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How do I get rid of double spacing in email signature?

How do I get rid of double spacing in email signature?

If your company uses an electronic signature for all emails, chances are that it's set up with two lines per paragraph. In the left-hand column, everything from your name and title through your contact info should be displayed like this:

John Doe


J&R Company Incorporated

14 Main Street

Anytown USA 12345

But if your signature contains more than one line, then things can get ugly quickly. You might see signatures such as these:

Your Name

Company Address

Phone Number (555) 555-1234

Fax Number

In those cases, the company has added a second line after each item on the list so that they show up correctly when printed out together. But what happens if someone sends you an important message with a long block quote or some other text that exceeds the width of the screen but still needs to fit within the confines of a standard signature field? It looks something like this:

"Dear Mr. Smith,"

From: John Doe

Subject: Your Important Email

Date: December 12th, 2012 3:37 PM EST

To: Bob Jones

Cc: Sally Brown

Hello! This is just a quick note to let you know how excited we are about our new office space. We really appreciate having found a perfect location near both Highway X and Route Y. The view is spectacular — especially at sunset. Our receptionist said she hasn't seen anything quite like it since her last job — where was that again... oh yes, right next door to Applebee’s. Anyway, we'll stop talking now because there's work to be done. Please find attached our lease agreement. If you don't already own a copy, please fax us back at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you, and happy holidays!

Sincerely yours,

The Executive Team

P.S. Don't forget to bring your ID badge tomorrow morning. They're expecting us around 9am. Oh, and by the way, make sure your cell phone is charged. There may not be power available.

It gets worse. With today's high volume of spam and junk mail, many companies use email filters to scan incoming messages. And while most systems allow users to mark certain words or phrases as "spam", others aren't as discerning. As a result, even legitimate messages end up being marked as junk and deleted before anyone ever sees them. To prevent this problem, you may want to consider using a custom domain rather than That way, only people who recognize your company name will be able to access your inboxes.

You can also try setting up a filter in Outlook 2007 and later to automatically delete any message containing specific keywords. First, select Tools & Options from the menu bar. Next, go to Mail Setup & Rules & New Rule.... Finally, enter the appropriate criteria into the When a Message Arrives section, followed by Apply the rule to selected conversations. For example, you could create a filter to identify messages sent to employees whose titles begin with Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc. Or maybe you'd like to eliminate names that contain numbers such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg. Just keep in mind that once you've applied rules to a particular conversation, future messages sent to that address won't meet the same fate unless you reverse the process.

Unfortunately, these options won't help much when dealing with signatures specifically. However, there are ways to minimize the appearance of multiple paragraphs without actually removing them altogether. One trick is to replace empty lines between items with larger font. Another option is to group related elements together under separate headers. A final method involves deleting entire sections until you reach the desired length. Let's take a look at each of these techniques below.

Why is there a space in my signature in Outlook?

When creating an e-mail signature, the system inserts blank lines every few letters to accommodate longer blocks of text. Unfortunately, doing so creates unsightly gaps between individual sentences. By changing these default settings, however, you can reduce or completely eliminate the number of extra lines appearing throughout your signature. Here's how:

Go to File & Info Preferences and scroll down to E-Mail Format tab. Under Signature Settings check Show single leading characters instead of multiple. Also tick Use multiple leading characters. Now, whenever you type a word that requires additional lines, simply press Enter instead of hitting Return. Doing so will cause Outlook to insert the appropriate amount of blanks to fill the gap properly.

Why does my Outlook signature have spaces?

This issue often occurs when the sender sets his/her personal information directly above their company logo in the upper portion of the signature area. While technically correct, the formatting makes it difficult to read the document due to poor alignment. Fortunately, you can easily adjust this situation by adjusting the size or position of the logo itself. Simply increase or decrease either the height or horizontal offset value to move the logo further away from the rest of the text. Conversely, if the image is too far over to the left side, change its vertical offset to the opposite direction. Note that increasing the overall width of the header alone doesn't always solve the problem.

How do I get rid of spaces in my signature?

As mentioned earlier, inserting large spaces between paragraphs causes annoying white areas to appear in the middle. Thankfully, reducing the font size usually fixes this problem. Alternatively, you can manually edit the signature file (.ppsx) to accomplish the same effect. Open the.ppsx file associated with your profile, locate the Paragraph Styles section, and change the Height property for each instance of a normal space character. Since different fonts can vary greatly, it's best to experiment with smaller values to determine which works best. Once you've located the proper level, repeat the procedure for instances of tabs or special symbols that require wider margins.

