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How does HubSpot integrate with Office 365?

How does HubSpot integrate with Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft's latest foray into productivity software—a suite that combines its best office apps (Outlook, Word, Excel) with cloud services like OneDrive, Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, etc., all under one roof.

It’s not cheap ($6 per month or $60 per year), but if you want access to your favorite tools from home or at work then it might be worth checking out. If you have an existing subscription or are considering taking up Office 365, this guide will show you how to set everything up using HubSpot as an example app.

Here we're going to cover both desktop versions of Office 365. You can download them here. These guides also apply to the online version of Office 365 which has been discontinued.

If you'd like to know more about setting up Office 365 on your own machine, check out our guide detailing how to get started with Office 2016.

Let's start by talking about what exactly HubSpot integrates with Office 365.

Can you integrate HubSpot with Outlook?

Yes! HubSpot works perfectly well within Outlook. The process requires only two steps. When creating a new contact in Outlook, select "Create Contact From Email" and choose HubSpot. This will make sure you pick the right profile when adding a new recipient later.

Once you've done this, just go to File & Options & Add-ins and click Manage... Then Install.... Select “HubSpot CRM” and hit OK.

The integration wizard should now open automatically. Click Next once through and follow the instructions to complete setup. It takes around five minutes. Once completed, the extension icon will appear next to the address bar whenever you write emails in Outlook.

On the other hand, you cannot currently directly connect any other tool in Office 365 with HubSpot. For instance, there is no way to create tasks via HubSpot while writing an email in Word. However, many people find this a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits offered by having HubSpot integrated with their email client.

In addition, some users prefer the overall user experience provided by HubSpot over other solutions such as Zoho Mail.

For those reasons, many organizations continue to run separate mail and calendar clients, even though they could easily combine these features together with HubSpot.

However, several third party applications exist that allow direct connection between HubSpot and certain webmail providers. In particular, Mailchimp supports this feature natively. We'll discuss this further down below.

How do I integrate email with HubSpot?

You don't need to worry too much about integrating your company's email accounts with HubSpot itself. What matters most is whether you would rather send email straight from HubSpot or from the browser. Most companies opt for sending email from inside HubSpot because they already trust the service.

There are three ways to configure your incoming messages in HubSpot. First, you can simply keep the default settings and let HubSpot handle your incoming emails. Second, you can set up a filter so that every time someone sends you something important, it gets sent straight away to your inbox. Third, you can forward received emails to specific channels depending on who they come from.

To enable the first option, look for the green tick mark next to each individual account in Settings " Accounts. Underneath Personal Document Setup, switch to Enable Default Handling.

Next, head back to Configuration tab and scroll down until you see Send Emails Using… Choose SMTP Server and enter the details required to connect your business' outgoing mail servers. Make sure to include port numbers and authentication methods.

Finally, return to Accounts page again and change Account Type to POP3/IMAP4. Now turn off the options Show Email Address, Use Name As Username, and Display Password fields. Set the Login Information field to User ID and Port number respectively. Finally, remove the green ticks from the Email Preference buttons.

Now that everything appears greyed out, it means that you won't receive notification emails regarding new events. To fix this problem, select the Email Preference button for either Gmail or Exchange. Open Menu " Preferences and toggle the corresponding radio box.

Under General preferences, uncheck the Automatically retrieve message headers option. Scroll down to Advanced section where you can specify additional login credentials including SSL verification, TLS security protocol, sender domain name, authentication method, mailbox size limits, and so forth.

When you sign up for HubSpot, you will receive an activation code via SMS text message. Head back to the configuration panel and log in using this code. After signing in, you should see two tabs labeled "Mail" and "Calendar". Right underneath these tabs, there is a small gear icon. Hit it to reveal additional settings. By doing so, you will bring up another screen. Here you can customize your HubSpot application according to your needs.

Click on Customize Your Application to begin. There you can decide whether you wish to display your HubSpot Calendar alongside your Outlook agenda or vice versa. Also, you can determine whether you would like to sync the contents of your Outlook contacts with HubSpot. Lastly, you can disable syncing for selected calendars or contacts.

