using one of these methods, you'll know how hard it is to get someone interested enough in what you have to say to take action.

It's tough to imagine being able to send out cold messages when you need to keep track of all those email addresses. It's even tougher if you don't want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary doing so. If you're trying to grow your business but find yourself stuck at the start line, here's why sending cold emails is such a big pain point.

"Cold" isn't always bad. Sometimes it's exactly what you need to reach people who aren't already familiar with your brand. But sometimes, when you try to "cold call", you run into problems like these.

Not Enough Time

Time is money -- and when you make cold calls, you might end up spending too much time talking to people who won't buy anything anyway.

We live in a world where everyone wants things fast. They expect instant gratification from their favorite brands, services, and products. So as soon as they see an email address attached to your name, they may feel less inclined to engage with you.

That means you'll be wasting precious hours of your day talking to prospects who aren't really worth your attention. And if you're working full-time, then you probably have better things to do than waste time talking to

HubSpot is one of many marketing software that allows businesses to build websites, manage social media accounts, and even automate their entire workflow with automation tools like Zapier. But what about using this tool as an effective way to reach customers through cold emailing?

As someone who has worked with both HubSpot and MailChimp (as well as other popular platforms), there are some things you need to be aware of before sending your first cold email on any platform. There's also some things you need to know if you're planning to use HubSpot for these purposes. So let's take a look at why you shouldn't send cold emails via HubSpot, how you should go about doing so instead, and what other options you may want to consider when building out your own email campaign strategy.

Where do I find email templates in HubSpot?

It's important to note that while HubSpot does offer its own email templates, they aren't designed specifically for cold emails. Instead, most of them are used for more generic messages sent to existing contacts within a company. While this might work fine for some companies, others will likely prefer something tailored towards reaching new prospects. To learn more about creating your own email templates, check out our guide here.

If you'd rather just download prebuilt ones, we've got you covered too! You'll find plenty of free email templates available online, including those created by HubSpot itself. If you don't see anything suitable, you can always head over to TemplateMonster and pick up a few templates from reputable brands like Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact. You'll probably run into other sites offering similar offerings, but all you really need to worry about is finding a list of good examples you can adapt from.

Can you design emails in HubSpot?

Yes, you can certainly design emails in HubSpot. This isn't unique to HubSpot though – anyone who uses WordPress can set up a website with themes that allow you to customize nearly every aspect of the site (including the emails). However, unlike HubSpot which offers built-in email templates, almost everything else you could possibly want to change about your website would require additional plugins. And while this might sound great in theory, in practice it means having to figure out where to get said plugins and then installing them yourself...which is far from ideal.

Additionally, because each theme requires different plugins to function correctly, switching between them often results in broken functionality across the board – making it difficult to switch back and forth without a lot of hassle. The best solution is to stick with HubSpot's default email templates whenever possible. They come preloaded with all the elements you need to make sure your message gets read, plus they're easy enough to edit that you won't need much extra help beyond that.

How do I create a custom email in HubSpot?

There's a couple ways you can go about editing HubSpot's default email templates. One option is to simply copy/paste them into your website dashboard, modify them as needed, and click Send Later once you're done. Another option is to open the HTML code directly in a text editor like Notepad++, replace certain parts with your own content, save, and upload the file to your server.

This second method is usually easier than the former, although it takes slightly longer since you actually have to manually add the correct tags onto your page. With either approach, however, you should remember that any changes made to the original files may invalidate your access to them later on. Make sure you backup any such files before proceeding.

Does HubSpot have email builder?

Yes. In fact, you can view the complete list of HubSpot's email builders right now under Tools " Email Builder. Simply select the type of form you'd like to create, enter your details, and hit Publish. From there, you can preview your message and tweak it until it looks exactly how you want it to before clicking Submit & Continue. Once the form is published, you'll receive a link to share with whoever needs it. That person can then fill out the form themselves or give you feedback on what they think, and you can continue tweaking accordingly.

Once you finish designing your email, follow the same process again for publishing it. Again, this gives everyone involved full control over how you present your information, allowing you to tailor it perfectly according to their preferences. It doesn't matter if they're internal employees, potential clients, or anyone else – you can ensure that your message comes off as professional no matter who receives it.

The key takeaway here is that HubSpot is fully capable of handling a wide variety of tasks related to customer engagement. Whether you need to generate leads, track conversions, convert visitors into buyers, or even handle support inquiries, you won't have to search elsewhere unless absolutely necessary. As long as you keep your messaging consistent across all channels, you'll never have to feel lost trying to figure out how to communicate with people outside of your usual network.

However, despite all of this flexibility, HubSpot still only works with a relatively small number of apps. For example, if you're looking to integrate it with Slack or Trello, you'll need to contact the respective developers and ask them to include compatibility with it. Otherwise, you'll have to settle for integrating it with whatever app you already use. You can find a full list of integrations here.

While HubSpot's integration capabilities definitely leave room for improvement in terms of third party apps, it remains one of the best choices for marketers seeking to improve their overall business productivity. The ability to seamlessly sync multiple devices without needing to transfer data around manually makes it extremely convenient for teams working from home. Even better, the ease of customization means that users can personalize their experience to fit their specific needs. All of this adds up to a powerful system that's worth considering when determining your next piece of software.

