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Is Spotio a CRM?

Is Spotio a CRM?

Spotio has emerged as one of the most powerful sales tools in the market today. It helps you manage your entire sales pipeline from lead generation through client management, all while being completely free!

While many companies offer similar services, there are several key differences between Spotio and its competition that make it stand out among them. Here’s what makes SPOTIO different than other CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) platforms on the market.

What is Spotio for?

If you want to be successful with your business, having an effective Sales Pipeline is critical. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, “Salespeople who can effectively forecast their pipeline and predict when they will close deals have significantly higher levels of performance." With Spotio, you get everything you need to build a solid foundation for success in this area. Not only do we help you optimize your pipeline, but also provide features like automated follow-ups, email marketing campaigns, and more. We give you control over every aspect of your sales strategy so you can focus on closing more deals. With our easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to quickly set up new clients or leads, view reports, add notes, send emails, and much more.

The best part about Spotio is that it's absolutely FREE! No contracts, no hidden fees – just awesome service at a price anyone can afford. If you're interested in learning more about how Spotio works, here's a quick overview:

What Does SPOTIO Do?

As mentioned above, Spotio provides a suite of tools designed specifically to streamline your workflows and improve your overall efficiency. Here’s a look at some of those features:

Automated Follow Ups - By default, Spotio sends automatic reminders to your prospects via email once per week until your next scheduled meeting. You can customize these messages using templates that include links to content relevant to each prospect. This allows you to stay top-of-mind without becoming intrusive.

Email Marketing Campaigns - Spotio lets you schedule customized weekly email newsletters which contain helpful information geared towards specific audiences. For example, if you want to inform current customers that there are changes coming down the road, you would simply select that option during setup. The system then automatically generates emails based on your selections.

Customized Reports - Spotio gives you access to hundreds of prebuilt report types that allow you to see exactly where your company stands compared to others. These reports come complete with customizable charts, graphs, and data tables, making it easier than ever before to analyze your results.

Lead Scoring & Automation Tools - Using the LeadScoring feature, you can assign points to various factors including industry experience, job title, number of years working in your industry, education level, etc. Once you've assigned points, the scoring system will generate a score based on the total amount of points earned throughout history. Use this tool to identify potential opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Contact Tracking & Notes - When setting up your first contact, you can choose whether you'd prefer to use text boxes or dropdown menus. Then, you can attach files such as presentations or spreadsheets directly to contacts. After you finish entering details into these fields, you can click save and continue adding additional contacts. As soon as you enter any details into the form, your contact receives an alert reminding him/her to check his/her inbox. You can also keep track of important conversations with notes attached to contacts, saving yourself time later by easily locating past discussions.

Does Spotio Track Location?

One of the biggest benefits of using Spotio is that it keeps tabs on your employees' whereabouts. While you might think that tracking locations could slow things down a bit, actually, it can reduce the risk of losing valuable leads due to misplaced paperwork and poor communication. Plus, even though mobile technology has become ubiquitous, not everyone uses smartphones 100% of the time. That means there is still plenty of room for improvement. Being proactive instead of reactive in terms of customer communications can yield huge dividends both now and long term. By keeping tabs on where your team members spend the majority of their days, you can better plan future meetings and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, since you can log into your account from anywhere, you don't have to worry about missing a call because you were too busy searching online for directions.

How many times have you been late to a meeting because you couldn't find parking? Or worse yet, left behind documents at home because you didn't realize you needed them? As far as I'm concerned, these scenarios should never happen again. And thanks to Spotio, they won't.

Finally, Spotio offers GPS integration, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where people are located. Now, you can know exactly where your team member was when he called last night, which means you can respond accordingly.

What Is SPOTIO Pricing?

Like we said earlier, Spotio is totally free! However, if you decide that you and your team would benefit from the extra functionality offered by our paid plans, your options range from $3-$10 per user per month depending upon your needs. Depending on the complexity of your organization, you can expect to pay roughly 0.5%-2% of your annual revenues. And unlike other CRMs that charge monthly subscription fees, Spotio doesn't require users to commit to anything beyond paying for the product itself. If you aren't satisfied after 30 days, you can cancel anytime. There are never any strings attached.

Overall, Spotio is a great choice for small businesses looking to take their operations to the next level. Whether you're managing a single rep or multiple teams, Spotio is flexible enough to meet whatever challenges arise along the way.

