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How do I dedupe contacts in HubSpot?

How do I dedupe contacts in HubSpot?

If you’re a small business owner or manager with an email marketing platform like HubSpot CRM (or AWeber), then chances are that you have contact lists filled with duplicate entries from previous data imports.

In this article we'll explain how the latest update of HubSpot's native Duplicate Management feature can help you solve these issues by using artificial intelligence to identify duplicate records and automatically reconcile them into one list. We also show you how to use it to simplify your workflows so that users don't need to worry about manually reconciling duplicates anymore.

How do you fix duplicates in HubSpot?

HubSpot has had its own version of duplicate detection and management tools since 2013, but they were never great at identifying duplicate accounts across different customer service teams. When you import large sets of data, such as leads, emails, etc., there is often duplication between departments within a company. For example, if two sales reps try to add the same person as a lead in their pipeline, both will end up creating a record for that person which creates more clutter than necessary. This issue was especially prevalent when importing multiple campaigns from other platforms. In those cases, each campaign would create its own duplicate entry for the same person, leading to unnecessary confusion.

To address this problem, HubSpot introduced the Duplicate Manager product last year. The Duplicate Manager is designed to automate the identification and removal of duplicated information across all channels, including phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles, and even mobile apps. It works best when used alongside HubSpot Marketing, where marketers can easily manage and control their brand identity through personalization features. So if you want to start utilizing the Duplicate Manage tool, make sure you've updated your account settings to allow third-party integrations.

One of the biggest benefits of having a dedicated system for managing duplicate content is that it allows you to build upon the existing workflow without any disruption. If you're already sending out targeted emails to specific segments based on demographic criteria, adding duplicate management capabilities just means streamlining your processes further while saving time and money. And because it's integrated directly into HubSpot, you won't experience any major delays due to changes made elsewhere.

How do I clean up duplicates in HubSpot?

When cleaning up duplicate content, HubSpot recommends starting with the largest set first. That way, you can spend less time looking for errors and focus more on finding solutions. By default, HubSpot analyzes the most recent four weeks worth of data before presenting you with a report showing duplicate records found during that period. You can filter results by date range, channel, source, type, status, and many other parameters. Once the process completes, you can review the results and take action accordingly. Depending on what you plan to do with the cleaned data, you may choose to delete duplicates entirely, move them over to another department, or combine them together.

However, if you'd rather not wait until after a cleanup session, you can run a manual scan anytime. To do that, go to Settings " Data Import & Cleanup " Manual Scanning and check off Automatically Find Duplicates. Then select either Single User Mode or Enterprise Admin Mode according to whether you want to scan only your local machine or everyone else's machines in your organization. Afterward, click Start Scan and follow the prompts.

For larger organizations, it might be beneficial to split up duplicate scans into smaller batches instead of running single ones. Otherwise, the entire cleansing operation could take several days depending on how big the database is and how frequently you perform automated cleans.

How do I merge duplicate contacts in HubSpot?

Merging duplicate contacts is a good option when you have a lot of people working under the same name who handle various tasks throughout the day. However, it doesn't always come easy. First, you should ensure that you haven't accidentally added duplicate contacts yourself while entering some details. Next, you might consider sorting duplicates by their names so that similar variations appear next to each other. From here, simply pick the closest match and merge them together.

If possible, avoid merging too many duplicate contacts unless you know exactly why you want to do it. Even though you might think that combining identical records will speed things up, doing so can actually cause more headaches later. Some common merge mistakes include mixing up separate family members, making accidental merges with unrelated parties, and misidentifying similar individuals with varying spellings. Therefore, you should proceed with caution whenever handling duplicate matches, especially when trying to merge businesses or brands.

You can access merged contacts via Account Center " People " All Contacts. Alternatively, open the Contact Details tab on the Lead Overview page (Leads > Your Leads) and scroll down to see all combined versions of your records. Click Merge Selected People to bring up the pop-out panel. Here you can choose which version to keep, edit it, or discard it altogether.

It's important to note that HubSpot does not provide support for bulk contact editing. As such, if you ever decide to change someone's name, job title, gender, birthday, city/state info, employer, etc., you must do those edits individually. There is no way to batch edit individual fields like you can with Gmail filters.

