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How do I Hyperlink a contact?

How do I Hyperlink a contact?

With the emergence of mobile apps and messaging services, many people are using their phones more than ever before. If you're running an online business, having up-to-date information about customers is essential. But if they can't reach out directly, this makes building relationships difficult.

When someone calls your company, you want them to be able to connect quickly to a real human being who knows what they need — not just some automated system that will ask them to leave a message. The best way to handle customer service questions is by linking a caller's number to one of your employees' numbers so they can call them back personally. Here's how to set up hyperlinks between contacts on iOS devices.

The easiest way to add a hyperlinked number to your own contact page is through Google Contacts. Open any contact card (the name at the top) and tap "Edit" next to the number field. Then select Linked Number. You'll see options for sending the number via text, email, SMS, Twitter and LinkedIn. Selecting Email gives you additional instructions on where to send the email, which includes filling out fields like Name, Phone, Message and Subject. Tap Send when done.

If you don't have access to Google Contacts, there are other ways to create links within your Contact app. On iPhones, open any contact card and go into Settings & Add Person. Scroll down until you find the option labeled Linked Numbers. Choose whether you'd rather receive linked numbers instead of sending them. Once saved, your new number should appear under Other People. This works exactly the same process on Android.

You may also see a prompt asking if you want to enable automatic sharing of linked numbers. This feature allows anyone looking at your Contact info to view all the linked numbers associated with your account. While convenient, this is probably something you would only turn on after setting up several accounts. It’s worth checking the box first, but otherwise uncheck the box to keep things private.

On both iOS and Android, you can share a single number across multiple profiles by enabling Sharing Your Profile and choosing Linked Numbers. When you sign up for Apple Music or Spotify Premium, a similar dialog box appears asking if you’d prefer to automatically share your existing phone number over those streaming platforms. Again, check Yes then choose Linked Numbers. From now on, whenever you log onto these music providers, your profile picture contains the list of shared numbers along with direct links to each individual user's contact cards. In addition to making finding a specific employee easier, this could help streamline your workday.

Once you've made changes, you'll likely need to update your phone settings once again to reflect the change to your main account. Go to Settings & General Management & Reset Location & Privacy Restrictions. Make sure AutoLink New SIMs is checked off.

While adding a second phone number to your Contact info page is simple enough, the ability to link two different numbers together is slightly trickier. The most straightforward method involves creating a brand new contact entry specifically for linking numbers. To do this, follow steps 1 - 3 above to enter your primary phone number. Now scroll down to the bottom of your screen and tap “+Add Field." Enter a unique ID, such as #2, then pick Text Field. Type in the desired second phone number here. Repeat this step for every extra phone number you wish to include. For example, you might opt to have separate entries for personal vs. professional numbers.

To link one of these newly created fields to a particular contact, simply look at the right side of your screen. Below the Edit button, you’ll see a small green icon. Clicking this opens up options to Link With Another Record. Pick either One to link to a single record, or Many to allow selection of more than one. Finally, type in the contact whose details you’re trying to link and hit Done. That’s it! Your secondary number should now show up alongside your primary number without requiring any further input.

Another way to add a second line to your Contact info is by tapping More Options while editing your current entry. Just below the edit buttons you’ll see a pencil icon. Hit this and you’ll have the opportunity to duplicate your entire Contact page by tapping Duplicate Current Entry. After doing this, you can adjust the layout however you’d like. Simply add a new row beneath whatever was already there, and start entering your new numbers like normal.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t take advantage of this method even if you had previously deleted your original Contact entry entirely. All you’d have to do is reenter your old data manually. However, we recommend creating a new entry to avoid losing important notes and reminders regarding your linked lines.

In case you’ve accidentally added too much content to your Contact page, you can always delete everything you entered and recreate your Contact page from scratch. To do this, head to Menu Bar & Library & Preferences & Info Lanes. Under Data Management, disable Show Page Content. This disables the little preview pane that shows up when viewing a single item. Next, press Delete Entries and confirm. Afterwards, you can rebuild your entire page from scratch.

Lastly, if none of the methods described above work for you, try updating your device software to ensure newer versions aren't blocking your attempts.

Can a person use my phone number from someone else's phone?

No matter how many numbers you assign to yourself, you cannot force others to use certain ones. They must still be allowed to call whichever number they’d like. If you’d like to give someone permission to speak with you via your assigned number, you’ll need to invite them. Head to Menu Bar & Invite Friends/Family. Enter their email address and password, then tap Share My Number. This lets you grant them limited permissions within your Contact management.

