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Linkedin Templates That Top Social Sellers Use to Grow

Linkedin Templates That Top Social Sellers Use to Grow

Our intention with this article is to share a variety of LinkedIn templates useful for your company’s sales strategy on Linkedin.

Since Linkedin is a powerful tool for lead generation, your personal profile needs to be top-notch, and so does your content strategy through Linkedin by using all options available, such as InMail and invitation to connect.

So, the first step for a successful Linkedin strategy is to review a list of best LinkedIn templates and apply some ideas on yours.

If you are a manager, you can also share LinkedIn best practices and make sure everyone is on the same page about how the templates can work well and help increase responses from leads.

Keep in mind that the templates are just suggestions that you can adapt to your needs. You can also run A/B Tests to find out which templates work best.

Here’s a list of templates we’re going to cover in this article:

  • Linkedin summary

  • Emails 

  • InMails

  • Connection Invitation

  • Company profile

Linkedin profile template: how to create a great summary

Creating a high-quality summary can be challenging for some people as it’s necessary to make a self-assessment. It can be even more difficult for salespeople, as the final goal is to appeal to buyers and to build a business relationship. 

In order to create a B2B connection, you need to create a profile that shows trustworthiness.

That’s why some people outsource to professional writers, but there are a few things that can be done in order to create a fantastic Linkedin summary:

  1. Show passion for what you do

  2. It’s ok to show personality and mention personal likes

  3. Add your contact information

  4. Make a list of your main achievements

  5. Explain what you can help with and what problems you can solve

  6. Showcase achievements

  7. Use a good LinkedIn background

Note that there’s not an ideal summary length as it depends on what you want to share, but there is a 2000 character limit. It is advised to add at least three to five sentences. One way you can get inspiration is by imagining that it’s an elevator pitch.

Check out five LinkedIn profile templates from salespeople below, managers, and marketing professionals to inspire you to create your own:

  • Koka Sexton is a marketing leader, and he uses the summary for advertising his expertise, specialties, and what he has done for the companies he worked with. When you read his summary you can see that he is a successful and skilled sales leader.

    linkedin template

  • Max Altschuler successfully added personal detail by explaining a life goal. He also described how he helps companies, and showcased links to his websites and other social media platforms. Contact information is very important, and he found a way to incorporate it into his summary.
    linkedin profile template

  • Tiffani Bova first mentions what she is currently doing and states that she is available to discuss. Then she showcases accomplishments such as the book she wrote, awards she got, and nominations she received. She also chose to add more than three videos, which allows her profile visitors to see what she does in another medium. It’s a long summary, but worth reading all the way through because of the amount of interesting information.linkedin templates

  • Create a list of your affiliations like Trish Bertuzzi. She also mixed long and short paragraphs, which increases readability. Additionally, adding dates and numbers is a good option when you want to list specific accomplishments and give a timeline.

    linkedin profile templates

  • Make it short, direct, and intriguing as Samuel Boyd did. His summary doesn’t say much, but it’s enough to make us trust that he knows what he is doing. This an example of a very confident summary that resonates with potential leads.

We have also compiled a list of tips to improve your summary template quality:

  • Don’t overuse special characters

  • Use a Call to Action to end the summary 

  • Make the paragraphs short

  • Use bullet points

  • Add a catchy opening statement

  • Add keywords related to your industry niche

  • Talk about yourself in the first person

  • Upload media such as videos

Finally, see the table below for templates that you can copy and paste to your account. Feel free to make changes and improve according to your personal experience:

#1 - Professional and with personality

I'm an experienced [add career or profession] with [XX] years' working as [Sales, Marketing...] in the [ecommerce, SaaS, startup] industry. 

I'm passionate about [describe a few things you love about sales] and I've spent the last [#] years helping [growing/expanding/increasing] results. Here are a few best cases:

  • [client A had X% of growth]

  • [client B had X% of growth]

My expertise is: 

  • [skill 1]

  • [skill 2]

  • [skill 3]

I'm currently helping companies [add what you do]. 

Outside of work I [add information about volunteer work or other interesting info about you]

Let’s connect!

Email address

Phone Number

Other Social Media (If Applicable)

#2 - Totally goal focused

As a sales professional, I've been helping companies grow their business through [mention what you have previously done], and I’m currently breaking barriers by [write about your current focus].

I’m goal-oriented, love sharing best practices, and creating new ways to generate growth. Some of my strongest skills are:

  • [skill 1]

  • [skill 2]

  • [skill 3]

If you wish to learn more about [write what you do] just let me know by [write how the person should reach out to you].

I also have a few [articles, blog posts..] published about [a few topics you write about]. Feel free to check them out at [website].

Certifications [or Awards]

  • [for example Inbound Sales 2019]

  • [B]

  • [C]

Let me know how I can be of help.

#3 - Friendly and approachable

Hi! I’m [name], and I’d love to discuss [how can you help their business].

