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Linkedin Recommendation Examples: How to Create Great Endorsements

Linkedin is the most significant business-related with over 250 million active users per month, and it is the social network highly used for recruitment and sales purposes. 

The platform has native tools such as Sales Navigator, Lead Generation, and a Recruitment feature that all use a crawler to read the profile. So the content added to LinkedIn is highly important. No matter the reason why you are using Linkedin, take this chance to showcase that you have a good background.

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Here is a list of what’s important for a great Linkedin profile writing:

  • The first important part is the profile photo which needs to be professional;

  • Then the LinkedIn profile summary has to be well thought and show a bit of personality;

  • Job Description: the experience section is also highly relevant and it should follow Linkedin Best Practices. This is your portfolio, so make sure to add everything you have done and all your accomplishments;

  • The recommendation section is what actually shows people who you really are because they read someone else’s perspective.

In this article, we are going to talk about the last topic mentioned: the recommendation. Our goal is not only to share tips about how to write a good LinkedIn recommendation but also to show the best LinkedIn recommendations samples.

What is a LinkedIn recommendation?

In the old days, people would ask for a cover letter and a recommendation letter attached to your resume. But now you can just share your Linkedin profile, and they have all the information needed at hand.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a recommendation is the action of recommending something or someone and it has the purpose of sharing an opinion and pointing out personal characteristics that make the person good at what they do.

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A recommendation can open doors and help people achieve personal and professional goals, plus there are other reasons why you should write one. Check out a few benefits of writing a LinkedIn recommendation to a colleague:

  • By sending a recommendation, you increase the chances to get one back and improve your profile

  • It will boost your credibility with the person

  • It’s a chance to improve your networking relationship

  • It helps to show your profile on other LinkedIn pages

  • If you figure out the best time to post on LinkedIn, your recommendation might reach more people

How to post a recommendation on Linkedin?

Linkedin is very user-friendly, so adding a recommendation is quite simple. Here are the steps and prints to illustrate how to do it:

  1. Go to your connection’s profile

  2. Click on the More button, and a dropdown menu will show up. Choose ‘Recommend’

  1. A new pop-up window will appear. Select the Relationship and Position at the time you worked together. Click Next

  1. There is an extensive list of relationship options. Choose the one that better describes how you were connected to the person you are recommending

  1. Repeat the same process and select their Position at the time. Click Next.

  2. Write the recommendation, review it and click Send.

Tip: right after you send the recommendation, send a message to the person and say that you can adapt the recommendation if needed.

Best way to request a recommendation

People usually request recommendations and use the default message LinkedIn offers, but adding a personalized message can increase your chances to actually get a response.

First of all, let’s see how to request a recommendation and later the examples that can be used:

  1. Go to the Recommendation section on your profile and click on the Ask for a recommendation button

  1. Select the person you would like to ask for it

  1. Choose the Relationship and Position at the time

  1. Send a message asking the person for a recommendation. It's advised to write one short paragraph.

LinkedIn recommendation examples that work every time

Here are a few examples of what you could say when asking for a recommendation:


Request content

You were the manager

Hi [name], hope you are doing great! Would you mind leaving me a recommendation about the time we worked together at [company]?

You were managed

Hey, [name]! It’s been a while, hope you are well. Would you be up to leaving a recommendation about when I was [role at the time]? I’ll gladly do the same for you.

Worked in the same group

[name], would you kindly write me a LinkedIn recommendation based on the time we worked together as [role]?

Worked together but in the different groups

Hi [name], I’d love to hear what you thought about my skills when we worked together on the [specify the project you worked on]. Could you leave me a recommendation?

The person was a client

Hello [name], hope you are well! Would you mind writing me a LinkedIn recommendation? I will happily reply the kind act. 

You studied together

Hey, [colleague]! Long time no see. Would you kindly write a recommendation about the time we went to [school]?

After you receive a recommendation it is polite to thank the person and if you haven’t done it, go ahead and write one back.

Thank you note

[name], thank you very much for leaving me a recommendation. 

Please let me know if you would like me to return the kindness. I’ll gladly let people know how great it was working with you at [company].


[your name]

Hey [name], I was touched by what you said in your recommendation. I just sent you one in retribution and let me know if there is anything I can change to improve it.

I miss the old days as [mention the role]. Glad we had the chance to work together and share great moments.


