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Is LinkedIn Learning same as Lynda?

Is LinkedIn Learning same as Lynda?

LinkedIn has been around for over 20 years now, but it wasn't until recently when people started noticing that their entire professional network on the site was actually one big advertisement for LinkedIn itself. This made many wonder if there were any other ways to learn from experts without having to pay money or advertise your job to the world.

So what's going on with this merger between LinkedIn and Lynda? When did they merge? And are they still different platforms? Let us find out!

What is LinkedIn Learning called?

If you're wondering about whether or how LinkedIn Learning compares to SkillShare, we can start off here. Both of these companies offer education opportunities through video streaming classes. But while both have similar names, they aren't exactly identical. So let's first look at LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn offers more than just video content though. They also host live events which feature guest speakers who share industry knowledge with attendees. You'll also see them hosting group discussions where professionals discuss topics like business strategy or leadership style.

These live streams are usually recorded so you don't need to worry about missing anything important during class. There are also some paid options available too, including subscriptions to premium services such as LinkedIn Premium Training. These allow you access to additional training tools and resources that won't necessarily show up in the free version of the app.

You will also notice that most of the information offered on LinkedIn Learning comes under the "Learning" tab rather than the "Education" tab. This means that while they do provide lessons, they focus primarily on career development and employability skills rather than academic subjects.

This makes sense since LinkedIn aims to help users gain experience and build connections instead of becoming an expert in something new. For example, even if you want to learn about computer programming (which isn't necessary), you would probably use a tool like Codecademy to understand the basics before jumping into Udemy or Coursera to study more advanced concepts.

What did LinkedIn Learning used to be called?

The name LinkedIn Learning came into existence back in 2014, although its roots go all the way back to 2004. Before then, the company was known as The Linked Group. Then they renamed themselves to LinkedIn Education in 2010 and eventually became LinkedIn Learning in 2014.

LinkedIn acquired Lynda in 2016 for $1 billion dollars and integrated it into the platform. While the branding hasn't completely changed yet, we do expect to see changes soon. In fact, LinkedIn announced last week that their new logo and website design will come sometime in 2020. We should know more details about this once the rollout happens.

When did LinkedIn launch LinkedIn Learning?

In 2007, LinkedIn launched a product called Pulse that allowed businesses to post their jobs and recruiters could search for potential candidates based on keywords. As time went on, the service evolved into a full-fledged social media networking platform.

Since then, LinkedIn has become increasingly popular among professionals across industries. Many people use LinkedIn to keep track of friends and family members who work at various organizations. Others use it to connect with colleagues and make valuable contacts within their own field. Still others use it exclusively for professional purposes.

It turns out that even though LinkedIn started out focused on connecting people, it quickly grew into a place for employers to hire qualified workers. That meant that as the number of people using the platform increased, so did the number of ads popping up everywhere on the screen. Some people found this annoying because they didn't feel like they needed another ad for every single thing they saw.

That's why LinkedIn created a separate section for educational videos that weren't sponsored by the company. Nowadays, you can log into the platform, navigate to the Education page, and discover several hundred curated videos covering everything from basic coding tutorials to tips on improving personal relationships and productivity techniques.

There are also dozens of different courses available from top instructors in different fields. If you click on the Learn button next to each topic, you can watch short clips about the subject matter. Most of these courses are self-paced, meaning that you decide when you'd like to begin watching and complete them at your leisure.

Some of the courses are also designed to be taken online, allowing students to take advantage of flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities. Since the platform allows users to sign up for unlimited trials, you may never run out of content to consume.

Is LinkedIn Learning and Lynda the same?

While LinkedIn Learning and Lynda have very similar features, there are definitely differences between the two. Here are three key points explaining the difference between the two:

Both products aim to teach individuals about specific skills they might lack. However, Lynda focuses mainly on teaching general information technology programs whereas LinkedIn Learning focuses more on career development and employability skills.

Lynda offers a lot of paid courses that cover a wide range of topics. On the other hand, LinkedIn Learning gives away tons of free content that covers pretty much everything you could ever want to learn.

LinkedIn Learning costs less than Lynda. With Lynda costing around $50 per month, it comes with a huge amount of value compared to LinkedIn Learning which only costs $9.95 per month.

With that said, both platforms offer incredible value. Anyone looking for quality education shouldn't hesitate to check either one out. Just remember to pick the right one depending on your needs.