What Is SPOTIO's Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

The unique selling proposition (or USP) is defined as “the reason why consumers should buy from you instead of someone else”. That’s what makes it so special. The secret sauce that sets Spotio apart from every other CRM out there.

It’s not just about tracking leads or managing contacts. The key difference lies on how Spotio uses those basic features to make them more effective and efficient than ever before.

Let me show you with examples below.

SPOTIO allows its users to schedule meetings based on their availability without having to manually enter into an email thread first. This saves time and hassle for both parties involved because they don't have to waste precious minutes back-and-forth trying to find common ground if at least one party doesn't respond within 24 hours. As such, Spotio can be used as a meeting scheduler when using it with Outlook.

With the ability to send personalized emails to prospects, Spotio eliminates many of the manual tasks required to contact clients. If you're like me and constantly forget to reply to an important message, then this feature will surely come in handy.

Another great advantage of Spotio is the integration with Gmail which enables you to instantly create new emails from any email thread stored in Google Drive. For example, you could easily send a follow up email after receiving feedback from prospective customers.

Finally, Spotio

Spotio is an easy-to-use mobile app that connects your sales team with customers in real time. It's also a tool to help you manage your entire business from one place.

Spotio has more than 1 million users worldwide who use its powerful features to boost their businesses and get even better results. The company was founded back in 2012 and since then it managed to reach over $1 billion dollars of annual revenues. And now they are expanding into new markets like recruitment and HR services.

In this article we’ll show you how Spotio works and what makes it unique among other similar solutions on the market. We’ll also dive deep into the benefits of using Spotio as part of your CRM strategy.  

We'll explain everything about Spotio and how you can start using it today! If you want to learn all about the product or have any questions related to Spotio, contact us directly at

What is Spotio app?

The Spotio app allows you to take control of your customer relationship management (CRM) process while being connected to your prospects wherever they might be. You can keep tabs on them via email, phone calls, chat messages, texts, etc., and you can send personalized offers based on the information gathered during these interactions.

You will receive alerts when someone responds to your message or opens your offer, so you don't need to wait around to see if they did. With the app, you can easily access data about each prospect, such as name, job title, email address, interests, age group, and more. These details allow you to target specific groups of people through different marketing channels.

Moreover, there are many ways to interact with your contacts without having to open up another window - just click links inside emails or chats, share content across social networks, download files, book meetings, and much more. All of those actions lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales opportunities.

Another great feature of the app is automatic follow ups after every interaction. This way you always know exactly where your leads stand, whether they're interested or not, and which steps should you take next.

There are three main sections within the app: Account Management, Prospects & Leads, and Team Members. Each section contains various tools designed to improve communication between employees and clients, allowing everyone to work smarter rather than harder.

Below you will find some examples of things you can do right away with the app.

How can I track a sales person location?

If you have multiple locations, you can set up a single profile with basic info for each office. Then, whenever you log into the app you will see all of the locations listed together under “My Locations” tab. From here, you can view detailed information about each location, including photos and videos taken at the office.

This way you can check out each office before visiting it yourself. And if you ever plan to visit a particular branch, you won't waste hours looking for it online because you already have it saved in the app. It's convenient and useful.

What do you mean by field sales?

Field sales refers to companies that sell products or services directly to end consumers instead of selling to retailers or distributors first. They often rely heavily on word of mouth advertising and focus on attracting new customers with targeted campaigns. A good example of a field seller would be a car dealership.

When working with field sellers, it's crucial to make sure they understand your brand well enough to promote it effectively. In addition, you must provide clear instructions regarding the type of service you offer and how it relates to your brand.

For instance, if you run a fitness center you may ask your client to wear workout clothes and bring his/her own water bottle. But if you sell cars, you should tell them to come dressed casually but cleanly, and to carry their personal belongings with them.

As mentioned above, you can connect with prospects anywhere they are thanks to the app. That means you can communicate with them through text messages, emails, instant messaging apps, and video calling platforms. No matter how far apart they live or what platform they prefer, you can still build relationships with them.

Furthermore, you can leverage the same technology to automate tasks throughout the whole workflow, saving valuable time and resources. For example, you could schedule a meeting with a potential buyer and automatically send them a link to your website once they accept your invitation.