Another solution is to use HTML tags to format your signature. Instead of typing numerous periods and commas, just highlight the code snippet you wish to display and add it to your Personal Profile Sheet. Select Insert " Hyperlink... From the ribbon, paste in the URL for the link, and choose Create Link to complete the action. After saving changes, this technique allows you to customize each element via a simple dropdown box. So for example, if you wanted to include links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social media site, you could assign each a unique tag.

Finally, if you would prefer to avoid editing files altogether, you can disable Word features that automatically generate additional spaces. Head to File & Options & Customize Ribbon... Click Advanced Editor. Scroll down to the Displayed commands section and uncheck AutoCorrect misspelled words to ensure no errors occur during pasting. Repeat this step for AutoFormat command shortcuts. Disable AutoText expansion mode to limit the impact of unwanted autoformatting. Finally, turn off Auto Text Wrap to prevent automatic wrapping of content exceeding the width of the window pane.

How do I fix double spacing in Gmail?

Double spacing appears when sending messages from web clients other than Google Chrome. The easiest way to resolve this problem is to install GreaseMonkey for Firefox or Userstyles for Safari. Both extensions provide users with the ability to override CSS styling and modify page layouts accordingly. Users must download and save scripts created by third parties prior to installing them, though.

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We've all received emails from someone with an odd formatting issue, such as extra spaces or double spacing that makes it difficult to read their message at times. You can't always tell when this happens because most people don't realize how annoying it is and they probably already sent out hundreds of messages without noticing something like this happening.

If your email signature has some weirdly formatted paragraphs (such as double space) then you may be wondering why these are there and what you should do about them. We'll show you below exactly how to deal with this problem so you never see double spacing again on any document ever!

Why does my email signature look double spaced?

Before we start solving problems, let's figure out where the actual problem lies. If you're receiving emails with signatures containing two lines per paragraph instead of one, then you're not alone. This seems to happen more often than you'd think since many companies use templates for their mailers rather than manually creating signatures themselves.

Most likely, if you receive emails with different signatures in each individual case, then these were created by a company using Word or another word processing program to create those signatures. These programs automatically insert additional blank paragraphs between every sentence which causes the signature to appear "double-spaced".

When sending emails in Office 365/Outlook 2016, however, only single-line space appears before sentences while multiple spaces are used after each full stop / period / question mark etc.. In other words, it looks like a normal signature except for the fact that it contains multiple spaces everywhere else but at the end of every paragraph.

This isn't really much of a problem unless you send thousands of emails every week — but even then, it might still come off as strange if you receive too many emails with double-spaced signatures. To avoid looking unprofessional, try adding a simple disclaimer at the bottom of your mailings stating that users shouldn't expect perfect grammar and spelling here.

But perhaps you want to take matters into your own hands and simply change the default settings within Outlook itself. Here's how:

How do I fix the spacing in Outlook signature?

To solve this problem, you just need to go to File & Options...& Mail Formatting. From here, scroll down until you find Paragraph Setup in the General section and select Normal Text Style. Hit OK to save changes, and voila! Your signature now uses single spacing and won't contain double-spaces anymore.

In older versions of Windows 10, you would need to go to Control Panel & Ease of Access Center & Display and choose Single Line Space under Font Size dropdown menu.

You could also try changing font size yourself through Settings app. Open Start Menu search field type control panel, right-click its result and choose Manage features installed on your computer.... Select Appearance and Personalization, switch to Window tab, expand Fonts submenu, and pick Default text style. Change font size accordingly if needed.

Unfortunately, none of these solutions work if you're receiving e-mails with mixed signatures. For example, you could set everything up properly and yet continue getting double-spaced signatures. That's because these kinds of signatures are usually generated outside of Microsoft Outlook and cannot easily be changed directly via options inside the application.

The best thing you can do here is contact whoever generates these mails and ask them to make sure to adjust their template. They may know better than us whether certain things should be separated by a double or single space, so asking them to correct the problem is definitely worth a shot.

Alternatively, maybe you don't mind having double-spacing throughout your entire signature but wish to keep the appearance similar to standard signatures. It turns out there's actually a quick way to achieve such an effect. All you have to do is add a new rule to your Outlook 2010 through Rules Wizard (File & New Rule). Name this rule whatever you want, such as Double Spaced Signature. When doing so, check Apply rule to specific recipients.