Hit Save Changes when finished. At last, close the customization window and exit HubSpot completely. Head back to the main dashboard. Find the dropdown menu beside the Gear Icon. Click it to expand the sidebar menu. On the side menu, you can adjust various settings related to synchronization, appearance, notifications, and so forth.

Lastly, save changes, and HubSpot will ask you to restart your computer before activating the new settings. Close all windows, shut down your PC, wait a few seconds, and try opening HubSpot once again.

Now it's time to figure out how to integrate HubSpot with Outlook without accessing the Web interface.

Can HubSpot integrate with Outlook?

One of the biggest drawbacks of using HubSpot solely as your email provider is that you must rely on various different products for managing incoming emails, scheduling meetings, and keeping track of customer information.

Luckily enough, there exists a solution called MailChimp to solve this dilemma. Since MailChimp is considered a major player in the marketing industry, it offers premium support along with robust functionality. Additionally, the pricing plan starts at $0 per month.

Using HubSpot and MailChimp simultaneously allows you to take advantage of HubSpot's powerful Sales Funnel capabilities without sacrificing your budget. Below we outline specifically how to accomplish this task.

First things first, you must ensure that your organization uses MailChimp. If you still haven't signed up yet, visit this page to learn more. Otherwise, proceed onto configuring your MailChimp account.

Head back to the main Dashboard page, and click on Integration. Look for the blue plus symbol located beneath the Logos heading. Drag it towards Mail Chimp Connector. A pop-up window will appear asking for approval. Accept the terms.

Return to Dashboard, and click Services. Ensure that Mail Chimp Connector is turned ON.

Afterward, open the Mail Chimp Connector window. Enter your Mailing List Details followed by your API Token. Return to previous step and click Create Connection. Wait for authorization to finish.

Afterwards, open the MailChimp Connector Window once more. Switch the Service Status to Enabled. Hit Refresh to update the status. Now go ahead and repeat the same procedure for connecting HubSpot to MailChimp.

Open the respective windows, type in your details, and refresh them accordingly. This may require several refreshes during the initial phase.

At long last, your connections should now reflect correctly. All future communications will flow smoothly between HubSpot and MailChimp.

We hope you found this article helpful! Let us know about your experiences with the above integrations. Do you think they offer value for money or would you consider changing vendors altogether?

HubSpot is one of the leading providers of marketing technology for B2B companies who want to create better customer experiences through digital channels. Whether it's email marketing or lead management tools like CRM, HubSpot offers solutions that are compatible with Microsoft products including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

In addition, customers can connect their HubSpot account to any number of third party applications such as Salesforce and Zoho using connectors. This allows them to seamlessly switch between different applications without losing data. Recently, they also announced support for Google Workspace allowing users to manage their projects on G Suite directly from within HubSpot’s intuitive interface.

With all these capabilities, many businesses choose HubSpot as their preferred marketing platform. In order to maximize its full potential, however, some organizations need to make sure that HubSpot works well with other software installed on their computers. To this end, we have compiled a list of helpful links and instructions on how to set up HubSpot integration with popular office suites so you don't run into issues while working inside your favorite programs.

Microsoft recently added an option called Connected Views to allow users to easily sync contacts from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Dropbox etc., into Outlook. The feature was first introduced back in 2015 but has now been expanded by adding more services. It basically lets people keep track of their most important information across devices via Email & Calendar Sync Service (ECSS) which is available as part of Microsoft 365 subscription.

The tool currently supports over 50 cloud apps including Box, Evernote, GitHub and HubSpot among others. Once enabled, ECSS will automatically update contact details stored in Microsoft Exchange Server when changes occur in those accounts. You can even specify whether you would like to receive notifications if someone updates his/her profile information online.