Alternatively, you can let them use your number without granting them full control. Do so by selecting Share Account Details & Allow Others to Call Me Without Permission. As long as your friend has been granted access to your account, he or she can dial your number regardless of its restrictions. A note of caution though: if you lose access to your Apple account, anyone holding the credentials can use your number.

Apple offers built-in functionality to link numbers in Safari tabs. Simply visit a web page containing a phone number and copy the URL. Then paste it into Safari's search bar. Assuming the proper formatting is present, Safari will pull up the correct result for the copied string. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work on every site. So far, we've found it useful for websites like Yelp and Amazon.

Since Safari won’t auto-fill the rest of the form, you’ll need to fill out some fields manually. First, replace dashes (-) with underscores (_). Second, remove parentheses and spaces around operators. Third, replace colons (:) with hyphens (…). Fourth, switch commas (,) to periods (.?). And finally, replace question marks ("?) with exclamation points (![]").

This isn’t ideal since you can’t customize the format. However, it does provide flexibility for sites that require special characters or symbols.

Hyperlinking is the process of linking words, phrases and images from one location to another on a web page (or document). In HTML terms, hyperlinks are used primarily to create links between documents so that people can navigate easily through large amounts of information without having to read each entry individually. This article will show you how to use hyperlinks within Outlook Email messages and also discuss using Contact Links.  Let's begin!

In this example we'll be working with Outlook 2010 but these same instructions should work with 2007-2010 versions of Microsoft Office too.

Adding a link to a phone number requires two things - firstly, that you have set up the receiving party's telephone number correctly within their profile settings in Exchange Server, secondly, that you know what number they actually want to receive calls at. If you don't already have access to such details then ask them if you can forward any incoming mail to them asking them which number they'd like to answer with.

If you're adding the phone number manually then follow these steps :

Find the person's name who you wish to hyperlink by opening the Contacts folder where all contacts reside. Select the desired individual and double click their name. A new window will appear displaying various properties about the selected contact including their home address, company name, job title etc. To change the destination URL of your message select "Link" and type in the intended target URL.

Once you've done this, hit OK and close out of the Link Properties window. The next step is important because you need to open up the Address book application before placing the call. Do not place your outgoing voice mail on hold while doing this however. Once you've opened Address Book, locate the contact you just added under People " Phone Numbers. You may find that there are several entries listed here depending upon how many phones were assigned to different extensions during setup. Double click the appropriate record and edit the Phone field. Change the area code to +1 followed by whatever country prefixes apply to the region where the user resides. For instance, US residents would input 1+countrycode_US. Click Save when you are finished.

The final thing to take care of before sending your message is ensuring that you've enabled Caller ID Blocking on both ends. Find the options button in your Exchange System Manager and ensure that Caller Id Profiles has been turned On. Make sure the correct profiles are selected otherwise you will encounter problems further down the line. Now go ahead and send your email off to the recipient. When they view the message it should look something similar to this :

Hello John Doe, thank you for calling me today. Just wanted to let you know that my office hours start at 5pm EST only so please leave a message after 4pm. Thank you for contacting us, we appreciate you calling us right now. We hope we won't hear from you again soon. Have a good day!

Now imagine yourself sitting at your desk trying to sort out some emails and suddenly you notice this little snippet stuck in amongst everything else...

Call Me Please []

You don't even have to bother reading past the greeting, does it ring a bell? That's right, this simple addition could increase conversions dramatically simply by creating a sense of urgency around getting back to somebody. Obviously you're going to need to tailor the wording to suit your own business requirements specifically but once you're able to see exactly why this works, you'll understand why everyone uses it nowadays. It doesn't stop there though, the following methods allow you to incorporate hyperlinks into your email subject lines too.

How do you write a phone number as a link?

First things first, it's best practice to avoid formatting your URLs directly inside an email body. Although this method might seem quick and convenient, inserting hyperlinks in plaintext makes your recipients' eyes strain and gives poor results. Try writing the full URL instead. Here's an example below :

Dear Joe Smith,

Thank you for reaching out earlier this week regarding our proposal. As discussed, attached please find the scanned signature pages for your review. Also included is a scan of the original contract signed last year along with copies of other pertinent papers relating to the project.