Now whenever anyone sends you an email, all instances of double spaces will be replaced with regular ones. The reason this works well is because rules in Outlook apply to everyone who receives your email no matter who originally wrote them. So effectively, you're removing the double spacing altogether.

Once finished, feel free to delete this rule once you no longer require it. Note that this method doesn't allow to customize the exact format of a given signature, but it's good enough for most cases.

Why do I have a double signature in Outlook?

Sometimes, when composing new mails in Outlook, you may notice that your signature includes a second line separating each paragraph. While this may seem pretty pointless and unnecessary at times, it sometimes serves useful purposes.

For instance, if you compose several letters to different people over time and decide to copy the same signature across all of them, including the introductory paragraph, then you wouldn't want to include a separate signoff line for each letter. Instead, you could opt to put them together into one bigger paragraph, which means your signature ends up being twice as long.

Or imagine that you write short blurbs to accompany photos, such as captions for Facebook pictures. Having a secondary line separating each item allows readers to quickly skim through and identify important details such as date and location. However, it takes away valuable real estate, making it hard to fit in additional information such as phone numbers and addresses. By combining both types of texts into one big block, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above while keeping everything readable.

As previously stated, this double spacing problem occurs mostly due to automatic insertion of empty paragraphs between sentences. Fortunately, there's a solution available to prevent this. Once again, head to File & Options...& Mail Formatting and locate Paragraph Setup option under General section. Now, under Separators dropdown menu, select No Separator. Save changes, and you're done!

How do I remove double line spacing in Outlook signature?

While the methods shown earlier are effective ways to eliminate double spacing in signatures, they aren't ideal and can potentially cause issues depending on various circumstances. For example, if you plan to distribute a mailing list to hundreds of people, then splitting the signatures into smaller blocks may become problematic later on. Or say you're working with a team and writing a manual explaining certain aspects of a project. Splitting the sections into chunks may lead to confusion among co-workers.

Thus, the easiest way to ensure that everything remains clean and organized is by merging all signatures into one large one. Doing so is easy thanks to built-in functionality found in newer Outlook editions. Simply navigate to File & Info and select Unmerge Documents. A window will pop up asking you if you want to merge all documents into one or leave them as separate entities. Choose Merge All Documents.

Next, you'll be asked to name your merged file, enter a description, and specify whether you want Outlook to preserve original styles or convert everything to new formats. Since we're interested in preserving original styling, hit Yes. Afterward, follow the wizard through and wait patiently until it finishes running. As soon as it completes, you should see a brand new combined signature composed entirely of singlespaces.

Note that if you prefer to stick with double spacing in your signature, this is possible as well. Just create a new profile called Multiple Lines Per Paragraph and turn it On. With that selected, go back to File & Info page and select Split Current Document. Enter a desired width for your newly created signature (you can play around with sizes to determine preferred dimensions), and press OK. Finally, run through the steps described above to combine everything into a singular document.

Don't forget that regardless of which approach you took to merge signatures, you can modify existing ones individually as well. Head back to the Editing Profiles screen and edit whichever profiles you'd like to modify to your liking.

Remember, though, that whatever you chose to do in terms of signatures must remain consistent and coherent otherwise it might confuse others reading your mail.

Whether it's your personal or work email, having an effective and professional-looking email signature is important. Your email signature consists of the name that appears at the end of each message sent from your account. You can also use this space as a contact form for people who want to reach out to you.

If there are multiple lines between paragraphs, then your signature looks more like two separate signatures---which means that whoever receives your emails has to scroll down twice just to read what you're sending them. But why would someone send their email with such formatting? And how can we fix it?

In order to understand the problem, let's start by taking a closer look at exactly what an email signature is. An email signature is nothing but a text file attached to every outgoing mail on your computer. It contains information about yourself, including your full name, address, phone number, company name, etc. This way, when other people receive your messages, they know where to find all relevant information regarding you.

Email clients usually allow users to customize their profile so that whenever they send emails, certain things happen automatically. For example, Gmail allows you to choose which font type and size you'd prefer, while Apple Mail lets you pick different fonts altogether. Both options give you control over everything that happens after hitting Send. However, if you have set up any customizations via email client settings, those won't be carried over into your actual email signature. Instead, you'll see some default text, followed by whatever else was added manually (e.g., photos).

