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How much do contacts cost in HubSpot?

How much do contacts cost in HubSpot?

If someone asked you what kind of software your company used to manage its sales leads or customer relationships, how would you answer? If it's anything other than HubSpot CRM Software, then we'd be very disappointed.

Hubspot has become one of the most popular names in business development technology because it helps companies connect their customers with their brands via digital marketing channels like websites, social media sites, blogs, etc. It was founded as an enterprise-level SaaS (software as a service) solution for businesses who are looking to outsource their lead management systems. The idea behind HubSpot was to create a platform which allows small start ups to grow into large enterprises without having to hire a team full of developers and IT experts. As per the vision of founders Dharmesh Shah & Akshay Anand, "The future of commerce depends on building meaningful connections between people and brands." HubSpot is currently available across North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore and India.

In this article, I will try to explain everything there is to know about HubSpot including pricing, features and benefits. Let us begin.

Can a HubSpot contact have multiple emails?

Yes, they can! You simply go to Contacts > Account Settings> Emails. There you'll find all email addresses linked to your account. Your primary email will always be listed at the top of the list. In case if you want to add another address just click Add Email Address under Primary Email field. This means that you can also set up different accounts within the same profile. But keep in mind that each person cannot have two separate profiles simultaneously. So make sure that both these profiles belong to the same user. Otherwise, you might end up creating duplicate records for yourself.

Also, note that once you've added any new address, it won't show up automatically in the Contacts panel unless you manually select it from the dropdown menu. Also, when adding emails to your account, remember to fill in the following fields too: First Name, Last name, Job title, Phone number, City/State, Country code, Website URL, Company Address, Profile picture and Email Signature. Once done, save changes. Now, let's move onto some real examples.

How do you use HubSpot step by step?

There are several ways to access HubSpot. Here is a quick guide on using HubSpot tools effectively:

1. Go to Homepage - When you open hubspot home page, you get a brief overview of what HubSpot does and why it is important for businesses today. From here, you can choose whether you need help setting up your own instance of HubSpot, upgrade your plan, or look for partners or clients. All options give you detailed information on how to proceed further.

2. Sign Up - On the right side column, you'll see signup button. Clicking this takes you to the login screen where you can enter your credentials. Choose either Username and Password or Google+ or Facebook Login option depending upon whether you're already logged into those platforms. After logging in, you can explore various functionalities offered by HubSpot. For example, you may want to check out the Integrations section located on left sidebar. This section tells you all the apps that support integration with HubSpot. Depending upon the app chosen, you may need to download additional plugins before connecting them.

3. Create Contact - To create a new contact record, click Create Contact. This opens up a form wherein you can customize the details of your prospect or client. Enter his first name, last name, mobile phone number, preferred method of communication (email, text message), job position, website link, location, industry, gender, birthday, relationship status, current company, company size, education level, and skillset. Remember to tick the box next to Save Changes when finished.

4. Send Invitation - Once creation process is over, click Next. Then select Send invitation to send invitations to prospects. Fill out basic info such as Recipient(s), Subject line, Message body, Attachment file (.pdf/.doc), Event date and time, Delivery Method, Notification Preferences, Follow-Up Options, and Additional Notes. Finally press Submit. Note that you can attach files to invitees through attachment feature. These attachments could include documents, videos, audio clips, images, zip archive files, PDF scans, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents, Access databases, Adobe Acrobat forms, and many others.

5. Get Started - Once recipient receives the invite, he clicks Accept. He gets redirected back to HubSpot dashboard. Now, follow the instructions given on the screen to complete setup. This includes entering personal data such as username and password, company information, department, role, preferences, etc. Once completed, you receive a confirmation mail stating that your request has been submitted successfully. And finally, you get to view updates regarding this transaction in your inbox.

6. Manage Relationships - Navigate to Relationship tab and select Start Conversation. Type in the name of the sender or receiver along with subject line. Write short but interesting introductory paragraph. Click Continue after writing intro. Once conversation started, you can continue interacting with him till finalization stage. While doing so, you can mark conversations as Draft, Sent Mailer, Waiting Response, Complete Request, or Delete. At any point of time, you can delete specific conversation and remove individual participants by selecting respective links.