To configure ECSS settings, head over to Settings " Accounts " Mailbox Setup " My Contacts " Contact Information " Manage Your Synced Data " Link Another App. Here, click Add another app and then search for HubSpot. Then enter your hubspot login credentials along with application name, description, authorization URL and API key. Finally hit Save Changes and follow the steps outlined below to get started. If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to see updated info about anyone syncing their profiles into Outlook soon after.

If there are still problems, please refer to our documentation where we walk you step by step through each stage of setting up the connection.

Note: For security reasons, this service cannot be disabled once configured. Therefore, if you find yourself unable to access your contacts after enabling the feature, revert to old school ways of updating your address book manually. Simply open Find People and drag and drop entries from OneDrive folder onto Address Book icon located at bottom right corner of Windows 10 taskbar.

Now let's move forward to discuss what happens if you decide not to go with Microsoft's offering.

How do I add HubSpot tracking to Outlook?

Outlook offers several useful features that allow marketers to collect leads and send emails straight out of the program. However, since HubSpot relies heavily on capturing user actions, connecting both platforms becomes essential to ensure seamless communication. Luckily, there are couple of options you can try depending on what suits best for your needs.

First off, let us assume that you already own a domain registered under HubSpot's Domain Management Tool (DMT). If you haven't yet signed up for DMT, here's a quick overview explaining why you may want to consider doing so before proceeding further.

Once logged in, select Domains where you'll notice two checkboxes -- Enable automatic registration of new domains and Automatically register new domains -- ticked by default. Hit Continue next to Configure DNS Zone Configuration and select Create New Zone. From the resulting screen, type in MX records and proceed towards Finish configuration. Next time you visit dnsimple site, you should no longer encounter errors with your domain name being redirected to HubSpot's portal.

Alternatively, you might opt to purchase Hosting Plan from HubSpot's Cloud Marketplace which comes with additional benefits. With this solution, you won't only gain greater control over your hosting environment but also benefit from integrated analytics and reporting system.

Lastly, if you're looking to host your website and database outside of the company infrastructure, you can always take advantage of HubSpot Migration Services offered by the team. As long as your current web server meets basic requirements, migrating existing content to the cloud should be relatively straightforward and hassle free.

For assistance, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or request technical support from Help Desk.

How do I enable HubSpot in Outlook?

After completing the above steps, you can start integrating HubSpot with Outlook by simply clicking on Start Using button provided underneath respective icons. Click Get Started and then Sign Up Now to complete setup process.

Next, log in to your account and select Dashboard followed by System Tools. After opening Control Panel, look for HubSpot Icon located beneath Content Delivery Network section on left side panel. Select View Application Status and wait until status shows Running.

You can double check that everything went smoothly by navigating to There you should see green message saying Welcome! indicating that HubSpot successfully connected to your Outlook installation.

Finally, let us recap what we've covered today briefly.

1.) Ensure that your computer meets minimum hardware requirements necessary to operate HubSpot product suite.

2.) Make sure HubSpot branding doesn't conflict with whatever background image you chose for your desktop.

3.) Log in to your account and navigate to Dashboard " System Tools " Control Panel " HubSpot Icon.

4.) Check if Portal is running properly by visiting

5.) Verify connectivity between HubSpot and Outlook by heading over to Home tab followed by Show All Applications. Look for Connection Info label located at top right corner of window.

6.) If everything looks good, you can save your preferences by hitting Done. Otherwise, go ahead and close the dialog box.

7.) Restart PC to apply changes.

8.) Wait few minutes and repeat steps 3 - 7 again.

9.) Upon completion, you should see blue banner pop up at the center of your desktop displaying three horizontal lines signifying successful installation.

10.) Let us know if you ran into any difficulties during testing and share feedback with us accordingly.

11.) Enjoy enhanced productivity knowing that every piece of correspondence sent out is done so from within familiar confines.

12.) If you'd rather skip the whole thing, here's how to quickly turn off HubSpot logo showing up on your Taskbar.

Does HubSpot work with Office 365?