Finally, you can assign jobs to colleagues to reduce workloads and free up time to spend doing actual work. Using Spotio you can assign tasks to certain members of your team depending on the stage of the sale cycle. So, for example, if a potential buyer hasn't responded yet, you can give her a task to call him immediately to move forward.

Once she does, she can mark herself as completed and save her progress until the deal closes. Once closed, the system sends her a notification letting her know the task is done. She no longer needs to worry about keeping track of the status.

What is Field Sales and why is it important?

Field sales usually represent only 10% of total corporate sales, which leaves 90% to be handled by traditional methods. However, most organizations struggle to achieve success with these methods alone due to lack of visibility, ineffective processes, poor quality control, and high costs of implementation.

By integrating sales automation and field sales techniques with modern technologies, you can significantly streamline operations and maximize profits while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

With Spotio, you can combine sales and field sales strategies to ensure both departments stay productive and efficient. Your staff can perform daily activities faster, thus reducing human error and increasing efficiency. Plus, you can monitor your teams' performance and identify problems instantly, giving you insight into areas that require improvement.

Moreover, the app lets you collect and analyze data from interactions with customers. Since it integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM solution, you can quickly update your pipeline and adjust your approach accordingly.

Also, field sales deals happen mostly outside of regular business hours, so you must prepare ahead of time. Using Spotio, you can schedule appointments and reminders in advance, making the whole process easier and smoother.

Spotio Competitors

Spotio is competing against several other leading CRMs. Here are a few of them:


Zoho CRM


Microsoft Dynamics 365


G2 Crowd

SalesForce, Zoho, Hubbz, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pardot, G2 Crowd, and others are great options too depending on your preferences. However, Spotio stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. Even though it doesn't include all the bells and whistles offered by other systems, it gets the job done perfectly fine.

So, if you're considering switching to a new CRM, consider Spotio. Not only will it save you money, but it will also enable you to grow your business faster. Use our guide to compare Spotio vs. Salesforce to find out which choice fits best for your organization.

Spotio Pricing Model

Spotio pricing model includes two plans: Standard Plan ($29 per user / month) and Premium Plan ($49 per user / month). Both plans contain unlimited number of active accounts and unlimited agents.

Standard Plan comes with basic functionality, whereas Premium Plan provides advanced features such as integration with external applications and third party APIs, multi-user administration panel, and additional integrations.

To see complete list of supported languages, please refer to the full documentation page.

Spotio Benefits

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Spotio over other CRMs available on the market:

Easy to Use App

One of the major advantages of Spotio is its simple interface. There are no complicated menus or confusing interfaces to navigate. Everything is laid out clearly so you can figure it out in seconds. Moreover, Spotio supports almost all popular operating systems, meaning you can install it on virtually anything.

Automatic Follow Ups After Every Contact

Spatio uses intelligent algorithms to determine what action to take after each conversation with a prospective client. Thus, you never miss out on a chance to convert a lead into a paying customer.

Integration with Email Marketing Tools

Most of the CRMs available on the market integrate with email marketing tools, but Spotio goes beyond that. Through its API, you can pull relevant information from your database straight to your email marketing program.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Spotio gives you the option to customize dashboards to suit your needs according to your industry and budget. Its analytics capabilities let you gain insights into your business and make informed decisions about future growth.

Customer Support System

Every company needs a reliable IT infrastructure behind them to operate efficiently. Spotio has a dedicated 24/7 support team ready to assist you anytime you encounter issues.

Scalability Options

While other CRMs limit you to a fixed amount of users, Spotio offers four scalability packages starting from 500 to 20,000 users. Choose the package that suits your needs best.

Data Security

Spotio has built its reputation on being one of the best CRMs available in the market today. With over 25 million users currently using their platform around the world, it's no wonder they're considered among the top 10 most-used apps globally.

While other companies have tried to take advantage of the success that this company has had with their product, none have been able to match or even come close to what they've done so far. If you are looking for a solution that can help your sales team get more out of every opportunity, then look no further than Spotio!

Is Repsly a CRM?

Repsly was founded in 2014 as an email marketing company, but quickly grew into something much larger than just an email service provider. They have since become known as the go-to place for all things related to sales automation. Not only do they provide email templates, videos, guides, etc., but also offer solutions like Repsly Salesforce Integration which allows you to connect Repsly directly to your existing CRM system. This way you don't need to use two separate platforms if you already have one set up. You'll be able to access everything from within the same app, making it easier to manage your pipeline, follow up with leads, schedule meetings, record notes, and see how many opportunities each rep has at any given time.

