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How do you use RocketReach extension?

How do you use RocketReach extension?

RocketReach is a social media marketing service that connects with your existing social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to help grow traffic to your site or page by sharing posts from those networks. It can also be used as a way of driving more targeted leads to your business website through Facebook ads.

If you're interested in learning how to set up the RocketReach trigger, read on! In this article we'll show you exactly what steps are needed to integrate the two services together using their respective extensions. We'll then explain how to configure the settings properly so they work just right for you.

Note: This tutorial was written based on version 2.2.6 of the RocketReach extension. As new versions become available, it may not reflect all changes made since launch. We recommend checking out our updated guide here.

Why does RocketReach have my info?

The reason why RocketReach has access to your personal data is because you gave them permission when you signed up for an account. By default, RocketReach will only share content with people who follow you on any network where you've given that permission. When you sign into RocketReach, it sends over your email address and other details like name and location along with which networks you have connected to RocketReach. If you don't want RocketReach to send these details every time you log in, go to Settings " Privacy & Security " Allow Third-Party Signins and uncheck the box next to Email Address / Profile Information.

This setting allows third parties to sign in without sending your private contact information. You should still check your privacy policy before signing up for RocketReach if you aren't comfortable with giving away your personal information.

How do I edit my profile on RocketReach?

After logging in, click on Account at the top left corner of the screen and select Edit Personal Info. Here you can review your public profiles across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. These pages allow anyone to see your full names, pictures, locations, emails, phone numbers etc., but only you can change the privacy settings. To update your public profile, simply tick the appropriate boxes under each platform where you'd like to appear publicly.

Once complete, hit Save Changes button at the bottom center of the page. Now whenever someone searches for you on one of those networks, RocketReach will display your public profile instead of your company profile.

How did my information get on RocketReach?

When you first created your RocketReach account, you were asked whether you wanted to link your social accounts. Clicking Yes will let RocketReach know about all your social networking connections, including Facebook, Twitter and others. However, this doesn’t mean that RocketReach knows everything about you beyond your basic information – for example, if you haven’t added anything yet, there won’t be much to post.

To add something to your profile, you need to create a piece of content. Once done, publish it on whichever sites you choose by clicking Publish Content below the title. That’s all there is to it – once published, it goes live on all your social networks.

However, if you want to keep things clean, you can always delete old content from your social media profiles. Just scroll down until you find the option to Delete Content. The same applies to deleting your entire profile altogether. Simply navigate back to the main menu above the search bar and select Remove Your Profile. 

It’s important to note that even though you deleted your profile, RocketReach keeps track of your activity on its end. For instance, if you removed yourself from a particular network, RocketReach might still show your activities on that network. So if you ever decide to rejoin the network again, RocketReach would give you another chance to promote your brand.

Is RocketReach ethical?

Since most businesses prefer to remain anonymous online, the question of ethics may arise while considering options to market themselves via social networks. While RocketReach might seem unethical to some, it actually helps businesses build stronger community ties on social media. Since users interact with brands personally rather than solely relying on product reviews, positive word-of-mouth is far more effective. And since many customers visit websites directly after following companies on social networks, having your own presence on multiple channels offers better chances of getting noticed. Plus, your brand gets exposure for years to come, unlike paid advertising campaigns.

As mentioned earlier, RocketReach provides several ways to boost visibility. One popular method involves creating posts that are shared widely among friends and followers, resulting in amplified awareness of your brand. Also, there are several automated features built into the system that can generate buzz around your products or services.

For example, you could schedule a series of tweets and/or Instagram photos that are posted automatically at specific times during the day. Or you could write articles that are scheduled for publication on major news outlets. All of these actions take place behind the scenes, leaving no trace of human intervention.

You can also customize the number of shares per post depending upon your needs. There are three levels of distribution: Low, Medium and High. With Low, your post will be shared within 1,500 connections. With Medium, it reaches 5,000 connections. Finally with High, your post becomes visible to millions of fans.

While there are certainly pros and cons to using RocketReach, it is a great tool for small businesses looking to expand their customer base by reaching a wider audience. After testing the waters, many entrepreneurs report seeing significant growth in sales and profits due to increased engagement on social media.

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RocketReach Extension for Firefox - How to Install | Download

1. Install the RocketReach Trigger

To set this up for the first time, head over to Click “Add New Zaps” at the top right corner.

