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How many emails can you send with HubSpot?

How many emails can you send with HubSpot?

Email marketing is an effective way to engage audiences, but it’s also expensive—especially if you have multiple people sending out the same message at once.

HubSpot offers a solution for businesses looking to reduce their costs while still maintaining consistent communication across all of their campaigns. In this article we explain how they work.

How many emails can you send in a month on HubSpot?

There are two ways that someone might want to send bulk messages through HubSpot: either by using HubSpot's own tools or by connecting other mail clients like Gmail/G Suite Mail and Outlook. The former uses HubSpot's API platform to let you create automated tasks so you don't need to manually select individual recipients, whereas the latter lets you connect any number of mailing lists directly into HubSpot.

For example, you could connect LinkedIn Contacts, Google Contacts, Twitter Followers, etc., then build automatic templates which allow you to write similar follow up messages every time without having to go back and forth between different tabs. This saves you hours when compared to writing each email individually in Gmail. You'll be able to see who opens your emails and gain even more insight about what content really resonates with them.

If you're not sure whether your business needs both options, here's a quick breakdown of what works best for most companies:

One-To-One Email: If you just need to communicate with specific individuals within your organization (e.g. salespeople), then you should stick with HubSpot's built-in email editor. It has everything you'd expect from Microsoft Office, including formatting options, signature support, and easy access to attachment files.

Sequence Emails From Connected Lists: For larger organizations where there are hundreds or thousands of people involved, consider linking one of HubSpot's email automation platforms with your existing client list instead. Once set up, you can design custom email templates based off of your customers' previous interactions. Then, whenever you run those automations, HubSpot will deliver the right message to the right person at the right time automatically.

When used together, these features give you complete control over your entire email communications program because your team doesn't have to bounce around between programs as much.

As long as you stay under the company's monthly quota limits, HubSpot gives you the freedom to scale your campaign however you wish. There aren't any restrictions placed upon you regarding the total amount of emails you may send per day or week, nor does HubSpot place limits on how often your subscribers receive new emails each month.

What happens when you hit your daily send limit?

In order to avoid hitting the HubSpot user quota, some users opt to turn to third party solutions such as ConstantContact—which has its own limitations, but allows you to reach unlimited numbers of contacts. When you exceed HubSpot's daily send limit, your account gets temporarily suspended until the next morning. While suspensions only last 24 hours, they prevent you from sending additional emails during peak times.

Additionally, HubSpot provides detailed reports showing exactly how many emails were delivered and read each day. Users can also choose to disable this feature entirely via Account Settings " General " Send Report. However, the data is crucial for optimizing future campaigns, so turning it off means losing valuable insights.

Other services offer more robust plans than HubSpot's basic plan, and usually charge a higher price tag. But since HubSpot charges $19.99 per month regardless of which package you sign up for, it remains competitively priced among competitors like AWeber ($20+/month) and Marketo ($30+/month).

You can check out our comparison of HubSpot vs. other popular email providers here.

How many emails can you send on HubSpot?

The answer depends highly on the size of your audience and the type of product you sell. Regardless of what industry you belong to, HubSpot recommends starting small and growing incrementally. This approach prevents overwhelming teams with too much information.

Here's a general guideline for determining how large of a subscriber base to start with:

Small Businesses: Start with 500 active subscribers. These smaller budgets typically require less sophisticated email management systems and shouldn't spend more than 1% of their budget on email marketing. Larger firms can afford to begin with 10k active subscribers.

Medium sized businesses: Start with 2,000 active subscribers. Medium sized companies generally look to invest 5%-10% of their annual budget on email marketing. They should aim to double this figure annually.

Large businesses: Start with 25,000 active subscribers. Large organizations tend to allocate 15%-25% of their yearly spending towards email marketing. They should increase this percentage significantly annually.

Extraordinarily large businesses: Start with 100,000 active subscribers. Extraordinary sized companies dedicate 40%-60% of their annual revenue towards email marketing. Their goals should include doubling this figure year after year.