As mentioned earlier, HubSpot officially supports Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Edition. While HubSpot's collaboration tools are designed specifically for small business owners, larger enterprises could potentially leverage similar functionality by subscribing to hosted version of Microsoft 365.

HubSpot is an enterprise marketing software that allows companies to automate their sales processes through email marketing, lead generation, social media management, and CRM integration.  With its cloud based platform, it's easy for any business size or industry to scale easily. It also has powerful features like automated workflows, data visualization tools, and customizable forms.

Office 365 integrates many popular third party applications into one subscription including Google Docs, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box, SalesForce, MailChimp, etc. With this integration, users can access these services from within Word 2016/2019, Excel 2017/2016, PowerPoint 2016/2018, Teams (formerly known as Skype for Business), Power BI Desktop, and Access Database Engine. Users will be able to create documents in other formats such as PDF, XLSX, PPTX, DOCX, CSV, RTF, ODT and more using the native functionality of each application. This guide covers how to set up HubSpot on your Windows 10 PC running Office 365 apps.

In order to get started installing HubSpot on your computer, first make sure that you have updated all necessary drivers and installed the latest version of Office 365. To check if everything is working properly, open the Taskbar then right click " Devices and Printers. If there are no devices listed under Devices & Printers, see our previous article about getting connected to HubSpot with mobile app. Otherwise, navigate to Control Panel -" Hardware and Sound -" Device Manager. Look at the bottom left corner of the screen where you should find HubSpot icon. Right click the device name and select Properties. In the properties window look at the Driver tab, expand Details section and scroll down until you see the Version number field. The driver version must match the version of Office 365 currently installed on your system.

If not, please update your drivers by following this link: Update Drivers For Your Computer. You may need to restart your machine before checking again. Once verified, you're ready to proceed further! Continue reading below to learn what additional steps you'll need to take after updating your drivers.

Note: There is another way to verify whether HubSpot already works with Office 365. Open the Start menu search bar and type hubspot. From the results page, launch HubSpot desktop client. On the Welcome Screen, click Get Started button. Then go to Help -& About HubSpot. Check if there is a message stating, “Microsoft Office Integration Supported” next to Client Name.

Next step is to download and install.NET Framework 4.6.1 onto your system. After successfully completing installation, reboot your machine. When rebooted, try opening Office Apps via Settings -" Programs -" Office 2019. Next, open Office App Store. Click on Add / Remove Program. Search for HubSpot and you should now see it appear in the program list. Select Install. Follow the prompts to complete installation process.

After finishing installation, you'll need to sign into HubSpot account. Go back to Office App Store, tap Sign In, enter username and password, then tap OK. Now you've finished setting up HubSpot on your system. However, we still haven't integrated HubSpot with Office 365 yet. So let's continue to the last part of this guide which shows you how to set up HubSpot on your browser.

Once logged in, select Dashboard -& Set Up Email Marketing. Choose Basic Plan ($19 per month) and follow instructions to finish setup. Note that HubSpot Basic plan supports only two active campaigns. We recommend upgrading to Pro plan ($29 per user monthly). Also note that some plans require extra licenses so keep track of them when choosing between different pricing models.

Now that you have completed HubSpot installation, it's time to start creating new accounts. Please remember to log out once done.

To view existing customer information, head over to My Subscription -& Manage Customers. From here, click Edit Account. Enter your billing details and save changes. You could either choose to upgrade immediately or schedule automatic payment renewal every year. Depending on your preferred method, select Upgrade Now or Schedule Auto Renewal accordingly.

Please note that auto renewals cannot be canceled without contacting HubSpot support team. Should you ever experience technical difficulties while managing your HubSpot subscriptions, contact us directly. Our friendly tech support team would love to assist you in resolving issues.

You can manage customers' profiles from the same place. Just select View Customer Profile and fill in required fields. Here's why you might want to change your profile picture:

Click Change Profile Picture to upload photo from disk storage or camera.

Select Upload File to browse local files or drag-and-drop file(s) from external sources.