7. View Reports - By default, reports folder contains Sales Report, Pipeline Status report, Lead Management report, Opportunities Report, Accounts Receivable Report, Expense Report, Customer Service Report, Partner Performance Report, Events Calendar, Leads Chart, Visitor Tracking report, Chatter Activity Feed, Recent Conversations report, Social Media Activities report, and Customized Reports. You can filter these reports according to type i.e., leads, opportunities, pipeline, revenue, expenses, partner performance, events calendar, visitor tracking, chatter activity feed, recent conversations, social media activities, custom reports, etc. Open desired report by clicking on relevant link, adjust filters accordingly, and review results.

8. Update Details - Every time you update a contact detail, HubSpot notifies you. Therefore, if you ever forget to change something while updating, don't worry. Just log into HubSpot webapp and it'll notify you of errors made during entry.

9. Export Data - Want to export data from HubSpot? No problem. In order to do so, navigate to Tools > Export Data. Select desired type of data exported and hit Export.

10. Queries - Need to run queries against your database? That's possible as well. However, you must have SQL knowledge to perform operations on tables. Here's how to create query in HubSpot: Log into HubSpot WebApp. Click Query Builder. Under Database Connections, click +Add Connection. Choose appropriate connection based on your target database. Then, write down required columns and specify proper table names. Use WHERE clause whenever needed. Once done, click Execute Query. Another way is to directly execute stored procedure written in PL/SQL language.

11. Scheduling Meetings - How easy it is to schedule meetings in HubSpot? Simply head to Calendar > Schedule Meeting. Here, you can search for dates and times convenient for everyone involved. Once selected, click OK. A pop-up window displays asking you to confirm meeting date and time. Confirm meeting details and hit Save.

12. Find Customers - Do you wish to track down potential buyers? Don't waste your valuable time searching for them anymore. Instead, visit Find Customers section. Here, you can browse through millions of customer records in order to identify interested parties. Search by city, state, country, industry, product category, price range, keywords, etc. Upon completion of search, you'll notice a huge map displaying matching rows.

13. Know What Happened - Whenever there is any major event related to your company, you should be notified immediately. This is why HubSpot sends weekly digest of all significant happenings around the world. Head to Dashboard > Weekly Digest. Check out items displayed there. They tell you everything you need to know.

14. Appointments - To book appointments online, visit Book Appointment. From here, you can select appointment duration, availability, booking rules, payment methods, and more. After making necessary adjustments, click Show Results. If you prefer speaking to live agents instead, call 800-555-5555.

15. Chat Online - If you want to chat instantly with colleagues or prospective clients, hop on to Live Help. Or alternatively, you can initiate voice chat with individuals. Visit Voice / Video Call icon.

16. Blog Posts - With HubSpot blogging module, you can easily publish blog posts on topics relating to your brand. Alternatively, you can also post comments on other users' entries. To do so, visit Content Library > Comments.

17. Forms - Need to collect feedback via surveys or applications? Well, HubSpot provides free application programming interface (API). Through API, third-party applications can integrate with HubSpot. Currently, only five types of forms are supported namely Feedback Form, Survey Form, Capture Page, Registration Form, and Order Form.

Finding out information about your online marketing software is often like trying to find water on Mars or an alien planet—it's hard to come across anything useful. HubSpot provides detailed descriptions about its own product offerings but doesn't offer clear guidelines for pricing and user limitations.

We've compiled some basic facts about how much it costs to use HubSpot, what features are included at no charge, and whether there are restrictions when using the platform. If you're considering signing up for HubSpot, this should help give you a better idea if it's worth paying monthly fees to keep your data centralized.

Hubspot has two main plans: Starter & Enterprise. The first gives you access to all of their tools and training, while the second includes additional enterprise-level capabilities such as multi-user support, larger database storage space, and dedicated customer success team. Both provide contact management capabilities including lead tracking, reporting, analytics, and sales forecasting. We'll discuss these plans separately below.