HubSpot estimates that a typical enterprise will save roughly 80% of money spent on traditional marketing tactics by switching to HubSpot's email automation software. That's why they recommend starting with a minimum of 250 active subscribers before moving onto bigger things.

It's important to note that the above guidelines assume that your goal is to simply grow organically over time. If you actually want to blast out massive amounts of emails, HubSpot sets no restriction on how many you can send. Your maximum sends will depend on your current customer database size, along with the overall traffic capacity of your website(s).

HubSpot states that they've never had a problem scaling past their recommended quotas. And if you ever feel overwhelmed by your inbox, HubSpot offers several tips for managing your email load here.

How many users can use HubSpot free?

This question mostly applies to enterprises whose entire workforce relies solely on Gmail or GSuite Mail for their email addresses. Instead of paying for premium features, these employees would rather get everything they need for free.

Generally speaking, if you fall under one of the following categories, HubSpot's free subscriptions will suit your needs perfectly:

Organizations that process fewer than 50 million emails per month.

Companies with fewer than 3,000 paid subscribers.

Nonprofits with less than 500 volunteers logged into their organization's hub.

Enterprises that use HubSpot exclusively for personal eSignature use.

Businesses that pay HubSpot for hosting their web applications.

However, there are a few caveats worth mentioning:

Your first three months are free. After that, you must agree to continue paying HubSpot a flat fee of $19.95 per month.

No credit card fees. HubSpot takes care of processing payments for you.

If you decide to cancel your subscription at any point, you won't be charged anything extra.

You cannot host websites on HubSpot unless you subscribe.

HubSpot makes it extremely difficult to unsubscribe from its newsletter. To manage your newsletters, click on the gear icon located in the top righthand corner and head to Preferences & Newsletters. Here you can delete unwanted newsletters easily.

The good news is that HubSpot recently released an update allowing users to block certain words from appearing in their newsletters. So now you can filter out profanity or sensitive topics altogether!

How do I mass email contacts on HubSpot?

Mass emailing has become increasingly essential for modern marketers thanks to the rise of social media. Unfortunately, creating personalized emails isn't always feasible due to lack of resources. Luckily, HubSpot has made it possible for anyone to craft customized sequences containing prewritten emails and images, all without needing to know HTML code.

Simply log into your HubSpot dashboard, find the contact you want to send an email to, and drag down the Mass Contact tool bar. Select Create Sequence, give it a name, and customize whatever fields you want. By doing so, you'll be designing emails to be sent en masse to one single group of people.

Once finished, export the sequence file (.csv format) and upload it to your server. Now, whenever you add a new lead to your CRM system, you can link it straight to your newly created sequence.

Automated emails will show up in your recipient's inbox immediately without requiring human intervention. Best of all, your leads will never have to download or open another app. Plus, they'll thank you for saving them countless minutes and headaches.

When it comes to sending emails, most people have two options: send out their own or use the service of someone else. When considering using another company’s tools for this purpose, there are some things that should be taken into account.

For example, if you use Gmail as part of your workday, then any extra features you get with an outside tool could end up being wasted time. On top of that is the question of how many messages you can actually send before getting blocked by the other party—and what happens when they do block you. In short, there are pros and cons to consider whenever deciding to take advantage of services like these.

But even so, nothing beats having all those elements combined under one roof. That's precisely why HubSpot offers such a powerful platform to its users. The problem is that it doesn't offer exactly clear guidelines regarding how much data each user gets allowed to send every day.

So we decided to find out ourselves. We reached out to HubSpot's support team to ask them about limits placed on various kinds of emails, including ones sent via direct mail campaigns and automated processes. Below is what we found out.

How many emails can you send through HubSpot?

If you're new to HubSpot, here's a quick overview of everything HubSpot has to offer: A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software used primarily for managing leads and customer relationships. It also includes a marketing automation system which allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks across different channels.