How do I find duplicate deals on HubSpot?

Finding duplicate deals on HubSpot is pretty simple. Just navigate to Deals, sign in, and sort by Status. On top of displaying the current number of active deals, you'll notice that the column headers now contain extra bits of useful metadata, such as Campaign Source, Channel, Stage, and Revenue Level. Using this additional context makes it easier to locate duplicate offers and track trends.

Duplicate deal reports usually consist of three columns - Deal Name, Email Address, and Amount Spent. But if you prefer something simpler, you can run a search query that combines the above keywords. Simply head back to Search Results and enter the following terms: [email] OR [name] AND amount spent. Select Boolean mode and apply a Sort order, then hit Execute Query. Now you can browse through the returned results and look for potential conflicts.

While HubSpot isn't necessarily meant to replace professional software developers, it still provides plenty of flexibility for nontechnical folks to implement certain automations. Duplicate management falls squarely in that category, and HubSpot's solution saves you lots of time and effort without sacrificing quality.

Duplicate detection is a common challenge across many industries. HubSpot's new Duplicate Management Tool helps you identify duplicates within your customer base or leads list so that you can take action more quickly.

This article will explain how the HubSpot Duplicate Management Tool works and some of its features. We’ll also show you how to use it if you want to try this out yourself.

How do I duplicate my contacts?

If you are using HubSpot Cloud CRM (formerly known as GoldMine), you have probably encountered duplicate entries at one point or another. If not, it’s time to start!

You may be wondering why there would be duplicate records for the same person/entity. There could be several reasons—for instance, two different people might have entered data into HubSpot by mistake, or someone else may enter incorrect information twice because they didn't understand what was being asked.

A third reason is when multiple entities from the same company share similar names, such as John Smith and Jane Johnson. In these cases, you should check whether the other record represents the correct individual.

When you open the duplicate entry page, you'll see three columns: Name, Company, Address. The first column shows which fields were found to match. You won't need all of them unless you're looking for specific matches. For example, let's assume that a friend has registered under both his real name and nickname. He wants to change his nickname to "Deej" but hasn't changed his address. When opening up the profile with only his full name, HubSpot wouldn't recognize him since he doesn't provide a preferred nickname. However, if we search for his actual last name ("Smith"), then our system recognizes him even though he hasn't updated those fields yet.

In addition to showing matching details, HubSpot allows users to upload photos for verification purposes. This feature makes it easy for people who don't know each other personally to verify their identity through pictures.

Once you've identified any duplicate accounts, follow these steps to delete them:

Select Delete Contact.

Choose either Yes, Remove From Data Library OR No, Don't remove me.

Confirm deletion.

Can I duplicate an iPhone contact?

Unfortunately, HubSpot does not currently support importing duplicate phone numbers via iCloud. As long as Apple supports iCloud, however, you can still import duplicate emails through iCloud Mail Drop. These methods require manual processing after uploading.

To manually process duplicate email addresses:

Open on your Mac or PC. Select All People. Then select the group of people you wish to work with.

Go to File " Export vCard…

Click Import Other Calendars in Preferences.

Check Create New Events With Selected Items Only, then hit Continue.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Make sure to choose Use Current Calendar, then click Next.

Select the file location where you downloaded the exported.VCF file. Click Choose.

Wait while the files transfer over. Once finished, go back to the previous screen and ensure Create New Events With Selected Items Only is unchecked. Hit Done.

Importing duplicate contacts via iCloud Mail Drop is slightly easier than doing it manually. Follow these steps instead:

Launch Mail on macOS or Windows 10. Go to Settings & Accounts " Add Account " Email. Enter your credentials.

Find the duplicate number you wish to replace, then tap Details below it.

Tap Change next to Primary Address Book Entry.

Under Find My Phone Number, tap Replace It.

Change the new primary number.

Repeat this step until every single duplicate number in your account gets replaced with the right one.

It's possible that some of your old duplicate numbers will remain behind due to technical limitations. To make sure everything goes smoothly, double-check once again before moving forward.

How do I manage duplicate contacts on my iPhone?