Kind Regards,

[firstname], Supervisor

Just replace 'Joe' Smith above with whoever the sender wishes to reference later on. Notice how the format matches that of the previous examples given previously? Good. Now copy over the rest of the content from the original letter template and paste it into the newly created section in Word. Then save the file. Next, head on over to File " Send Mail and choose whether to send via IMAP or SMTP. Input your domain info and specify the path of the saved.docx file. Hit Submit and wait patiently until your email hits the server. Depending upon the size of your organization, this process could take anywhere from 15 minutes up to half an hour. Once complete, test the result by clicking on View Messages / Sent Items. Look towards the bottom left corner of the screen and try navigating to the location shown in your browser. Success!

Yes, absolutely! All you need to do is perform essentially the same procedure outlined above except for Step 3. Instead of saving the modified docx file locally, you need to upload it straight onto the internet rather than downloading it. By uploading it online, you bypass the need to transfer it across the network to the local machine every time you want to preview the changes.

Here's an example :

Dear Bob Jones,

Thank you for reaching out earlier this week regarding our proposal. As discussed, attached please find the scanned signature pages for your review. Also included is a scan of the original contract signed last year along with copies of other pertinent papers relating to the project.

Kind Regards,

[firstname], Supervisor

Click Edit Document and switch to the Review tab. Switching to the Preview Pane allows you to modify the document whilst retaining its contents intact. Remember to include those pesky signatures at the end of the letter as well. Once satisfied, hit the Publish buttons located at either side of the screen. Take note of the unique tracking code generated by outlook. Simply visit http://yourwebsite/trackid and enter the code displayed in order to track delivery success rates. Congratulations, your hardwork paid off!

This technique takes advantage of the fact that most modern browsers automatically recognize and render hyperlinks. Therefore, unlike with the phone number approach, the text itself looks normal and readable. First, obtain the necessary fields needed from the client concerned. In this case, we're referring to Outlook. Go to Tools " Options " Trust Center and scroll down to Internet Security Settings. Enable Content Control Block List and check Compatible With Web Standards box. Now, return to the main inbox and locate the message containing the text you intend to hyperlink. Copy and paste the relevant piece of text into Notepad or TextEdit. Head to File " Open " Browse and browse to the directory where you stored the converted text file. Paste it into the editor window and save the resulting file. Finally, head to File " Info, switch to Advanced Features and enable Print command dialogs. Choose Yes when asked if you would like to attach the converted text file to your reply. Test the results by forwarding the original message. Does the converted text appear embedded alongside the image? Excellent!

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, small-business owner, sales rep, etc., then one of the most important things that can help grow and develop your brand is having good communication channels with potential customers. And if you want people to feel like they've found exactly what they need when they search online, make sure there's a way for them to easily reach out to you via email, social media, text message, telephone, Skype chat -- whatever works best for their needs at any given time. In other words, don't limit yourself -- be creative!

An essential part of developing effective marketing strategies is being able to provide links to specific pages within your site so visitors can find more information about products and services. This also allows those same visitors to send emails directly from your site without needing to copy/paste or type in long URLs. You'll have no problem letting others know where to find you by using hyperlinks.

The following guide will walk you through creating hyperlinked contacts on websites, but keep in mind that this process applies equally well (if not better) to Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics files, PDFs and pretty much anything else that has some sort of "hyperlink." That said... let's dive right into the first step!

It all starts with choosing which page you'd like to use as the destination for your hyperlink. For example, if you own a pet store, and you want to create a hyperlink to your FAQ section, rather than just putting something generic such as <a href="">"Frequently Asked Questions", think about whether you would actually like to see the customer service department pop up instead of simply landing on another web page. If yes, then go ahead and select "FAQ" under Pages. Otherwise, choose "Homepage," "About Us," or some other relevant option. It really depends upon what kind of content you want to present to your audience.

Now we're going to begin adding our actual link within quotes. To open up the space for your URL, you must put two forward slashes ("//") before every single character between quotation marks. Do this even once and you'll end up with a syntax error. Don't worry though because this isn't bad news. Simply delete everything inside of these double backslash tags and replace it with your desired address. The only thing that should remain are the dashes at both ends of each word. Once again, please note that you'll need to do this twice per line.  You may notice that after copying over your entire hyperlink, some characters appear blue while others are red. Don't worry, it's normal. Just highlight that entire block of text and press Ctrl+C to copy it to your clipboard. Then paste it somewhere safe and edit away!

Once you finish editing, all that remains is to save your file locally onto your computer. From here, you can upload it live straight onto your website, however you prefer. Or alternatively, you could download it and print it off as a document. There are many different ways to share and distribute hyperlinks, so take advantage of whichever method fits your style best.