Finally, hit Save Changes and enjoy customizing your HubSpot dashboard.

Now you know the basics of connecting HubSpot to Microsoft 365. But just because you're familiarized doesn't mean you understand everything. Below are few tips to maximize efficiency when using HubSpot in conjunction with Office 365.

Managing emails sent from multiple domains

When sending emails from HubSpot, users can specify individual send domain names. By default, most of the templates include, but they allow subscribers to override this. Unfortunately, if subscriber chooses to receive mails from both and, they will receive duplicates. To avoid duplicate emails, ensure that you disable Send Emails As Domain option when composing messages.

Adding attachments

Attachments feature is available across platforms and is enabled by default. When adding an attachment, users can attach several types of files ranging from text document (.txt) to video (.avi,.mp4,.mov,.wmv,.flv,.mpeg,.png,.gif,.pdf,.jpeg,.jpg,.bmp). Attachments can be uploaded manually or automatically depending on settings selected.

However, if you encounter difficulty uploading certain file extensions, you can enable extension mapping option located on Preferences -& Configure Rules. Under Extension Mapping tab, you can map various extensions to specific actions.

Creating Reports

Reports function is available in both web interface and desktop clients. Using web interface, you can generate report via Report Builder or export reports as HTML. While exporting as HTML, you can customize header, footer, table style, column arrangement, row colors and even columns widths.

Troubleshooting Tips

There are times when you don't see newly created content on HubSpot dashboard. In addition to making sure HubSpot is correctly configured, there are other factors that can cause problems. Below are possible reasons why content isn't showing on HubSpot dashboards.

Your network connection was interrupted during registration. Try refreshing HubSpot dashboard and reregistering.

The service status is Down. Restart HubSpot server by going to Servers -& Relaunch Server. Refresh the dashboard and register again.

Unable to locate Content Library. Make sure that you didn't accidentally delete library folder in %appdata%\HubSpot\ContentLibrary. Head over to Content Library and relaunch HubSpot.

Insufficient storage space. Delete unnecessary photos and videos from your hard drive and free up some space.

No internet connection. Ensure that your router is powered and connected to power source. Reboot your modem if needed.

I'm receiving error codes whenever I refresh my dashboard. Troubleshooting methods vary according to issue encountered. Contact HubSpot Support Team if you run into trouble. They provide 24/7 live assistance and quick response time.

Will Microsoft shut down the HubSpot API?

Yes, Microsoft acquired HubSpot in September 2015, however, it's unlikely that they'll close off the HubSpot API anytime soon since it serves businesses big and small. According to Microsoft official statement:

"We believe that strong partnerships are built on shared goals and mutual respect." -- John Sheehy, Corporate Vice President, Azure Service Management.

So far, Microsoft hasn't made any comment regarding shutting down the HubSpot API. And hopefully, that won't happen anytime soon.

What happens if I switch hosting providers? Can I move my HubSpot website to Amazon Web Services?

Moving your site to AWS means moving away from Microsoft infrastructure. Therefore, switching hosts may result in downtime for your website. Fortunately, HubSpot offers Cloud Sync feature that lets you sync data across devices without worrying about losing precious contacts, leads, posts, etc.

If you decide to migrate to AWS, you can transfer ownership of your website to AWS without affecting current customers. Simply visit Website Ownership Transfer Tool and submit request for transferring website ownership.

Is HubSpot Safe? What Security Issues Do People Talk About Me?

Security concerns surrounding HubSpot varies greatly based on who you ask. Some people say HubSpot takes security very seriously, others claim the opposite. Since HubSpot is relatively young company compared to giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, etc., it's difficult to gauge exact level of risk associated with using HubSpot products.

Here are few common sense measures you can implement to stay safe:

Use secure passwords and turn on two-factor authentication wherever possible.

Be careful with sharing sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers. Don't store critical credentials in plaintext. Use Secure Password Storage instead.

Don't forget to review login history regularly. Disable autologout after idle periods.



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