When you click Add New Zaps, select “Trigger” under "Zap Type" and choose the option to add a new "trigger". You will see different triggers available here based upon what type of web app or software you are using. For example, there is an option called "Automation", which allows you to create automated tasks within certain apps like Slack, Salesforce, etc., but not all of them have these options. If you want to automate something related to RocketReach, then go ahead and pick one of the other triggers listed below, but if not, continue with step 2.

On the next screen, name your trigger whatever you want and enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications from RocketReach. Then click Next. On the final screen, hit Save Changes.

You should now see the newly created RocketReach trigger appear at the bottom left-hand side of your main dashboard. This trigger will allow you to start automating actions whenever you post on any social network.

Step 1: Choose Your Social Network(s)

Select the social network(s) where you'd like to share content from.

Click Post to send your message to everyone who is following you on that particular platform.

Step 2: Select The Content That Will Be Shared

In order to find out what kind of content you're going to share, hover your mouse cursor over the Trigger

If you're using one of these services, you'll be familiar with RocketReach - they are an online business directory that lists thousands of businesses around your area. Their main feature lets you set up triggers (like when someone clicks a certain link or sends a message) so that whenever something happens, you receive an alert via push notification or email. They also have their own website where you can browse through listings, but we're mostly here because of another feature called "lookups."

RocketReach has this handy tool which will look up any information about anyone on the site who matches your criteria. For example, if you want to see the contact details for all of the restaurant owners in town, you could enter their name into the field above and click Search Lookup. This will give you back every single person listed on RocketReach with their address, hours of operation, etc., as well as their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. It's great for getting more info before meeting people at events like parties or networking meetings.

So how exactly do you use RocketReach's lookup tool? And what other cool things are there that you should know about? Let's take a closer look...

How do you search on RocketReach?

To get started, head over to and sign up for an account. You don't need to create anything special to start searching - just follow the directions below.

Once signed in, simply type in whatever criteria you'd like to use for your searches. If you want to find restaurants nearby, enter Restaurant Name followed by Location. Or maybe you want to find someone named Bob Smith who lives near you? Enter Bob Smith and City. Then hit the big green button labelled Find Lookups (or similar). Now press Search.

You will then be taken to a page that looks slightly different depending on whether you're looking for an individual or a company. Individual results appear first, while companies require you to fill out an additional form before being able to view them.

The list of available fields is pretty extensive, including everything you might expect such as First & Last Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website URL, Social Media Profiles, Business Type, Industry, Category, Reviews, Photos, Hours of Operation, Directions, Special Offers/Promotions, Addresses, Categories, Locations, People Nearby, Events Nearby, and much more! But you may notice some options that aren't currently populated yet. Clicking Browse All Other Fields will allow you to add new ones at no charge.

For instance, let's say you wanted to track down someone who was born in 1989 and lived in New York State. What would you put in the Birth Year field? Well, since you're not going to ask someone's age directly, why not go ahead and pull it off of their driver license instead? In fact, many states now issue birth certificates with drivers licenses embedded inside of them, making it super convenient to pull this data straight from the source. So, if you were interested in finding someone living within 100 miles of you whose birthday falls between January 1st and December 31st, put in 1989 and select Driver License Field under Birth Date. Boom, done.

As soon as you've filled out your criteria, you'll be presented with a bunch of results that match your query. Hover over each result until you see Details next to the icon. The section labeled Contact Info provides all of the same information that you saw earlier on the Lookups screen - however, it includes links to those people's websites and social media accounts, allowing you to learn even more about the person without leaving RocketReach.

Finally, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you'll come across a few buttons that lead you to the most important part of this entire process: the settings menu. Here, you can change the sort order of your search results, delete entries, and export your saved queries to CSV files. There are plenty of other features that you can play around with too, but our focus today is on setting up triggers. We'll talk about triggers later on in this article.

How do you use RocketReach?

Now that you know how to search on RocketReach, you probably wonder -- what can you actually DO once you've found a potential prospect? That's where the real fun begins.

Let's say you found a business owner named John Doe who owns a pizza shop located close to your house. How will you communicate with him? As you likely already know, John doesn't have his own dedicated email address. Instead, he uses Gmail, meaning that you won't be able to send him messages unless you have access to his inbox. Luckily, RocketReach allows you to create custom emails that contain pre-written content to save time. These emails are sent directly to the recipient's inbox, ready for action.