Looking for more resources on HubSpot? Check out our handy beginner’s guide to HubSpot below.

HubSpot is an all in one marketing platform that helps businesses grow their business online with a focus on lead generation and conversion optimization. It's great if your company needs to generate leads through social media or website traffic but doesn't have much of a budget for paid advertising.

However, as we've covered before, there are some things you need to be aware of when using HubSpot for digital campaigns. For example, HubSpot has its own built-in content management system (CMS) called Inbound Manager which includes many different features to help users create landing pages, forms, blog posts, etc. That said, there are certain things you should consider before sending any type of email campaign through HubSpot.

For example, HubSpot has its own Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which states that "you will comply with applicable laws regarding spam". The AUP also says that you cannot sell products or services via HubSpot without obtaining permission first. This means that you can only send outbound emails (i.e. where you're contacting people outside of HubSpot). If this isn't something you plan on doing, you may want to reconsider using HubSpot for your team's email communications. However, even though you shouldn't try selling anything in your emails, you might still find another way around these rules by using other tools like Yesmail, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more. So let's take a look at how you can send cold emails from HubSpot.

How do I write cold emails on HubSpot?

There are two ways to send emails from HubSpot: either by creating a new email account or using your existing Gmail/G Suite accounts. We'll go over both options below, so keep reading!

Using your existing Gmail address: You can easily set up a free Google domain name within HubSpot and then link all of your external domains to it. Then, whenever someone clicks on links in your email messages they'll automatically be taken to your custom domain rather than going straight to your default inbox. All of your emails will appear under your personal Gmail account.

This method works well because everything looks just like regular Gmail messages. Your contacts won't know the difference between a normal message or one sent from HubSpot and they'll receive them exactly the same way. Plus, all of your old emails will remain saved in Gmail until you delete them manually. There are a few downsides to this approach, however. First off, all of your old emails will show up as drafts in Gmail, making it easier to accidentally delete them instead of deleting them entirely. Secondly, since most companies don't accept unsolicited emails through Gmail, you'll probably get flagged as spam. To prevent this from happening, make sure to include information about why you're reaching out in your subject line. Lastly, there's no option to schedule your emails unless you pay for additional upgrades.

Creating a new email address: One downside to using your existing Gmail addresses is that all of your old emails will disappear once you stop receiving them. Another problem is that you'll lose access to your archived folders, meaning you'll never see those old emails again. But here's what you gain: You can customize every aspect of your emails including the sender name, subject line, body text, images, and more. Also, if your recipients click on the link inside your email, they'll end up on your customized domain rather than your original mailbox. Finally, you can schedule your emails to send later in time, making it easy to avoid getting flagged as spam.

One thing to note is that while you can change the appearance of your emails after building them, the design elements such as colors, fonts, logos, etc. are locked into place. So you'll need to build your entire email from scratch each time you want to update the look and feel.

The final step to setting up your email from HubSpot is adding a unique signature to your outgoing emails. This is optional, although recommended, so make sure to add one if you haven't already. Here's what mine looked like before and after:

Can I send cold emails from HubSpot?

Yes you can - provided you follow our guidelines above. While you can technically send cold emails through HubSpot, you may run into trouble if you follow the following steps incorrectly.

First, always remember to check your AUP before trying to send any kind of email through HubSpot. Make sure you read it carefully and understand what you can and can't do. Once you've confirmed that you're allowed to send outbound emails, you can start working on your emails.

Next, you should ensure you're able to send outbound emails through SendGrid, Mandrill, Postmark, SparkPost, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, HelloBar, GetResponse, iContact, and more. These vendors allow you to connect your HubSpot account to your list of subscribers to automatically pull data from your HubSpot CRM database. They also offer affordable plans that work well for smaller teams. Just make sure to confirm with each vendor individually that they support connecting your HubSpot account before signing up.

After confirming that your preferred providers are compatible with HubSpot, you can finally begin composing your emails. Remember to include a compelling headline, call to action, and value proposition to persuade readers to act now. When writing your emails, make sure to stick to simple language and stay away from jargon as much as possible. And lastly, make sure to proofread your emails thoroughly.

Finally, make sure to test your emails before publishing them publicly. Test your emails on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet) and browsers. Check for spelling errors and typos. Make sure your calls to actions are clear and concise. Be sure to preview your emails a couple times before hitting publish so you can catch any formatting issues early on.

How do you write a cold B2B email?

If you're looking to reach out to potential customers who aren't currently signed up on your company website, you can use HubSpot's built-in B2B email builder tool. Simply log into your HubSpot account and select Content > Email Builder. From here, you can choose which industry your target audience falls into and enter their contact details. Next, select the appropriate template depending on the nature of your pitch and hit Create New Template.

Once you complete the process, you'll have access to a number of customizable fields for adding relevant information that could benefit your recipient. Take advantage of these fields to provide extra context about your product or service. Some examples include pricing, benefits, testimonials, FAQs, videos, case studies, etc.

Now that you know how to compose and send cold emails from HubSpot, you can use this knowledge to improve your chances of success. Use these tactics along with our guide on How to Build a Cold List to boost your results. Keep practicing and soon enough you'll be knocking out those cold emails in no time!



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