As a [your role] I’ve been generating value to companies in the [industries you’ve worked for] and my current position allows me to increase my expertise and assist companies with:

  • [A]

  • [B]

  • [C]

On a personal note, I love to [something you like to do outside work]. 

Things you should know about me:

  • [one general skill such as Goal Oriented]

  • [write something you love to do]

  • [anything you’re good at it]

  • [something related to sales skills]

Feel free to connect and let me know how I can be of help.

Tip: After creating an excellent Linkedin summary you should add Linkedin to your email signature. This way, everybody that you reach out to will have access to your profile which can be very helpful when starting business relationships.

Linkedin templates for sales emails

Linkedin is a great social network for lead generation due to its professional style, and there are a few ways and tools that can be used to gather contact information, for example:

After finding the right leads and extracting their emails, it is important to engage them with high quality messages. So, we compiled a few high-level templates to help you out:


Subject Line


Show the customer how you can help with lead generation

[Lead Name], here’s a better way to fish for prospects

Hi [Lead Name],

You and I seem to share the love for sales, and I’d enjoy very much discussing ways to increase results.

My team found a way to select the most relevant leads for our company and I believe we can do the same for yours.

If you like, I’ll happily send a report that details our approach and how it can benefit your business, or we can jump in a quick call to address the issues you might be having.

Feel free to reach out.


[Your Name]

Contact a mutual friend or colleague

[Lead Name], [Mutual connection’s name] recommended I reach out

Hi [Lead Name],

We have [person’s name] as a mutual connection, and as I was talking to them about [topic of interest], they mentioned you as an expert on this issue [or she said that you are looking into this subject].

I’m in contact with many companies that face the same issue, and I’d love to hear your side and think about strategies to solve this. 

Are you available for a chat?


[Your Name]

To offer a rich material

Learn how to put an end to [problem]

Hi [Lead Name], I hope you are doing well.

I’ve been talking to managers in the [industry] who have been struggling to overcome [problem] and we’ve found great ways to tackle the issue.

I’d love to send you an [rich material] my team put together that spells out how to address issues like this.

There are a few things that seem to be working well to [increase market share or any other eye-catching phrase that makes sense to your business].


[Your Name]

Cold email Campaign: email #1

[Lead name], learn more about [topic] 

Hi [Lead Name], 

I’m reaching out to ask if you’d be interested in learning more about [topic]. 

Our company has developed a solution [or

just explain the business unique selling point]. 

Is this something that you’d be interested in? 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

Follow up email

Follow up email about [topic]

Hi [Lead Name],

Have you had the chance to check the previous email I sent? 

I’d love to chat about how we can help with [topic]. 

If you are not the right person to discuss the subject would you mind letting me know who I should talk to?

Thank you

[Your name]

Don’t be afraid to reach out through email because according to Linkedin nearly 64% of B2B buyers like to be contacted with relevant information.

All the templates used on campaigns can be added and reviewed on a template editor.

Great LinkedIn template examples for InMail

An InMail is a message sent from one LinkedIn member to another one, who is not directly connected on the platform. In order to have access to the InMails it’s necessary to upgrade the Linkedin membership to premium.

Take a look at five benefits of sending InMails:

  1. You can track the effectiveness

  2. You can reach out to anyone who is a LinkedIn Member

  3. The email address is not necessary

  4. You get one credit back every time you get a response

  5. It’s a great way to personalize your messages to leads

We’ve put together a few excellent examples that you can learn from:

  • Direct to the point and based on information the person shared

linkedin template

  • Cold InMail with a good amount of information

linkedin profile template

  • Simple and it requires an action from the recipient

linkedin templates

InMail templates to copy and paste

We created four templates that you can easily adapt and use to run InMail campaigns. Hope they inspire you:

  • Option #1

Hi [lead name], I read the article you wrote about the challenges faced in the [industry] and I’d love to chat with you about the subject quickly. Are you available [suggest a day or week]?

Sincerely, [your name]

  • Option #2

Hi [lead name], I hope you are doing well.

I’m a [your role] at [company], have you heard of us?

I’m writing because I came across your profile and I think the work you’ve been doing at [company] as [role] is fantastic. I do understand that you probably have a busy schedule, but I’d love to schedule a 15-minute call to discuss [subject].

Our [mention product or service] can effectively help you [add how you can solve their problem]. Feel free to schedule a call through [link] or send me an email @ [email address].

Looking forward to your reply.

  • Option #3

Hi [lead name], I work in the [industry] and it would be great to chat with you about the challenges our clients face and how we’ve been finding creative ways to work together to solve issues and increase [say something about problems your company solves].

Would you be available for a quick chat next week? Kind regards, [Your Name]

  • Option #4

Hi [lead name], first of all, thank you for accepting my invitation to connect. 

I’m pleased to be in touch with you as I see that you are doing a great job leading [sales team or any other team].