[your name]

Hi [name], thanks for the recommendation! I’m glad I was a good [something the person said about you].

You were also a great colleague and very [make a compliment]. Let me know if you would like me to leave you a recommendation as well. I’ll gladly do it.

Kind regards,

[your name]

Tip: Before asking for a recommendation, you can check the person’s profile to see if they showcase theirs because some people choose not to and these people tend never to send testimonials either.

Tips for creating a fantastic Linkedin testimonial

There are a few things that can help your recommendation stand out. Just like every other content piece, this one has its own specificities. We listed six tips to help you write killer LinkedIn recommendations:

  1. Make it personal

  2. Consider the goals

  3. Be professional

  4. Keep it short

  5. Start with a hook

  6. Finish with a bang

Make it personal

Write a positive message. Don’t say things you don’t believe in otherwise your recommendation will sound fake. You can describe a specific situation and mention how the person did their best and also highlight an attitude or skills.

You can and should address the person by their name.

Recipient’s goal

Consider what the person who you are recommending might need to be highlighted in their profile. Read their summary and experience details as it might give you insight into skills and projects you can talk about on their recommendation.

Plus, as already mentioned, you should always check if the person you are writing to or requesting the recommendation from actually uses them on their profile. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

Be professional

This is not a chance to complain or give feedback, it’s a way to share appreciation and say positive things about the person. Being professional is mandatory in this case, and it can help you bond with the recipient.

Keep it as short as possible

In case you wish to share more information, try adding short paragraphs instead of just a very long one. You have up to 3000 characters, but there is no need to use them all. Don’t be repetitive and try to add up to 3 paragraphs.

Start with a content hook

Try adding a strong adjective in the beginning to catch the reader’s attention. For example:

“Ana is the best at…”

“John is great as…”

“Mary was an amazing…”

Finish with a powerful statement

Write something solid in the end to finish on a high note and reassuring the reader that the person is trustworthy. For example:

“I’m sure she will be a great asset to any team she joins.”

“Anyone would be lucky to have her as a manager.”

Linkedin recommendation template

You may think that writing a recommendation is hard because you have to evaluate the person. But if you follow best practices, tips and choose templates to inspire you, this can become an easy task.

You are free to use the voice tone of your choice and to add any information, just make sure it is relevant and polite.

Let’s see a few LinkedIn endorsement examples based on the categories offered by Linkedin, including LinkedIn recommendation examples for a manager.



You managed the person

“[name] did a great job growing [company] presence in terms of [add an accomplishment].

She started working with me as a [role] to grow [company] presence in the [country] market. The role included [add task one], [add task two] and [add task three], and later expanded her role into [add the new role].

She also diligently ensures that her KPIs are updated and tracked, which helped me understand what went well and what did not. I am sure [name] will achieve great things in her career.”

“I’m amazed by [person]’s ability to [add a skill], a skill he uses to his benefit when making presentations to clients and colleagues.

He is a highly focused person as well as analytical and can add to any team he is a part of. 

His energy to make things happen was contagious and it helped us achieve great goals. One of the best analysts we had for sure.”

“[name] is the best at [add a skill ]. He is well organized, diligent, and a fast learner. All these attributes were critical when trying to [add something the person did], which involves reaching out to a lot of people. Being a fast learner helped him understand the market fit and quickly choose the right path to success.

It was a pleasure to work with [name]”

“[name] is my go-to [expertise]. Whenever I need [add description] I make sure to reach out to her, as she is the best at it. She has been collaborating with my team for a couple of years, and on top of being a great [role], she is also an easy-going person.

I definitely recommend [name] to any job.”

You were managed by the person

“[name] is a great manager! During [x] years, I had the pleasure of working on the same project, and he leads by example.

He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. I believe he is one of the best managers I ever had, as his people skills are highly developed.

His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. I’m delighted I had the chance to learn from [name].”

“[name] is such a nice person to have around. He is not only a great colleague but also a very good [expertise] with over [XX] years of valuable experience.

He is very creative, hands-on, and organized. He is the guy to go to when you need help with [add a skill] or [add another skill] and is always open to discuss ideas and suggestions.

I learned a lot about leadership from [name], and it was a pleasure to be managed by him for [XX] years.”

“[name] brings all her skills and abilities to the table as a manager. She is reliable and very goal-oriented, which inspired our team to try our best always.