For instance, if you're interested in developing your career or preparing for university, you should consider enrolling in Lynda's courses. Otherwise, if you already hold a high degree of expertise in a certain area, you may prefer LinkedIn Learning.

What Is LinkedIn Learning

In May of 2015, LinkedIn announced they would be merging their learning program with another company called Lynda (which is also an online training service). They are calling this new program, "LinkedIn Learning".

"We’re excited about our partnership with Lynda and believe this will make LinkedIn the best place to get expert advice," said Scott Galloway, CTO at LinkedIn.

The first thing that comes up once you log onto the website is the ability to create custom courses. These can range anywhere from beginner level to advanced topics. You start off with creating a very basic course which teaches you how to use the different features of the site. From there you can jump right into more complex material.

There's no limit to what kind of content you could offer through these courses, so long as you have some expertise in whatever field you're teaching others. If you've ever taken a class before, then chances are pretty good that someone else out there already knows just enough about the topic that you're going to cover. And since most people are willing to share knowledge for free -- even though sometimes it seems like we don't want to give away too much information -- all you need to do is ask questions and build upon what you learned. Everyone wins!

LinkedIn Learning is one of the most popular platforms for online training and has been around since 2006 (as Lynda). However, it's also known as "Lynda" which makes some people wonder if they're referring to the same thing. The short answer is no.

The big difference between LinkedIn Learning and Lynda is that LinkedIn Learning is part of the company behind LinkedIn itself while Lynda is an independent entity with its own website. But what does this mean exactly? Is there any change to how we use them or will they continue on separate paths? Let's take a look at everything you need to know about both.

Did Lynda com become LinkedIn Learning?

Before 2016, when LinkedIn acquired Lynda, it wasn't called LinkedIn Learning. Instead, it was simply called LinkedIn Training. So why did the name change? Well, according to LinkedIn, it was because their users were confused about whether they could access all of the content on Lynda through LinkedIn Learning. To clarify things, LinkedIn renamed the service from LinkedIn Training to LinkedIn Learning.

From here on out, you'll just see LinkedIn Learning referred to as either LinkedIn Learning or Lynda depending on who you ask. If you want to learn more about the history of LinkedIn Learning, check out our article on the subject.

What did Lynda become?

Once LinkedIn bought Lynda in 2016, LinkedIn became the owner of the entire site. This meant that all of your Lynda credentials would now work seamlessly within LinkedIn Learning. What used to be two separate websites would now be integrated together so that you wouldn't have to log in twice.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Lynda stopped being an entirely different platform altogether though. In fact, many of the features are still available. You can create custom playlists and collections using Lynda videos, browse through courses by topic, and even watch lectures and other educational material without having to sign up for anything else.

But because Lynda didn't officially integrate with LinkedIn until 2016, you may find yourself wondering where to go if you've already signed up for a Lynda account. Luckily, Lynda still exists! And since it's not affiliated with LinkedIn anymore, you don't actually lose any information once you switch over to LinkedIn Learning.

If you haven't yet tried Lynda, you should definitely give it a shot before switching over to LinkedIn Learning. There are plenty of reasons why you might like it better than LinkedIn Learning. For example, when you first open Lynda, you'll probably see something similar to this:

As you scroll further down, you'll see that there are several courses listed along with descriptions and prices. Some of these courses will appear under the Learn tab, which is where you'd expect to see all the courses offered by LinkedIn Learning. On top of that, Lynda offers a lot of different types of classes ranging from business-related topics to personal development.

It's worth noting that Lynda isn't the cheapest option for taking online classes. While there are certainly cheaper options out there, Lynda tends to offer higher quality education at lower costs compared to others.

You may also notice that Lynda seems to focus primarily on video rather than text. That's true, but unlike many other sites, Lynda allows you to download all of your lessons right away. All you have to do is click Download to save the lesson file locally. Then, whenever you want to review it again, you can easily open it back up inside your Lynda app.

Is Lynda com shutting down?

At press time, Lynda hasn't announced any plans to shut down anytime soon. As far as I'm aware, they're currently operating normally as usual. According to their official blog post, they intend to keep offering their services indefinitely.

While LinkedIn Learning is technically owned by the same company as Lynda, it's important to note that LinkedIn is a completely different brand. This means that while LinkedIn Learning shares some similarities with Lynda, they aren't identical to each other.

For now, LinkedIn Learning continues to operate independently alongside Lynda. Although LinkedIn Learning is owned by the same parent company, it's still considered to be a separate product. They share a common goal and mission statement, but they remain distinct entities.