The free version of the app lets companies manage unlimited contacts while giving access to basic templates and reports. They can create follow-up sequence emails without worrying about hitting limitations set by the host provider. At the same time, however, users don't always get full control over lead management functions.

That said, HubSpot does impose a daily send limit on both one-to-one emails and sequences emails sent from your connected email accounts. This means that if you want to send more than X number of emails per day, you will need to upgrade to one of HubSpot's paid plans. As far as we know, the maximum amount of emails you can send with the free plan is 500 per day.

Here are HubSpot's official instructions on how to calculate your daily send limit: "To determine your daily send limit, multiply the total number of recipients times the average size of your message." So let's say you wanted to reach 1000 potential customers. You would divide the recipient count by 1.5 since the average email size is 200 characters. Then, multiply the result by 10 because that's what Hubspot recommends. To put it differently, you'd have to send at least 15 emails per day.

However, keep in mind that HubSpot states that once you hit this limit, additional emails may not go through until later in the day. For instance, if you were to try reaching 2000 recipients today but only got 1500 delivered due to the cap, you wouldn't be able to send anything more till tomorrow morning. If you happen to exceed the limit again, you'll see similar delays next time around.

Also note that HubSpot sends out promotional emails automatically as well. Once HubSpot detects that you've hit the daily send limit, it starts blocking future emails aimed towards your existing subscribers. However, if you wish to continue sending out automatic emails, you will need to pay for a premium subscription.

Accordingly, the best way to stay within hubspot's monthly send quota is to avoid exceeding this limit during peak periods. Try to spread out your outgoing communications throughout the entire day instead of firing off numerous emails right after breakfast. By doing so, you won't run afoul of the daily limit as often.

Another thing to remember is that anyone who uses HubSpot Pro can bypass these restrictions. All they have to do is click the blue link in the bottom corner of the screen that says something along the lines of “Send More Emails Without Limits.” This feature makes sure that even large teams aren't affected by HubSpot's daily limits.

Finally, HubSpot recently introduced a new auto responder called Sequences. With this option, you basically choose certain responses to give out based upon specific triggers. These include whether or not the contact opted into a particular campaign and even the timing of an event.

This functionality is available in the free plan, though it requires upgrading to Pro.

How many emails can I send with HubSpot marketing?

While HubSpot puts caps on the number of emails you can send in general, it's important to point out that the platform itself isn't solely responsible for restricting your overall traffic volume. Instead, it merely acts as a middleman between your business and whoever hosts your content.

In terms of marketing, HubSpot offers several ways to help you streamline your efforts. One of them is Lead Generation Insights. This gives marketers insights into where their leads are coming from and helps them make informed decisions. What's more, it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot's analytics suite.

As soon as you enable this feature, HubSpot takes care of tracking your site visitors' behavior and shows you detailed information on how effective your ads were. The dashboard displays stats such as clicks, impressions, unique pageviews, and conversion rates.

On the flip side, when looking at the technical side of things, HubSpot might seem intimidating to newcomers. But don't worry! There are plenty of resources available online to teach you how to navigate the platform. Here are just a few pointers to start you off:

A search bar located near the upper left corner of the home screen is good for finding answers quickly.

Navigating down to the Marketing section reveals useful links such as Automations and Campaigns. Clicking on either of these tabs opens up menus containing dozens of prewritten snippets for creating newsletters and landing pages.

You can easily switch back to the homepage by clicking the hamburger icon present on the upper right hand corner. From there, select Dashboard " Homepage.

Lastly, if you ever feel overwhelmed by HubSpot's interface, feel free to check out our easy guide on navigating and mastering HubSpot.

Can I send an email to a list in HubSpot?

Yes, you definitely can! HubSpot supports importing lists from almost anywhere, including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and others. After setting up the connection, simply open up your desired template and type in the name of your chosen list. Hit Send and watch your newsletter magically appear on multiple platforms.

Keep in mind that if you decide to import lists directly via HubSpot's API rather than connecting to external sources, you will still be subject to the aforementioned daily send limit rules. Also, for whatever reason, HubSpot doesn't allow you to change the names of individual lists.