This isn't necessarily the only method you can use to communicate with John, though. He might also have a mobile app installed on his smartphone, and you can always leave a voicemail message there. However, sending a text message from your cell phone or computer can sometimes be tricky, especially if you live in a rural location far away from Wi-Fi hotspots. Fortunately, RocketReach offers a nifty trick whereby you can send texts from anywhere on earth thanks to its SMS integration. Just open the Messages tab, choose Text Message Settings, and enable Send SMS From Anywhere. Next, paste in the numbers you'd like to call, and voila! Your chosen person will receive your message right away.

But wait, there's still more! Since John's business is selling pizzas, wouldn't it be nice if you had the ability to place orders right from RocketReach? Not only that, but you could also schedule delivery times and pick up dates, so you never miss out again. To accomplish both of these tasks, check off Delivery Services on the left side of the screen. On the resulting screen, you'll see a dropdown arrow that says Schedule Order. Select it, and you'll be given multiple options to customize your order. Once you're satisfied, hit Save.

Next, head over to Deliveries. You'll see a calendar showing John's upcoming days of availability along with a box that you can drag and drop onto your desired date. Drag this box to wherever you wish to deliver your food. At anytime during the day, hover over the red box and click the pencil icon to edit the time range. Finally, click Submit Orders to confirm your changes.

That's it! Now you know how to use RocketReach to find local businesses and customers alike. Whether you're trying to meet someone new or figure out how to sell your wares, RocketReach is definitely worth checking out.

What is a lookup in RocketReach?

A lookup is essentially a reverse Google search that pulls up information on anyone you specify. While the term "Lookup" sounds kind of ominous ("Hey, you want to know who the guy working behind the counter at Whole Foods Market is?"), this service makes it incredibly simple to research any topic imaginable.

When you perform a lookup on RocketReach, you'll see a table listing everyone who matched your criteria. Each entry contains basic info, like full names, ages, addresses, photos, and social media profiles. But perhaps even cooler than that is the ability to read reviews written by current clients.

These customer testimonials are invaluable resources that provide insight into the quality of work performed by the specific business. Review scores help you decide whether you feel comfortable hiring the business in question, while comments from previous clients offer advice on ways to improve future interactions.

In addition to reviews, you can also see ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Yelp!, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, MerchantCircle, and others. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the business has been vetted by third party sources prior to purchasing their products or services.

And speaking of buying stuff, did you know that RocketReach also sells merchandise alongside business listings? It's true! While browsing through listings, you can easily buy gift cards, apparel, accessories, promotional items, and more. Plus, if you purchase a product after clicking through, you'll earn points towards discounts.

How can I find a phone number from an email?

One last tip regarding RocketReach - sometimes you'll run across a business that requires you to call them rather than visit in person. Thankfully, you can use the Phone Numbers option to quickly locate the correct number. Simply input the person's email address and hit Search. A pop-up window will show you all possible phone numbers associated with that particular email address.

Select the number you wish to call, and RocketReach will walk you through placing your call. Afterward, you'll be redirected to the appropriate webpage where you can review the experience. This can really come in handy if the person you're calling needs to hear your voice to verify your identity.

RocketReach is a service that connects your social media accounts with other services like email or messaging apps. It’s similar to how Google Now works, but better because all of this happens without having to open an app on your phone. 

The process works by using a browser extension called RocketReach (available as both Chrome and Firefox extensions) which will send notifications from any website that has connected its account to RocketReach when certain actions are taken. The best part about this is it doesn't even require signing into your own account — just visiting sites where they have added their integration.

I've been testing out RocketReach since December 2018 and I can say that there isn't another tool available that quite compares to what RocketReach offers. If you're interested in learning more about why I think so, keep reading! Otherwise, here's everything you need to know about setting up RocketReach in your web browsers.

If you don't want to read through the rest of this article, scroll down until you see "Try it now" at the bottom. Clicking that button takes you directly to the page where you'll find instructions on installing the RocketReach Chrome extension. You can also install the FireFox version instead if you prefer. Both work exactly the same way.

Why is my information on RocketReach?