I’ve been working with [relevant subject], and I’ve been talking to other people in the industry to find out what are the main challenges they face. Would you be available to talk about this matter?

It might also be a chance for me to share market insight and find out ways we can possibly partner. You would be surprised by [say something interesting about the market].

Let me know your availability or feel free to schedule @ [link to calendar]

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

LinkedIn connection messages (how to approach people)

Another vital part of reaching out to leads is the connection message. Therefore, try not to use the usual: “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” 

Use the 300 characters you have to build rapport with the lead. Check out a few examples below of how to effectively write an invitation message.

  • Example #1: mention the lead’s experience

Hi [lead name],

I saw that you are currently developing projects related to [subject] and I’m impressed with the work you do. My company has been helping [value proposition] and I’d love to discuss it with you. Let me know if it’s something of your interest - you can reach me at [email address]. Thanks. [Your Name]

  • Example #2: you have met the lead in person

Hi [lead name], it was great meeting you at the [event’s name] in [where the event was held] last week. I really enjoyed our conversation and hearing about the challenges you are facing – I’d like to chat more about it and discuss ways I can help you overcome the [mention the problem].

All the Best, [Your name]

  • Example #3: Quick and right to the point

Hi [lead name], I’ve been helping companies grow their business and market share and I’d love to chat with you about ways we can possibly work together. Regards, [Your Name]

  • Example #4: Reaching out to a fellow alumni

Hi [Lead Name], I saw you graduated from [college name]. I also went there (class of XX) and I’m currently working at [company’s name] focused on [what you do]. I’d love to connect with you and discuss [how can you help them]. Looking forward to hearing from you. [Your Name]

  • Example #5: Short and informative

Hey, [lead name]. I’d be delighted to connect with you on Linkedin to discuss [market trends or a subject related to your product]. Kind regards, [Your name]

  • Example #6: LinkedIn suggestions

Hey, [Lead name]. Your name is listed as someone I should connect with on LinkedIn, so I wanted to reach out and invite you to discuss ways we might be able to help each other out . Kind regards, [your name]

After the lead accepts your invitation to connect, you can also take advantage of templates to engage:

  • Template #1

Hi [Lead name], thank you for accepting my invitation. Would you be available to have a quick call to discuss [subject]?

I’m open to build a relationship and find out ways we can cooperate. Let me know when we can talk over the phone or grab a coffee.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

  • Template #2

Hi [lead name], I appreciate you accepting the connection invite. I’m a [your role] and I’ve been helping companies [show your value proposition]. 

I kindly invite you to take a look at our website - [URL] - and let me know what you think. I’m available for a quick chat to discuss ways we can help you [grow your business or any other information you think it’s relevant]. 

Feel free to reach out through [email] or [phone number]. 

Best regards, [your name]

  • Template #3

Hi [Lead name], hope this message finds you well. I invited you to connect because I’d love to discuss [subject of interest]. Are you available for a quick call next week?

We can connect on Skype, or over the phone if it’s more convenient to you.


[Your Name]

  • Template #4

Thank you very much for connecting. If you’re interested we can have a quick call to discuss possible ways we can work together.

I’m currently [describe the work you’ve been doing] and I’ve worked with a few companies in the [industry].

If you are interested, I’d be happy to share insight about [say something interesting about the service] that could benefit your [strategy or team].

I look forward to hearing from you

Is your Linkedin company page good enough to win the lead?

Part of your Linkedin strategy has to address the company page as most people who you reach out to will check the page for more information about the service and content shared.

A few things you can do to create a good page:

  1. Create an eye-catching cover image

  2. Use de cover image to promote the business or products

  3. Add information about company specialties

  4. Make sure the location is correct and according to the website

  5. Create showcase pages if you have more than one product to offer

Check out Linkedin company pages that stand out:

  • Oracle uses their cover image to advertise an event and keeps the description shortlinkedin profile templates

  • SAP’s description is engaging and it has hashtags linkedin templates

  • Nubank uses data to get the visitor’s attention and create a smooth overview descriptionlinkedin templates

  • Pipedrive has a great tagline, a well-designed cover image, and useful information for the leadlinkedin profile template

Conclusion about LinkedIn templates

The entire sales process on LinkedIn depends on a well-designed approach. In this case, using templates can be very helpful.

It’s not advised to copy and paste the template as it is, but it’s a good start for sales experts and those who are not content specialists.

A little recap about things you need to do to craft a good message based on templates:

  1. Be professional

  2. Don’t be too formal

  3. Make yourself seem approachable

  4. Keep it honest

  5. Add information about expertise and achievements

By choosing the right templates and best tools to help out with content creation and lead generation on Linkedin, you’ll see that automation can be of great help for lead generation.


Mathieu Picard

CEO, Anyleads, San Francisco

We are the leading marketing automation platform serving more than 100,000 businesses daily. We operate in 3 countries, based in San Francisco, New York, Paris & London.

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