These caveats aside, the ability to export and reimport lists is quite convenient. Not to mention, it saves you the trouble of constantly copying and pasting email addresses.

How many emails can I send through HubSpot?

There's no exact answer to this question. While HubSpot limits your usage of certain aspects depending on your level of membership, it never places real constraints on the amount of personal correspondence you can exchange with prospects.

What's more, unlike traditional email providers, HubSpot doesn't force you to adhere to strict policies related to spamming and phishing scams. Unlike Google's anti-spam filters, HubSpot leaves it up to your discretion whether or not you want to deliver junk emails to your audience.

However, while HubSpot seems less stringent compared to other players in the industry, it still holds regular audits to ensure compliance with local laws. Therefore, if you accidentally cross the line, you'll likely receive warnings beforehand.

Overall, HubSpot is probably the easiest to use yet most comprehensive marketing platform currently available. Whether you opt for the free version or upgrade to HubSpot Premium, you can rest assured knowing that the chances of running into complications caused by third parties are slim to none.

As long as you abide by HubSpot's rules, you shouldn't encounter too many issues. Of course, if you have further questions, HubSpot's Help Center is filled with helpful articles that explain how to properly utilize the platform's tools. And if you ever come across problems, you can easily submit feedback forms and report bugs.

With HubSpot, you get what you pay for. Free users get limited capabilities, whereas the latter tiers provide extended functionalities at lower prices. For example, while HubSpot Basic costs $19/month, the price jumps to $49.95 for HubSpot Business Intelligence plus $29.95 for HubSpot Enterprise.

Still confused about whether HubSpot is worth paying for? Check out our post detailing reasons why HubSpot is better than Microsoft 365.

If there’s something that makes the most annoying thing in marketing easier, why shouldn't it be free?

When we're talking about digital marketing tools, HubSpot is often at the top of our list for its ability to automate repetitive tasks—and this even includes sending emails. The platform's free version allows users to send up to 10 emails per day without paying any extra fees or subscriptions. But what if you want more than that? Is there an upper bound on how much information users can send through their automated programs? And does HubSpot impose such limits? Let's take a look...

How many email Can you send from HubSpot?

The answer to these questions depends largely on whether you are using HubSpot as a standalone tool or integrating it into another service like MailChimp or Constant Contact. If you choose to use HubSpot as a standalone app, then your options are unlimited. You don't need to subscribe to anything because all features are available to anyone who wants them. However, if you opt to integrate HubSpot into other services, you will see different limitations.

In order to get access to all automation capabilities (including templates), you'll need to sign up for HubSpot Pro ($99/month). This subscription costs just $9.95 per month after a 30-day trial period. For those looking to save money, try out HubSpot Free which comes with limited functionality. It also has no monthly fee but only gives users 5 messages per day and 20 minutes worth of storage space every time they add new contacts.

As mentioned earlier, HubSpot offers two types of messaging limits when it comes to emailing. They differ based on whether you plan to utilize the company's built-in autoresponder feature or not.

With HubSpot’s native auto responder, you can set up follow ups automatically depending on certain triggers. These include clicks on links within emails, replies to specific keywords or phrases, or people opening particular content within your message. As long as someone opens the email, you can schedule multiple responses.

If you want to allow recipients to reply directly via your program, however, you must first purchase HubSpot Premium ($199/year) or Enterprise Edition ($499/user license). With this option, customers can customize the appearance of each campaign and receive full analytics reports. While HubSpot doesn’t offer hard caps on either type of mailing, it does put a cap on the number of contacts you can reach simultaneously.

For example, if you send out 1,000 emails to 500 unique subscribers, the system won’t let you do so again until next week. Similarly, you cannot send emails to 2,500 contacts at once unless you upgrade to premium. In addition, companies using HubSpot’s integration with Google Apps for Business can only send 25 emails per hour.

