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How to Hire the Right Content Writers for Your Team

How to Hire the Right Content Writers for Your Team

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Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to research products and services. Quality content that engages and informs your target audience is key to grabbing their attention. 

However, creating such content requires a skilled and talented content writer. The demand for high-quality writers has increased in the past few years. In the US, nearly 50,000 people are making a living as writers. 

This demand is due to content's vital role in building brand awareness and driving traffic to a business's website. But how do you find the right one to complete your team? Read on. 

Tips for Hiring the Right Content Writers

The following tips can help you make the right choice.

Create a Brand Guideline

Before you hire the right content writer, you want to build your brand guideline first. A brand guideline is a document that outlines your brand's tone, style, and values. It provides writers with a clear understanding of what your brand represents. This helps them align their writing with your brand's identity.

A brand guideline can include information such as:

  • Tone: Should the writing be formal or casual? Should it be serious or lighthearted?

  • Style: What type of language and grammar rules should the writer follow? Should they use contractions or avoid them?

  • Values: What values does your brand prioritize? Are there any topics that should be avoided or emphasized?

Assess Writing Skills

You want to ensure they have the right skill set for the job. You can assess a candidate's writing skills by reviewing writing samples. Ask for writing samples demonstrating the candidate's ability to write for your target audience. You can also give them a writing skills assessment test. Provide the candidate with a writing prompt and evaluate their writing skills based on their response. 

Similarly, you can review your candidate’s application and spot grammatical errors. 

Check Portfolio

Don’t hesitate to ask for the writer’s portfolio. You want to have a baseline of what they’ve worked on in the past to see if they will be an appropriate fit for your team. It will also let you gauge their areas of expertise.

When reviewing a candidate's portfolio, look for experience writing the type of content you need, such as blog posts or social media content. Don’t forget to evaluate the quality of the content produced in the past to ensure that it meets your standards.

If possible, check for content produced in the past that has engaged the target audience.

See Past Client Feedback

Ask for references and make sure to connect with their previous clients. Feedback from past clients provides insight into the writer's work ethic, reliability, and ability to meet deadlines.

When evaluating past client feedback, you should look for evidence that the writer has consistently delivered high-quality work and met deadlines.

Use the opportunity to evaluate the writer's communication skills and whether they were easy to work with. It will also help if you can gauge their ability to adapt to clients’ needs in producing content aligned with their brand's vision.

Gauge Attitude

Aside from writing skills, you’ll also want to assess your potential writer’s attitude. You want to have someone passionate about writing and with a genuine concern about your business. Look for someone willing to learn and adapt to your brand's needs.

You’d also want someone professional, communicative, and responsible about deadlines. 

Discuss Work Setup

Once you’ve shortlisted your candidates, you’d want to narrow it down further by giving them an idea of what the job entails. You want to ensure the writer has the equipment, software, and tools to produce high-quality content and meet deadlines. They should also be aware of what is expected of them. Remember that lack of purpose is among the reasons for high employee turnover

Ensure that the writer has a reliable computer and internet connection. Determine whether the writer can access the necessary software, such as word processing and project management tools. Don’t forget to discuss communication methods and ensure the writer can communicate regularly.

If they’ll work on flexible hours, set a communication window to ensure everyone’s on the same page. 

Key Takeaways

Anyone can be a good writer, but it doesn’t mean they can all be part of your team. Find the right content writer that matches your needs and team culture. 

Follow these tips: 

  • Create a brand guideline

  • Assess the candidate's writing skills 

  • Check the candidate's portfolio

  • Evaluate past client feedback 

  • Gauge the candidate's attitude 

  • Discuss the work setup



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