That said, it's possible that LinkedIn Learning will eventually merge with Lynda in the future. Both companies are run by the same leadership team and the same owners. One day, it's likely that LinkedIn Learning and Lynda will start sharing resources and merging their products together.

Until then, however, you shouldn't worry too much. Even if LinkedIn Learning becomes fully integrated with Lynda, you won't lose any of your existing data. Just make sure you follow us on social media so you stay updated with new developments. We'll always let you know what's happening with Lynda, whether it ends up becoming LinkedIn Learning or not.

Will Lynda com be discontinued?

We don't believe that Lynda is going anywhere any time soon. Since LinkedIn took ownership of Lynda, it appears that the two brands will stay intact for the foreseeable future.

So, assuming nothing changes drastically, you'll still be able to enjoy Lynda long after LinkedIn Learning takes over. Until those days come, however, you can rest assured knowing that your current Lynda accounts are safe and secure.

In addition, if you've never taken advantage of Lynda's mobile apps, you owe it to yourself to try them out. They allow you to view Lynda courses wherever you happen to be -- whether that's sitting at home on your couch or riding the bus across town.

If you decide to join the millions of people looking to upgrade their skills, you'll receive $10 off your first purchase of Skillshare Premium when you apply code SKILLSHARE20 at checkout.

What Is LinkedIn Learning

The first version of LinkedIn Learning came about when LinkedIn acquired Lynda in 2007. Since then, the site has grown to offer over 800 courses and more than 10 million users.

Nowadays, there are three main areas on the website where learners can get their hands dirty with learning materials. These include the Courses section which offers videos lectures from industry experts who teach employees how to learn new skills and improve existing ones. There's also an Events page offering live classes at your local library or community center. And finally, there's the Marketplace, which provides access to thousands of free ebooks, articles, guides, etc., to help you hone your knowledge.

In addition to these three ways to expand your horizons, there are also a number of different ways to find content through the site. For example, you can browse all available courses under the Courses tab or search using keywords related to your interests. You can also use filters like topic, audience, certification level, language, price range, rating, etc. Finally, you can look for something called Featured Content, which includes material from various sources including the company’s own blogs, podcasts, forums, webinars, books, and magazines.

How Do I Sign Up?

To become part of LinkedIn Learning, simply click on the Join button next to any course title. This will take you directly to the registration form. Once registered, you'll be able to view the full list of lessons offered by this particular class and enroll in them whenever you want. If you have already enrolled in other courses before,

It's been almost four years since Lynda acquired Linked-In Learning (formerly known as "Lynda"), but it wasn't long before many people realized they were one in the same company. The two platforms are often confused with each other, so let's clear up any confusion here.

When Lynda first launched back in 2008, it offered an array of different video tutorials for professionals looking to improve their skills or advance in their careers. The site has evolved over time, adding new content categories like business books, self improvement topics, and even cooking classes. But when Lynda acquired LinkedIn Learning in 2013, some wondered if there would be changes at all. In fact, most users assumed that the acquisition meant nothing more than a rebranding effort -- a quick name change from "LinkedIn" to "LinkedIn Learning."

Not too far down the line, however, we started seeing subtle differences between the two brands. For example, while both sites offer tons of training videos covering everything from marketing tactics to basic accounting procedures, LinkedIn Learning offers more advanced courses in its library. And although both websites still focus heavily on professional development, LinkedIn Learning also includes plenty of educational material geared toward students who want to learn about specific career paths, such as engineering or computer programming.

So is this change just cosmetic, or does LinkedIn Learning actually look and feel differently now compared to how it did before being bought out by LinkedIn? We'll dive deep into these questions below.

Is Lynda com LinkedIn Learning?

Before we talk about whether or not LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn are the same thing, let's take a step back and answer the question, Is Lynda com LinkedIn Learning?, because the answer will help us determine what exactly happened during the merger.

According to Wikipedia, the Merger Agreement was signed on July 2nd, 2013. On October 1st, 2014, LinkedIn officially announced the results of the agreement. So yes, according to the terms of the contract, LinkedIn owns 100% of LinkedIn Learning.

Now that we know that LinkedIn purchased the entire operation, it seems like another logical conclusion is that LinkedIn Learning should become completely integrated with LinkedIn itself. However, based on our research, it doesn't appear that LinkedIn Learning is part of LinkedIn anymore. There are no signs indicating that LinkedIn Learning is moving away from its own brand identity or becoming less focused on education. Instead, it appears that LinkedIn Learning continues to operate independently under the LinkedIn umbrella.