The reason why most email programs don't carry these changes over is because they were designed specifically for one person. Since everyone uses their own unique combination of fonts and sizes, there's no point in making the whole thing consistent across devices. In fact, consistency isn't really something you should strive for anyway. The best approach here is customization instead of uniformity.

With that being said, you may still want to take some extra steps to make sure your signature doesn't contain any unwanted extra spaces. If you've already taken care of all the basics, below are the reasons why your signature might appear double spaced and some solutions to help resolve this issue.

Why does my Outlook signature look double spaced?

There could be several possible causes behind the double spacing. One of them is simply not using enough white space around your text. Another possibility is that you accidentally changed the style of your signature during setup. Here are some ways to check whether this is true.

Go to File " Options " Trust Center " General Settings " Signature Styles tab in Windows 10. Alternatively, press Alt + F9.

This screen shows all available styles under the Signatures heading. Double-space is represented by a red line separating both sentences. To disable it, select No Line Separator. Once done, hit OK at the bottom right corner of the window.

Another option here is to go through the list of existing styles and try turning on Single Space instead. When finished, head back to the previous page to save new settings. Finally, ensure that Save Changes button is selected before clicking Apply at the top left.

If you decide to keep the double spacing enabled, press Reset All Button located next to the box labeled Style Name.

Next, test your signature once again. Hopefully, the double spacing won't come back. Otherwise, you may consider contacting support directly for further assistance.

How do I turn off double spacing in email?

As mentioned earlier, one solution to fixing the double spacing problem is disabling automatic line breaks within your email signature. Unfortunately, this only works well if your email program supports manual line separators. As far as Outlook goes, it currently doesn't. Luckily, there's another workaround that can solve this particular issue without much hassle.

Instead of going through many menus, let's focus on editing your current signature template itself. Head over to Control Panel " Fonts & Sounds " Appearance Tab. From here, locate the dropdown menu named Use Line Breaks and select Off. Click Ok afterwards.

Alternatively, you can edit the same setting by opening the following location: C:\Users\[your user ID]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signature [Broken Link Removed]. Within the folder called DefaultSettings, change the value of TextBreakBetweenParagraphs field to 0.

Afterwards, restart your PC and retest your signature. Hopefully, the double spacing shouldn't show up anymore.

Why is my email double spacing?

If none of above fixes worked for you, chances are that either:

Your email provider removed the ability to add line break symbols within your signature. This probably happened due to security concerns since anyone with access to your server can now view sensitive data. Fortunately, you can still create a manual line break using Ctrl+Shift+Return keys. Just place your cursor somewhere inside the paragraph and hit Enter. This method should work fine even if you didn't manage to enable/disable line breaks within your email signature.

You're receiving email newsletters from services known to spam frequently. These annoying emails often include links leading to yet another website you absolutely hate visiting. This forces your browser to load additional content which results in unnecessary scrolling. Thankfully, there's quite easy way to avoid getting caught up in such situations.

Simply follow these instructions:

Open your newsletter inbox. Scroll down until you spot an item titled Unsubscribe. Select More Actions and choose Delete Message.

To confirm, select Yes, delete all copies of this message found within your mailbox.

That's it! Don't worry, the unsubscription process might take a few days to complete depending on the frequency of updates.

How do I change email to single spacing?

Since there aren't too many straightforward methods to achieve our goal, we decided to resort to advanced techniques. First, let's talk about finding out whether this feature exists at all. Surprisingly, it turns out that changing the format of your entire email signature is actually very simple.

Here's how to adjust your signature as needed:

Head over to Customize Ribbon " Modify Quick Parts Menu " Edit Header / Footer. On the resulting window, drag Email Signature icon to the upper part of the ribbon bar. Right-click its title and select Rename. Change the label to Personalized Signature and finally click Done.

Now, switch back to your main desktop screen. Go ahead and repeat step 3 except replace Personalized Signature with Original Signature. Afterward, rename the remaining icons as per usual.

Finally, verify if everything went according to plan by looking at your email signature. Hopefully, it should look similar to the original version.

However, if you face difficulties along the way, feel free to ask for help from IT department. They should be able to assist you with troubleshooting issues related to email delivery problems.

A special thanks to Samy Kamkar (@samyk) for his contributions to this article.



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