But before we get into specifics, let's talk about one thing everyone interested in starting a business will want to know: How many Contacts can I create in HubSpot?

How many contacts can you have in the HubSpot CRM?

The amount of people who need to be added to your Contact Manager depends on the size of your business. But generally speaking, most companies should start off by adding between 5–30 employees (depending on individual departments). For businesses with fewer than five employees, HubSpot recommends looking elsewhere for solutions.

However, HubSpot does not specify exactly how large each company must grow before upgrading to a higher plan. It only says "As your organization grows, so too does our solution." In other words, HubSpot may consider different factors in determining which package best suits your needs based on growth projections—but they don't disclose them publicly.

If you’re just getting started, HubSpot also suggests creating a sandbox environment where you test new ideas and strategies without committing long-term resources. This allows you to experiment with different types of content and designs without risking valuable client relationships.

You can always switch back to a lower plan after testing, but switching later could require contacting HubSpot's Customer Success Team. They might recommend that you upgrade due to changing market conditions or because you exceeded certain usage thresholds. Upgrading isn't necessarily tied to growing either — HubSpot may decide to raise prices for existing customers because of changes made to their service or updates to the program.

So far, we haven't mentioned User Limits yet, but HubSpot does place some restrictions on the numbers of Users and Contacts you can sign up under each account type. You can check your current User Limit here, and see your total email count per month and Data Storage Capacity here.

How many emails can you have with free HubSpot?

 When you register for HubSpot, you automatically receive 15 Emails Per Month for personal use. These include welcome messages, newsletters, event invitations, etc., and cannot be turned off unless you delete your account entirely. However, you can change this default setting within your Account Settings page, found via the gear icon next to My Home tab, then clicking Manage Email Preferences. There, you simply select Customize Monthly Plan and enter 0 for the Default Number of Emails field. Click Save Changes once done.

This option applies to both Free accounts and Standard/Premium plans. So even though your initial plan comes with 15 emails per month, you won't actually get billed until you reach 1 million Contacts, 10 million emails, or 10 TB of data stored, whichever happens first.

How many users can I add HubSpot?

In addition to having different price tiers, HubSpot offers three distinct levels of membership: Individual, Professional, and Business. Each level supports multiple Users depending on the specific subscription plan you choose.

Professional users can have unlimited Users and can transfer those Users' data from previous versions of HubSpot. A professional license usually runs $199 per year. Business licenses run $299 per year. These packages allow organizations to share documents, calendars, spreadsheets, databases, and social media pages among several Users simultaneously. They typically feature unlimited Teams and Projects, plus 2 GB Database storage.

Individual memberships are limited to one User, and run $69 per month ($7.49 per week) or $99 per quarter ($9.99 per week). Although HubSpot states that "individuals" means anyone working full time, you can still sign up for HubSpot if you work part-time.

Here's what you pay for extra Users:

1 Additional User = $19.95 per month

2 Additional Users = $29.90 per month

3 Additional Users = $39.85 per month

4+ Additional Users = $49.80 per month

Keep in mind that hubspot charges double the rate for every additional person beyond your base group. That said, HubSpot has special promotions running occasionally for groups over 100,000 Users. If you fall into this category, please take advantage!

Note: When purchasing HubSpot Premium, you can purchase directly through HubSpot rather than through Google Sheets. By doing so, you bypass third party payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree.

Is there a limit of number of contacts in HubSpot?

No. HubSpot has no stated maximum number of Contacts you can store in your system. While HubSpot restricts the number of Users you can join, there are no explicit caps placed on how many Contacts you can track individually.

That being said, HubSpot advises against storing more than 50,000 Contacts. Why? Because when you exceed this threshold, you lose the ability to search for individuals by name or assign unique IDs to records. Instead, you must resort to scanning ID codes assigned to your Contacts. And although you can filter down to single Records by searching for partial names, it takes longer and is less efficient than filtering out duplicates manually.