They also allow you to sync your emails with Slack, Zapier, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook, meaning your inbox will always stay organized. Allowing you to focus on the important stuff without having to worry about keeping track of multiple tools.

You can view all your contacts, send messages, and organize them accordingly through the interface itself. And once you hit send, you will receive a notification letting you know when your message goes live. It's very easy to navigate and customize depending on what type of contact you want to communicate with. Plus, there are tons of features that make it possible to personalize every single aspect of the experience.

If you want to learn more about Replys products, check out our full review here: Repsly Review

Is Spotio free?

Yes, Spotio is completely free to use! There are some limitations though. For instance, you cannot import data from another CRM (like SalesForce) unless you pay extra money for the premium plan ($49/month). However, you can still export information from your old CRM to integrate with Spotio. But there are some other restrictions too such as not being able to edit reports or add custom fields. The good news is that these limitations aren’t really noticeable because you can easily change anything you want. So while you may have to adjust your expectations somewhat, it won't affect how great the tool actually works.

The free version comes with 5GB storage space, 1 user per month, 100 daily active searches, and 50 lead notifications sent daily. To upgrade to the paid plan, click on "Upgrade" under the settings menu and choose between Standard ($4), Pro ($12), Enterprise ($19) or Unlimited ($99) pricing options. As long as you signup before January 31st, 2020, you can save 33% off of your first year's subscription fee!

What is the cost of Spotio?

With Spotio, you can start with either a Free Plan or Premium Plan. Both plans include unlimited number of users. On the free plan, you can search up to 500 records per day, send 250 text messages, and download 200 files. While on the premium plan, you can search up to 5000 records per day, send 1000 texts, and download 2000 files.

As mentioned above, the price starts at $4 a month for the standard plan (which includes 2 GB of cloud storage), $9 a month for pro, $15 a month for enterprise, and $99 a month for unlimited. That means you'd spend anywhere between $3-$45 dollars a month to run your business effectively.

How does SPOTIO work?

Spotio is based entirely on AI technology that learns from real-time interactions between customers and agents. When you open up Spotio for the first time, you can select different roles and categories such as Account Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Consultants, Directors, Executives, Team Leads, and Presidents. Then you can pick the right role for yourself and assign specific tasks to others who would fit the job description perfectly.

Once you finish assigning those items, the next step is to build relationships with prospects. Once someone sends you a request, you can reply immediately via SMS messaging, call, video chat, or even e-mail. After that, you'll be notified whenever the prospect opens the link, clicks the button, calls, or visits your website. In addition to building relationships with people, you can also keep tabs on how well your outreach efforts are working. At the end of the day, you'll be able to measure how effective your campaigns were.

There are tons of ways to automate your entire process using Spotio. From sending personalized emails automatically after certain actions occur, scheduling appointments, recording conversations, creating reports, tracking conversions, and managing customer requests - Spotio makes it very simple to streamline your workflow.

For example, you could write an automated email template that tells clients exactly where to find the services they need. Or maybe, you could simply let them know that you're ready to book a meeting with them whenever they reach out. Whatever you decide to automate, Spotio offers countless possibilities to put your ideas into action.

Not sure whether Spotio is the perfect CRM for your sales team? Check out their official site below to read more about the company, how it functions, and what else it has to offer. Also, don't forget to give us your thoughts on Spotio in the comments section below!


SPOTIO is an online solution that empowers salespeople with powerful tools and features to boost efficiency and maximize results.

With Spotio’s web app you can manage your entire pipeline from lead capture through qualification to close rate optimization, all while working directly with qualified prospects. You will also be able to monitor performance metrics such as deal progress, win rates, and more so you know exactly how well your team is performing at every stage of the sales cycle. 

The following are some of the key benefits of Spotio:

Track deals across departments and teams simultaneously.

Automatically track leads based on location or device type.

Share documents seamlessly between clients and internal stakeholders.

Add notes to cases and conversations within the case management system.

Create custom dashboards to view real time data.

Use analytics reports to gain deeper insights into your business.

Set up automated workflows to speed up processes and reduce manual effort.

Integrate your existing systems (e.g. email marketing platforms) to automate repetitive tasks and make better use of your resources.

Get live updates about new opportunities when they pop up via push notifications.

Access a suite of mobile applications including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile



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