However, since HubSpot uses Gmail servers, while the aforementioned restrictions apply to business clients, personal users aren’t affected by the same limitations. Also, if you decide to switch between platforms later, you can simply delete campaigns rather than having to pay additional fees.

While HubSpot allows you to create unlimited sequences, it places a daily send limit on individual emails. According to the company, "We wanted to give you flexibility over your workflows so you could easily split up larger projects." That said, HubSpot recommends splitting large lists down into smaller chunks before hitting the limit. Users can still write lengthy emails, though.

To illustrate, here’s a sample email template that goes beyond HubSpot’s maximum length:

Dear [First Name],

[Headline] How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup [Step] We finally spoke! Now what should you say to win back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are some tips to help you craft the perfect breakup conversation.

1. Don’t Try To Force Things Too Soon. Give Yourself Time To Think About What Happened.

2. Start By Apologizing For Any Part Of The Relationship That Made Them Angry Or Upset. Then Focus On Getting Answering Their Questions.

3. Explain Why You Want To Save The Friendship/Relationship. Tell Her/Him All Good Feelings Are Shared When Both People Work Together Toward Common Goals.

4. Remind Him/Her That Moving Forward Means Making Changes & Taking Responsibility. Share Some Ideas For Improving Relationships Using Emotionally Intelligent Communication Techniques.

5. Ask For Advice From Someone Who Has Been Through Something Similar Before. Offer Help If Possible.

6. Close Off With Another Email Follow Up Suggestion.

These guidelines cover everything from keeping things short enough to avoid the daily limit to making sure you address important topics effectively. Still, HubSpot notes that “there may be times where you exceed these limits unintentionally, due to mistakes made during setup or coding errors.” So keep tabs on your activity throughout the process and check your account regularly to make sure nothing went wrong.

How many emails can I send with HubSpot free?

Aside from the above limits, HubSpot also provides users with basic stats that detail how many emails were opened and clicked on compared to overall traffic received. Although it doesn’t provide exact numbers, the data shows trends and patterns useful for improving future campaigns.

But HubSpot puts strict controls on how much traffic you can direct toward your website. Once you hit 100 visitors in a single session, you are forced to wait seven days before sending further emails. During this break, you will lose visibility on metrics like clickthrough rates and open rate percentages. Thus, it’s crucial to consider how frequently you intend to market online before creating a sequence or automating an outgoing mail.

This restriction means that marketers relying solely on HubSpot to drive traffic to their websites risk losing valuable leads. Instead, they might want to combine HubSpot with other tactics like social media sharing and paid ads.

That being said, HubSpot remains great for driving targeted traffic to landing pages. Since the platform lacks robust reporting functions, you won’t know exactly what happened to cause spikes in traffic. Nonetheless, you can always tweak your strategy accordingly.

Can I send mass emails with HubSpot?

Unlike individual emails, bulk emailing isn’t possible with HubSpot’s free version. Even if you had managed to find success doing so previously, the company now disallows the practice.

Instead, the platform lets businesses connect their own domain name with a generic subdomain, allowing them to manage separate addresses internally. Unfortunately, HubSpot charges a small fee for providing custom domains and SSL certificates. If you wish to change the names used by your campaigns, you will need to upgrade to HubSpot Premium or Enterprise edition.

Although HubSpot limits the amount of emails you can send with its free package, you can still design personalized campaigns for individuals. Just remember that you can only send five emails to the same person every 24 hours.

Does HubSpot have a contact limit?

No matter what version of HubSpot you use, you can never go overboard with contacting potential buyers. According to the company, "There was a concern regarding too many sales going to existing customers. Because of this, we implemented a soft limit of 50 simultaneous connections."

Even if you run a B2B brand, it’s best to stick to the rule whenever possible. Otherwise, you could end up getting banned from major providers. Thankfully, HubSpot takes care of this issue for you.

It tells users that "[i]f you exceeded this connection threshold, please note that the offending IP Address would be blocked for 48 hours following the violation." Therefore, you won’t face any problems reaching the maximum limit.



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