One way around this would be to split your list into smaller chunks, allowing you to fit more items into memory. Then, during searches, you can scan the entire list at once instead of sequentially. Another workaround involves converting duplicate Entities into separate entities, making it easier to manage your lists without losing functionality.

Unfortunately, HubSpot's recommendations aren't legally binding, meaning they're subject to change at anytime without notice. To avoid confusion, make sure you review the terms of agreement thoroughly prior to signing up for HubSpot.

If you'd like to learn more about HubSpot's pricing structure, read our article detailing everything HubSpot Pro subscribers enjoy. Or visit the FAQ section of HubSpot's website to learn more about general questions regarding the company's policies.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

HubSpot is one of the top cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions for small businesses today. The company was founded by its current CEO Dharmesh Shah back in 1998, and it has since grown to be used across industries.

The platform lets business owners manage their customers better through tools like marketing automation, sales tracking, lead nurturing, and reporting. It's also available in two plans — Starter (free tier) and Professional ($49 per user/month).

In this article we'll explain how HubSpot works and what each plan includes. We’ll also tell you exactly how many Contacts are included in your subscription package, as well as whether there are any other hidden costs or limitations. So let’s get started!

How many contacts can I have on my free HubSpot account?

If you're using HubSpot's free version, you’re limited to 100 active leads at any given time. This means that if you want to track more than 100 prospects and clients, they need to upgrade to a paid plan. However, even though you only have access to 100 total leads, you still have plenty of options to grow your list. You can build up your database over multiple sources such as social media platforms, email lists, etc., without paying anything extra.

Additionally, once you've reached 100 contacts, you will not incur additional charges until your next billing cycle starts. If you don't reach your goal during your trial period, HubSpot won't automatically bill you again. Instead, you would simply stop receiving service after 30 days unless you renew your agreement.

How many users can use HubSpot Free CRM?

When signing up for HubSpot, all new users receive unlimited Contacts. There are no restrictions here whatsoever. In addition, you can add unlimited Users under your account too, so long as they aren't sharing an instance of HubSpot together. Each User gets his or her own login credentials. These numbers should cover most small businesses' needs when first starting out.

However, HubSpot does place some restrictions on certain types of data usage depending on which plan you choose. For example, while Basic gives you 3GB worth of storage space for attachments, Unlimited provides 10 GB. Also, Professional subscribers who exceed 5TB of monthly traffic may face temporary speed throttling.

These are quite minor inconveniences compared to the overall value of having HubSpot as your CRM solution. And remember, you can always pay for premium support from Hubspot's team of experts if you ever run into problems.

How many accounts can you have on HubSpot?

Each licensed subscriber can create as many Accounts as needed within HubSpot. All Account records belong exclusively to them and cannot be shared between different users. They can link these Accounts to whichever Teams they wish.

Teams allow you to organize individuals or groups of employees based around similar interests. Think of them like separate profiles where people can post projects, events, tasks, etc. Team members can assign specific roles to individual members, making collaboration easier.

You can set up teams with names and colors just like real companies and brands do, but HubSpot doesn't limit you in terms of naming schemes. Your choice really depends on which type of organization you prefer to work with.

Once you've created your first team, you can continue adding others down the road, and every member of that team can join existing ones whenever desired.

As mentioned earlier, however, HubSpot places some rather strict limitations on both number of Teams and Users under the Pro plan. While Professional users can start with three Teams, they must remain below five in order to keep their speeds intact. Conversely, if you already have six Teams, you can increase your total number of Users to 50 but not above five.

At least, that's the case right now. As HubSpot continues evolving, these parameters might change. But regardless, you shouldn't encounter any significant hurdles before being able to scale up.

How many users can I have on a free HubSpot account?

There are no special rules governing free HubSpot accounts aside from the fact that they come with fewer benefits compared to Premium accounts. To put things simply, you should expect to see less personalized design elements and perhaps have slower loading times.

For starters, your basic Contact page is going to look something like this:

Also, you won't be able to customize branding or personalize templates like emails, landing pages, forms, etc. Lastly, you'll find yourself missing out on important features like mobile app sync, live chat integration, and multi-step journeys.