That said, there are some indications that LinkedIn Learning may eventually merge with LinkedIn again in the future. For instance, the website used to display information about job openings within the network. Now, those pages have disappeared entirely. You can still find them on LinkedIn's Jobs page, though. This could mean that LinkedIn plans to integrate LinkedIn Learning once again at some point in the future. Or it might simply mean that LinkedIn removed the jobs section due to high competition among job boards and social media networks. Either way, we're going to wait and see.

Is LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn the same?

Next, we need to figure out if LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn are synonymous with each other. If you've ever watched the YouTube channel SkillShare, then you already know that Skillshare is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. That means that as long as you're logged in using your LinkedIn account, you can view Skillshare content on the site without having to create a separate profile. This isn't necessarily true everywhere, though. Many colleges don't allow students to access their personal profiles through student accounts, which makes it difficult for students to complete certain assignments.

However, you do have the option to log into LinkedIn Learning using your LinkedIn credentials. Doing so gives you full access to every single course available on the site. Also, unlike some college campuses, you won't encounter any issues logging onto LinkedIn Learning via your university email address.

You can check whether or not you're connected to LinkedIn Learning by visiting If you see a message stating that you aren't currently enrolled in the service, click Connect Now. Then, make sure you sign in using your Google or Facebook username instead of your LinkedIn ID. Once you do that, you'll gain access to every single course on the site!

If you decide to enroll in any of the courses, you'll receive notifications whenever someone comments or rates a particular lesson. These ratings are visible throughout the lessons themselves. As mentioned above, some courses require you to create a separate profile. Others, like the Microsoft Office 365 class, don't ask you to register until you finish the first module.

Do you have to be on LinkedIn to use LinkedIn Learning?

Finally, we need to discuss whether or not you must be on LinkedIn to use LinkedIn Learning. While the majority of the courses on the site are only accessible through the LinkedIn app, there are a couple of exceptions. First off, you can always browse the course catalog directly from the main webpage. Additionally, you can watch free Skillshare videos right on the homepage. All you need is a valid URL.

But if you'd rather use the mobile interface exclusively, then you'll need to download the official app. Unfortunately, the iOS version hasn't made the leap yet. You'll need to stick with Android for now.

On top of that, there are several paid subscriptions that you'll have to pay for separately. Here's a list of the features included in each plan:

$19 / month ($10 per month): Free Skillshare Subscription

$29 / month ($15 per month): Plus Skillshare subscription

$49 / month ($25 per month): Premium Skillshare subscription

$99 / month ($50 per month): Unlimited Skillshare Subscriptions

$199 / month ($100 per month): Business Class Skillshare Subscriptions

While none of these plans include access to LinkedIn Learning, they do grant you unlimited usage of Skillshare videos.

As you can probably tell, the pricing structure is pretty steep. Even if you wanted to pay $39.95 to get unlimited access to Skillshare videos, you couldn't possibly justify shelling out nearly three times that amount for LinkedIn Learning. Unless you're willing to commit yourself to a whole year of membership, I wouldn't recommend trying to save money by signing up for the cheaper monthly options.

Can LinkedIn Learning go on a resume?

There are definitely pros and cons to taking LinkedIn Learning courses on your resume. When employers run a background search, they tend to prioritize information obtained through formal education programs over anything else. Therefore, if you took a few Skillshare classes, chances are good that it will show up on your CV next to your degree. If you didn't get certified, though, it might seem suspicious.

Of course, you can easily delete the courses you completed from your LinkedIn profile. To remove a course, head to Manage My Courses on the left sidebar menu. Next, select View Details. Scroll down until you reach the Learn More button. Click it, then scroll down a bit further. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see Delete Course. Select Yes, Delete Course, and confirm your choice. Your LinkedIn profile will automatically reflect the deletion.

For those interested in getting certifications, you should consider checking out Udemy. A lot of companies are starting to recognize these kinds of qualifications as legitimate sources of expertise. Some employers even prefer candidates who have taken Udemy classes over others who hold degrees from prestigious universities.

And now that you know more about the two services, maybe you're ready to start building your own portfolio. Whether you choose Lynda or Skillshare, remember that you shouldn't stop there. Both platforms offer dozens of additional resources for improving your knowledge base. Just keep searching around and you'll soon discover countless ways to grow your skillset.




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