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How to get a job in advertising with no experience

How to get a job in advertising with no experience

Attempting a career in advertising without any exposure is scary and daunting. Companies receive hundreds of applications for every role they put out. They streamline entries based on predetermined criteria, including work history, and hire only the most qualified applicants. When we say you can land a job without work history, we are full of it. If it were true, wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Not everybody knows the secrets we are about to share with you. Let us walk you through the process of landing marketing jobs at the world’s best companies without a work history. 

Step-by-step ways to get a job in advertising with no experience 

There are different ways to get a job with no work history. Check them out below: 

Research the industry 

The first thing to do before applying for a role is to research extensively. Researching improves your understanding of the industry and prepares you for whatever any potential employer throws at you. Not only this, but it also builds theoretical exposure. Read up on the different types of advertisements, industry jargon, and agencies. 

Take extra certifications 

A college degree in marketing is one of the best places to start if you want to get hired without a work history. Consider a bachelor’s or master’s degree to show employers your knowledge depth and passion. If you don’t have time to enroll in a physical school, take online certification courses. Online learning platforms like Udemy provide comprehensive programs and issue certificates at the end that you can include in the cover letter. Sometimes, a certification is more important than a work history. 

Gain relevant skills 

Transferable abilities are valuable in marketing, even more than work history. They include communication, creativity, analytical and quantitative abilities, etc. If you don’t possess these qualities, take courses or workshops to develop them. 

Create a killer portfolio 

This step is crucial as it ties all the steps above together. Not all applicants will make it to the interview stage. As a result, you should rely on your CV to speak for itself. Draft a killer resume or cover letter to impress the hiring committee and increase the chances of getting hired. Highlight marketing skills, education, and background information and ensure they are error-free. 

A portfolio is a business card of every specialist. On it, the employer determines how well you know your business. Advertising often requires non-standard approaches, and specialists understand this better than anyone else. The help of professionals is sometimes necessary for beginners who do not yet have sufficient skills and experience. Just a little tip from experts: include samples, personal projects, and designs that demonstrate your abilities in a portfolio. 

Apply for internships and entry-level positions 

One of the ways to enter an organization is to apply as an intern or for entry-level positions. These positions don’t require any exposure at all. Not only this, but they provide an opportunity to learn and work up the corporate ladder. Interning with an agency provides on-the-job exposure and gives a reference for future roles. There is also the possibility of transitioning to full-time employment at the end of the internship. Likewise, an entry-level role helps you get your foot in the door and launch a successful career. 

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Network with industry participants 

Relationships are incredibly valuable in the industry. Hence, build connections with people. Attend online and offline events and join professional organizations. You could meet someone who might be able to help you get the position.

Persistently apply to various roles 

Landing a marketing role without a work history will require time and effort. As a result, you cannot get discouraged if you don’t get hired immediately. Keep applying to as many marketing jobs as possible, even if they don't come with an initial salary. In the meantime, continue building a portfolio and networking with people. 

Work as a freelancer 

If you’re looking to work as an advertiser, consider freelancing. Put differently, start an agency. In this case, you don’t need to go through any laid-out plan except for the rules you make for yourself. Develop essential abilities, sales tools, and a business plan, and put yourself out there. Start by targeting small companies that can’t afford to run their advertising department and scale your offerings. 

The main difficulties and challenges of working in marketing without experience 

An employee is an investment in a company; any investor knows better than to spend time and energy on an unprofitable venture. Employees with exposure are valuable assets. Companies don’t need to spend much on training, and they make fewer mistakes. This is why most organizations include it as a criterion for hiring members. If you follow the tips above, you will get a marketing job. But it does not automatically translate to smooth sailing. Let us paint a picture of some challenges you will likely encounter on the job.

Lack of industry knowledge

Theoretical knowledge cannot replace experiential knowledge. No matter how much you read, you cannot fully grasp the complex marketing world without exposure. As a result, you may run into occasional troubles while working. For example, one of these problems is defining what sales lead to CRM for lead generation. The secret is to keep expanding your knowledge bank. With time, you will understand the concepts.

Limited skill set

Marketing requires a wide range of abilities. The most popular ones include: 

  • Research.

  • Analytics. 

  • Graphic design. 

  • Project management.

  • Online marketing or social media management.

  • Creative writing, etc. 

Most of these abilities develop as you work. Without it, you may not be able to perform every task effectively. 

Pressure to perform 

Beginners are always under internal and external pressure to perform. Employers expect you to excel at different roles, and you push yourself to do the same. But this pressure could affect performance and work rate if not managed. 


Marketing is a complex and competitive field that sources only top talents. You need to do is improve yourself to compensate for the work history you don’t have. Research the industry, add certifications, and constantly improve your abilities. Create a portfolio and apply to internship opportunities or entry-level jobs. You will indeed face difficulties along the line. Although, if you can land a job without exposure, you certainly navigate the challenges. 



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