When you sign up for RocketReach, you get access to a variety of data sources including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Foursquare, and many others. This means that you can receive emails from these platforms whenever someone updates their status or mentions you within one of those networks.  In addition, you can set up triggers based off of keywords found throughout each site so you only receive notifications when something important happens. For example, if you're subscribed to Instagram Stories, then you might be notified every time anyone posts a picture containing #trees in it.  Or maybe you want to hear every time anyone comments on a specific post. Setting up alerts like this makes it possible to follow people who share interests and activities that interest you.  

This type of feature could really help you stay organized, especially if you're trying to manage multiple social profiles. In fact, there are already several tools designed specifically to help users track different types of activity across various social channels. However, none of them offer anything close to what RocketReach provides. That being said, some may argue that it's not worth paying $20 per month for such a basic tool. But for me personally, I feel like the value far outweighs the cost.

You can learn more about how we calculate this estimate over at our Help Center.

What does RocketReach do?

As mentioned above, RocketReach allows you to create custom notification rules for websites that integrate with it. When a user performs an action like posting content or commenting somewhere, you'll get an alert sent to you via email. Depending on how much info you provide during setup, you can customize the exact message that comes along with the alert.

For instance, let's say you wanted to receive an alert anytime a person commented on your blog post. Then you'd go ahead and add that keyword to your list of triggering events. Once you save the rule, you'll start getting notices whenever someone adds a comment matching that criteria. Here's a screenshot of what a notification looks like in case you didn't catch it earlier:

Notifications aren't limited to single words either. You can enter full sentences and phrases too, making it easier than ever to quickly scan through your inbox looking for interesting things happening around the internet.

On top of receiving messages about new content posted, you can also opt-into receiving automated replies to conversations that take place elsewhere online. These responses come straight from your contacts' individual pages rather than the original thread itself. There's no limit to how often you can enable this feature either.  It's pretty cool actually, and you should definitely give it a shot if you haven't yet.

Is RocketReach trustworthy?

After spending months working with RocketReach, I can confidently tell you that yes, it is very safe to trust. While it's true that most people would probably agree that security is always important, it's hard to quantify security measures like privacy policies and SSL encryption in terms of dollars saved or lost. After all, it's impossible to measure the amount of money spent protecting a company against hacks and attacks versus the potential loss of customer data. So while it's generally agreed upon that companies shouldn't sacrifice security for profit, it still remains difficult to prove whether a particular platform is secure enough.

That being said, RocketReach follows industry standards for security and privacy protection. To ensure maximum safety, you must first complete a brief onboarding form before creating your account. Next, you'll choose between two levels of authorization — Basic or Pro. The Basic level requires you to authenticate yourself once per day. The Pro level, however, grants permission to RocketReach to pull information from your social network accounts on a daily basis. And unlike other providers, RocketReach encrypts all traffic coming from your endpoints to prevent third parties from accessing your data. Finally, all of your private data stays behind your firewall and never leaves your computer

To verify that your connection is encrypted, simply visit the URL You'll notice that the padlock icon appears next to the address bar. As long as you're using HTTPS, you're good to go.

Now that you understand the basics of how RocketReach works, you might wonder if there are any downsides attached to using it. Well, to answer that question honestly, I'm going to admit that there were times when I wished there was a simple way to turn off the notifications entirely. At least that way I wouldn't have to worry about accidentally missing something important. Fortunately, the developers of RocketReach took all of this feedback seriously and created a toggle option. Simply click the cog icon located at the right side of the main window and select “Disable Notifications” from the dropdown menu.

Once enabled, you won't receive any notifications whatsoever unless you change your settings again. Of course, this also cuts off access to the advanced features.

Finally, I'd like to mention that RocketReach currently supports a handful of major social networks. However, if you run into trouble connecting to a given site, check out our troubleshooting guide for additional tips.

Who uses RocketReach?

While it seems like everyone and his brother is jumping onto the bandwagon of integrating their social media accounts with external applications, RocketReach is still relatively unknown among non techies. Nevertheless, I believe that eventually this product will become mainstream. Why? Because the benefits provided by RocketReach are endless. Whether you decide to build a career out of following influencers or you want to easily monitor the latest news stories shared by your friends, RocketReach is a great solution. 

Additionally, if you're looking for ways to automate tasks related to managing your social feeds, RocketReach is an excellent choice. 

There are lots of reasons why I love RocketReach, but perhaps the biggest reason is that it's completely free to join. Even though I pay for extra perks later on, I consider myself lucky to live in a world where products like this exist. I hope you enjoyed learning about RocketReach and decided to give it a try. Until next time...



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