The other characteristics that made her such a great manager were her analytical capacity and kindness. She knows how to bring the best out of each person and is an outstanding mentor.”

You worked with the person in the same group

“[name] was a great professional to work with. We worked together at [company] and he helped me a lot to get started and also to understand internal processes. 

His work ethics is immaculate and so easy to work together with. He goes out of his way when you ask for some help and guidance.

 Thanks a lot, [name]! You made the transition relatively smooth for me and was very helpful.”

“We’ve worked together on several projects and [name] is one of the best people to have as a partner. I highly recommend her to [expertise], as she is very [add positive note].

Her ability to [add a skill] helped us during hard times and we were able to innovate.

She knows how to help her pairs and get the best out of them.”

“[name]’s job was to [add main responsibility]. His deliveries were always very well executed, on time and flawless. 

He was an inspiration to the rest of us as he always went the extra mile and found great ways to quickly solve problems.

I’d definitely work with [name] again.”

“There is no better [role] in the world. [Name] is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go the extra mile to help you when needed.

His expertise as [add it] is considerable and it helped our team to come up with more efficient solutions and develop different projects.

His contributions were really valuable to the community. I highly recommend [name] as a [expertise] and would love to work together again.”

You worked with the person but in different groups

“[name] is amazing at his job! He knows his way around people, he is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. 

He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. The collaboration was very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success.

[name] is a great professional!”

“We collaborated for [xx] years and it was a great honor to learn from [name]. He is one of the best in his field and is always willing to share best practices.

His industry knowledge helped us increase sales, minimize expenses and improve the department planning. He is also very responsible and detail-oriented, qualities that make him stand out.

I loved working in the same project as [name] and I wish him the best in all his endeavors.”

“During the short period we collaborated in the same project I noticed that [name] is very good with people and has the ability to maximize their potential.

He was always very committed and focused on delivering on time. He was a top performer and inspired us to give our best.

I was impressed by his [add a skill] and [skill #2]. Anyone would be lucky to have [name] as a colleague.”

“[name] is my favorite [role]! She is always available to help us when needed, she strives for excellence and is a valuable team player. 

Her strongest qualities are [skills #1] and [skill #2], which were very helpful to the project we worked on together.

She has the ability to work on multiple tasks and still be focused and deliver quality work. I can easily say she is one of the best in her field.”

They were a client

“Not many people can handle market trade-offs as [name] can. He was always very patient, solution-oriented and there was nothing he couldn’t solve it.

He is also very kind and easy to deal with, which made our relationship smooth as he allowed me to make suggestions and decisions on my own.

What a great professional to have as a client.”

“[name] might be the most analytical person I know. She is always fast to respond, intelligent and comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

Assisting her was a smooth and organized process. She was always available when needed and did not hesitate to share her market knowledge.

I’d gladly work with [name] again.”

You studied together

“It was such a pleasure to take a few classes with [name]. She was always accommodating, kind, and motivated. We worked on many projects together, and she is very applied and aims for high-quality work.

She is creative, smart, has excellent communication skills, and is willing to help when you need it. [name] is the kind of person who does anything for the group’s benefit. A great colleague!”

“We have known each other for over 5 years now. [Name] and I went to the same school and I had the pleasure of taking a few classes with him and seeing how brilliant he is.

He is an exceptional learner and his knowledge in the [field] is very extensive. His ability to focus helped him to become the [field] expert he is now.

I love his positive attitude and he is my go-to person when I need advice.”

Linkedin Recommendation Generator

There are tools that can help with content generation, but it might sound not real and impersonal, so we do not advise to use an automatic generator in this case.

Conclusion about Linkedin Recommendations

Nowadays, a Linkedin recommendation has a higher value than individual recommendation letters as the platform is very relevant, and people tend to use it as an open resume.

A well written Linkedin profile shows transparency. It shows that the profile owner cares about their reputation on the platform and if you use the recommendation feature, your profile value can increase even more.

Let’s go over a few key points we talked about in the article:

  • Send recommendations to people who are likely to reply to you

  • Go over the recipient’s profile to get an insight about what you could write about their skills

  • Make it professional and address strong characteristics

  • Use a powerful statement to finish the recommendation

  • Be personal and add a real situation, if possible

Remember that people who receive recommendations are more likely to return the act, so choose wisely and create the best LinkedIn recommendations possible. This will increase your credibility.

Start writing to the people you can confidently recommend.




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