After completing Step 1 above, follow these steps to insert a hyperlink into a contact form field:

1.) Go to File - Open Document menu item.

2.) Find and select your preferred template. Your options include Basic Contact Form, Simple Contact Form, Business Card Contact Form and Professional Resume Contact Form. Click on Advanced Settings.

3.) On the resulting window, locate the input tag for the name attribute. Input your new hyperlink wherever it says <input name="url". Make sure that you place a capital letter before every word in order for it to work properly.

4.) Hit OK and close the screen. Save your changes. Upload your newly created hyperlink to your website.

5.) When uploading to your server, remember that anyone who views your webpage will immediately see the change made. Therefore, always test your forms prior to deployment.

In addition to making hyperlinks easier to navigate, you can also use these methods to add images to your contacts. By doing so, the recipient doesn't necessarily have to leave your site to view an image associated with your contact. Instead, the person receiving your email sees the photo attached to the text below.

Let's say you run an e-commerce shop selling clothes, accessories, jewelry, electronics, home goods, office supplies, books, DVDs, CDs, car parts, toys and almost anything else imaginable. With hyperlinks, you can attach photos of items to each individual product listing. Now imagine how cool it would be if whenever a visitor clicks on that particular thumbnail, they receive a free ringtone of your choice. Sounds great, right? Well, it's totally feasible to accomplish thanks to special technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

As its name implies, VoIP uses voice data transmitted across the internet rather than relying solely on traditional landline telephones. Basically, VoIP enables you to connect calls between phones, computers, tablets, laptops, game consoles, digital assistants and smart TVs. So if you want to give your viewers the ability to dial in from anywhere in the world, you can set up a virtual number (also known as a vanity number), which essentially turns your device into a regular payphone.

To learn more about setting up a VoIP system, check out our article detailing how to setup a VoIP calling plan for your company. However, since we aren't covering this topic today, we'll assume that you already have a working VoIP provider installed and ready to roll.

So now we are going to show you how to embed an audio clip within the body of your email. First, log into your account at and grab your API key. Next, visit the Create A New Service Page, select Web Services, and hit Continue. Under Resources, tap Enable Phone Calling. Scroll down until you come across Audio Sms Messaging. Here, fill in your Account Sid and Auth Token values. Finally, scroll down again until you find the + Add Another Resource button. Select Embed Video & Audio and enter the Client Id and Secret from your Twilio Dashboard.

When finished, head over to your favorite programming language and write a script that utilizes the Twilio REST API. Afterward, paste the source code into a.js file and load it into your browser. Once loaded, all you need to do now is modify the variables within your script to match your preferences. Feel free to tweak the dimensions, play around with colors and fonts, adjust volume levels and transparency, alter pitch and speed, etc. But wait, there's more!

This next step is optional, but highly recommended if you intend to incorporate multiple videos as attachments. All that you need to do is install Node Package Manager globally on your PC. Once done, open Terminal and issue the command npm i twitvid.

Next, restart your browser and visit your website. At the top left corner, look for the video player controls. Within the Player Options dropdown menu, select Play Sound Clip. Choose a sound effect from your library, or import one from your hard drive. Notice that unlike regular embedded YouTube videos, the sound clips linked to via VoIP will continue playing indefinitely unless terminated manually.

Finally, all that's left to do is integrate Twilio's phone number linking feature with your custom design and voila! Users can now send messages, listen to voicemail greetings, access quick answers, schedule meetings, record greeting messages, etc. Best of all, they won't even have to leave your website to initiate a call.

By combining hyperlinks with VoIP technology, you can offer businesses and individuals alike an interactive experience that makes it simple to communicate with ease.

How do you code a phone number in HTML?

Want to add a phone number to your website? No problem. As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is duplicate the code used to generate hyperlinks and modify it to suit your purposes. Since the instructions were written specifically for this tutorial, we won't spend too much additional time explaining the nuances involved. Suffice it to say, you'll probably just want to start tweaking the lines containing the clientId value.

For instance, if you want to add a clickable phone number to your homepage, simply find the input element with id = 'client' and remove the existing contents. Afterwards, update the placeholder value with your unique identifier. Upon saving, you'll likely encounter errors due to missing closing brackets. Just ignore that. Afterwards, reload your updated file to ensure changes took affect. Repeat this process until all necessary edits are complete.

That's it! Keep in mind that although this guide was designed primarily for Wordpress sites, it should work flawlessly regardless of platform.



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