With HubSpot Duplicate Manager, you can easily scan your existing database and look for duplicate contacts. Here’s how to get started:

First, launch the app on your iOS device. Slide Over mode lets you view content on top of whatever apps you already have running, meaning that you can access HubSpot without leaving anything else. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the Home Screen.

Next, scroll down and tap Scan Database. A pop-up window will appear asking you to allow HubSpot to perform certain tasks on your mobile devices. Tap Allow to continue.

After scanning, you’re ready to begin managing duplicate contacts on your iPhone. First, tap Edit next to the offending contact(s).

At the bottom of that page, select Remind Me Later. This option means you’ll receive a notification reminding you later about the issue. Keep in mind that you can always edit the reminder date if needed.

On the resulting page, tap Merge. Another popup will display letting you know that merging duplicate contacts requires effort on your part. Tap Agree and proceed with the merge.

Finally, tap Save Changes. Your changes will now reflect on your iPhone.

How do I find duplicate contacts on my iPhone?

Now that you've managed your duplicate contacts on your iPhone, here are ways to track down missing ones:

Look for potential duplicate entries inside your Contacts app.

Try searching for unknown numbers on Google Maps' Search bar.

Google Photos automatically identifies duplicate images shared among family members. Just remember that you can filter duplicates using advanced settings.

Use Siri Shortcuts to find duplicate contacts. Simply say “Show me duplicate contacts” followed by “Add [contact].”

For maximum accuracy, create custom shortcuts in Shortcuts Studio. One shortcut can help you locate duplicate contacts on various platforms, including your iPhone.

Download: Shortcut Studio ($9) | Try 30 days free trial

Is HubSpot good enough to handle my whole business?

Yes, definitely. HubSpot integrates seamlessly with most popular cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Salesforce Lightning Connect, Zoho CRM, etc., making it ideal for small businesses that rely heavily on cloud technology.

As mentioned above, HubSpot Duplicate Manager offers a variety of useful tools for finding duplicate contacts, especially when used alongside HubSpot's prebuilt templates. Additionally, HubSpot provides native integrations with hundreds of applications, allowing you to connect your data wherever necessary.

Whether you run a local or global business, HubSpot's platform is scalable to suit just about anyone. Its ease of integration and user interface make it intuitively simple to learn and operate, regardless of experience level.

While HubSpot isn't perfect, it's certainly capable of handling large amounts of data and helping your team save valuable time. And best of all, it's completely free — no hidden costs, no limits, nothing. So sign up today and give HubSpot a shot.

HubSpot’s latest update is a game-changer for our industry — it lets us efficiently manage large amounts of data with advanced AI tools that make the process seamless for everyone involved. With this release we've introduced a brand new Duplicate Management feature called Contacts Dedupe.

Contacts are one of the most critical parts of any business' contact database, so managing them correctly can be challenging at times. This feature will help users save time by automatically finding duplicates within their list in order to keep only unique records. It also allows you to delete all duplicate entries and use these as part of an email campaign or other marketing activity without needing to reenter information manually. In addition, the removal of duplicate items from your list has many benefits such as improved customer service experience and higher deliverability rates.

Let's take a look at how you can utilize this new feature on HubSpot CRM.

Why does HubSpot need to clean up my contacts?

In HubSpot, every record has multiple attributes including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company, etc., which makes things more complicated when dealing with large numbers of people. If there are too many identical records being stored, HubSpot becomes inefficient because it needs to search through each individual record to identify if they're actually duplicates. When doing this manually, it takes hours and sometimes days to complete the task, depending on the size of your database.

With millions of users across different countries using HubSpot daily, having duplicate records poses a problem not just for those who work directly with clients but even system administrators themselves. For example, let's say someone accidentally puts "Joe" in both first name fields instead of "John." The same thing happens for last names. While working on a single user account, it may happen that Joe gets listed twice under separate accounts. Having duplicate records like this leads to wasted efforts since employees have to spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong.

So why bother cleaning up duplicate records? There are several reasons why it's beneficial to clean up your contacts. Here are some common scenarios where removing duplicate contacts would be useful:

You want to send a mass mailing to multiple companies. By keeping duplicate contacts, you'll waste precious resources sending emails to people who already exist elsewhere in your database. Not only that, you could end up contacting the wrong person altogether. Removing duplicate contacts helps ensure that you don't lose valuable leads by mistake.