Of course, none of this comes close to comparing to the frustration of trying to make sense of complex interfaces found on competing CRMs. But hey, it's good enough to help get you acquainted with HubSpot's main offerings.

What about HubSpot's pricing structure? How much do contacts cost in HubSpot?

While HubSpot uses yearly subscriptions to charge its customers, the price for Contacts isn't fixed either. Depending on your preferred plan, you should notice changes in the prices listed below. Regardless, HubSpot allows you to buy credits for Contacts directly from within the Customer Center dashboard itself. Here's a quick breakdown of pricing structures:

Basic ($0): 100 Contacts + 1 Customized Email Template, plus 500 MB Storage Space & Attachments

Professional ($19): 250 Contacts + 2 Customized Email Templates, plus 1250MB Storage Space & Attachments

Unlimited ($39): 1000 Contacts + 6 Customized Email Templates, plus 20 GB Storage Space & Up to 10 TB Bandwidth Per Month

Enterprise ($99): 25000+ Contacts + 18 Customized Email Templates, plus 200 GB Storage Space & 15 TB Bandwidth Per Month

To give you a taste of what HubSpot offers, we've selected professional pricing as our baseline. Let's break down what exactly that entails:

250 Contacts + 2 customized email templates = $125

Storage space for attachments: 500 MB x 250 contacts = 125,000 B

That brings us to HubSpot's bandwidth allowance. Since Enterprise packages offer higher amounts of network resources, they include larger cap values for incoming and outgoing file transfers. For example, Professional users get 20 Gb of upload capacity, whereas Unlimited subscribers enjoy 10 Tb.

This is especially useful for large enterprises looking to host content delivery networks (CDNs), allowing them to serve files faster. However, these figures could vary slightly depending on your industry.

Finally, the last line item in the chart represents the actual amount of Contacts you'd end up buying if you went for the maximum possible option. That's because HubSpot allocates these licenses proportionally according to your contact count.

So if you happen to subscribe to Unlimited instead, consider scaling down to Professional later when you realize that you actually need more Contacts. Or maybe you should go ahead and spring for Enterprise straight away. Either way, HubSpot ensures that everyone pays fairly for what they consume.

Is HubSpot safe to use? What security measures does it take to protect my data?

Security is paramount to HubSpot, and the entire platform runs off HTTPS connections. Plus, HubSpot takes proper care of securing sensitive information like passwords, payment methods, and bank cards.

But HubSpot goes beyond encrypting your messages and keeping your info secure. Its built-in Security Dashboard helps you stay updated on the latest threats affecting your system. On top of that, you can easily view recent activity reports to spot suspicious behavior.

Lastly, HubSpot offers several identity verification techniques including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, Extended Validation Certificates (EV), Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), among others.

Considering HubSpot's reputation as a trustworthy provider, you can rest assured knowing that your confidential data is kept safely protected behind layers upon layers of encryption technology.

Now that we've gone over everything you need to know about HubSpot's pricing model, let's talk about another common question people often ask regarding CRMs: Is HubSpot intuitive?

Does HubSpot integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365? Can I perform day-to-day operations from the comfort of my web browser? Does HubSpot provide me with sufficient training materials? Are there any online tutorials to show me the ropes?

Yes, yes, and yes. Even beginners can pick up the basics pretty quickly thanks to concise step-by-step guides and video instructions available everywhere inside HubSpot. You can learn how to navigate menus, open various tabs, edit fields, insert images, etc.

And if you ever experience trouble setting up your profile, troubleshooting errors, creating queries, exporting data, etc., HubSpot's Support Community hosts hundreds of helpful answers to questions related to almost every aspect imaginable.

All in all, HubSpot makes getting familiar with its interface easy and comfortable. Whether you're brand-new to CRMs or a seasoned expert, you shouldn't have any difficulties working your way around the program.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about HubSpot and feel confident about giving it a try. Now it's time to explore why so many professionals love HubSpot so much.

Why is HubSpot loved by so many entrepreneurs? Why did it become known as "the Google Docs of Sales"? Find out on the next page...



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