If you run a company with thousands of locations, you might receive calls from individuals asking about services provided by another location. You won't know whether they were confused or not until you pick up the phone and hear the voice saying, “This call cannot go through right now due to network issues. Please check back later.” That's frustrating! Cleaning up duplicate contacts removes all potential confusion by identifying anyone calling that doesn't belong in your database.

When creating a lead form, you must enter certain details. However, your client may forget to fill some fields properly. Or maybe your client forgot to type his/her address into the field, leading to repeated attempts to geolocate him/her (which requires access to their mobile device). To avoid wasting time entering incorrect addresses over and over again, clean up duplicate contacts to prevent unwanted results.

Now that we understand why it's important to get rid of duplicate contacts, let's see how to set it up.

How do I merge two contacts in HubSpot?

One way to solve the issue of duplicate hubs is to merge them together. Merging two hubs in HubSpot is easy once you follow these steps carefully:

1) Click on All My Data then select Create New Contact Group. A dialog box will pop up.

2) Type in the title of the group you wish to create. Set the status to Active. Then click Create. Your groups appear in the Groups section of your Dashboard. From here, you can rename, add members, and share your group with others easily.

3) Now, open your main screen and navigate to People > Find & Merge Contacts. Select Find Duplicate Contacts and choose the option you'd like to perform a full merge.

4) Choose either Keep Both Versions or Delete One Version. Next, review the options and confirm your choice.

5) Review the changes made and hit Submit. HubSpot merges the selected contacts in real-time and saves you tons of time.

6) Once the merge finishes, you can move onto deleting duplicate contacts in HubSpot.

But before moving forward, let's clarify something regarding merging duplicate contacts. Although hubbing duplicate contacts together ensures that no duplication exists in the future, there are situations where this method isn't ideal. Let me explain...

For instance, suppose you have three contacts named John Smith living at home. Each of them owns a different cell number. And while merging duplicate hubs eliminates duplicate contacts, the fact remains that John Smith still receives three texts per day from each of the phones he owns. Therefore, it's best to prioritize choosing between keeping duplicate hubs merged or splitting duplicate hubs apart instead of simply combining them into one.

What happens if you decide to split duplicate hubs? Simply follow these instructions below:

1) Navigate to People > Find & Split Contacts.

2) On the next page, input the criteria you wish to use to determine duplicate values.

3) Make sure to include additional filters such as State/Province, City, Country, Region, Gender, Age Range, Years At Current Organization, etc.

4) Hit Search.

5) After searching, HubSpot returns all matching contacts based upon your filter settings.

6) Double-click the desired entry to view its properties.

7) Under Actions, click Splitting Options. Check off the boxes corresponding to the preferred splitting scenario. Confirm your decision by clicking OK.

8) Finally, submit the request. HubSpot splits duplicate hubs according to your specifications.

Once everything is done, you should notice that duplicate contacts are gone forever. But wait! What if you mistakenly deleted duplicate contacts along the way? Don't worry, we got you covered. Below are few ways to restore lost duplicate contacts in HubSpot.

How do you Deduplicate contacts?

Another way to overcome duplicate hubs is to use HubAudit. HubAudit analyzes your entire contact database and determines which records are duplicated and which ones aren't. This gives you greater control over your database and enables you to effectively clean up duplicate contacts.

To begin, head over to Settings > General Configuration > Duplication Audit Policy. Enter the maximum amount of dupes allowed and enable Auditing.

Next, scroll down and locate the following menu item: People > Find & Remove Duplicate Contacts.

Here's how to use HubAudit to detect duplicate contacts:

Click Find Duplicate Contacts inside HubAudit.

Select the action you wish to apply: Keep Only 1 Record, Move Records Into Another Group, Add Label, Flag As Spam, Report Abuse, etc.

Confirm your selection and continue.

After completing a successful audit, HubAudit generates reports containing detailed statistics. These reports are located in the Reports section of your dashboard.

HubSpot provides robust features to help eliminate duplicate hubs. We believe that it's never been easier than today to clean up duplicate contacts in HubSpot. Our engineers worked tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that streamline the process for businesses worldwide. So feel free to reach out to us if you encounter any problems or questions related to this feature.



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